1 year old German Shepard obedience training .

yeah hey this is Frank ravinder is for you Jersey canine barracks today's Jackie's birthday she's all one years old the little Biddy ins training i'll show you how big she is and you know the progress we've made over a year of a lot of hard work and this is without anyone help me just educating myself all right here we go Jackie sex nope ok ok back that stay down there now thanks leave it leave it sit sit sit okay then stay stay okay yeah yeah I thought that that guy that stay down down down stay girl ok ok yeah yeah huh check that sick sick sit yeah stay stay stay calm come sit stay sick sit down good girl figure okay all right she's one have you birthday jackie right and next year she'll be a lot bigger maybe they show us our work on some bite work all right and she wears me out all rights it thanks

pexels photo 5749788

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