10 Tips To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On Leash When You Walk

Coping With Cushings Disease in Your Dog

Cushings Disease usually affects middle-aged and older dogs. The symptoms of Cushings are often similar to the signs of old age so many dogs with Cushings may go untreated. Owners who have dogs with these symptoms may assume that their dogs are simply getting old and they may have them put to sleep sooner than is necessary. Cushings Disease is treatable and treatment can add several years to an older dog’s life.

Easy Dog Training Tips

This article is loaded with tips on how to begin training your best friend to behave better. You will find a good assortment of ideas that will help the new dog owner become an expert when it comes to dog training.

Puppy House Training, The Easy Way, Part 2

House training your pup will be a 4 to 6 week program. During this period there are 3 places where you dog MUST be at ALL times.

Puppy House Training, The Easy Way, Part 1

Now that you brought your new puppy home it’s time to house train that little guy. House training your puppy is one of the most important things you can do for you and your dog. Most people aren’t aware that the number one reason dogs end up in shelters is because of house training issues.

Drug Dog Training Made Simple

A common assumption is that drug dogs are able to find drugs because they are addicted to drugs themselves. Since drug dogs can find many types of drugs this would effectively mean they are serious junkies. Obviously that is quite false.

Choosing the Best Type of Crate For Your Dog – Part 2

In this article, I continue the discussion of how to choose the best type of crate for your dog. Crates can be made out of a variety of materials, but the three main ones are wire, plastic, and wood. Each type of crate serves a different purpose, and the materials used to construct them have different strengths and weaknesses. With this second article, I will explore the many advantages of using a plastic crate, especially when traveling with your furry friend.

Why Dogs Eat Poop and What to Do About It

While humans find poop eating appalling, it is normal behavior for dogs, comprised of instinct and evolutionary influences. Before attempting to resolve this problem, you must first determine why your dog is performing the behavior.

What Area of Dog Training Will Have the Most Demand?

This is a question I have received on more than one occasion. I thought I would take a few minutes and give you my take on the question.

How Can I Make Money Working With Dogs? Part 2

Another popular dog profession is running a doggy daycare. Many people who work feel very uneasy about leaving their dogs home alone all day. They don’t like to crate them or leave them lying around bored.

How Can I Make Money Working With Dogs? Part 1

Dogs are so popular these days that there are lots of people who would like to create a career in dogs for themselves. They love dogs, they enjoy spending time with them, and they feel they have something positive to offer to both people and dogs by working with animals. Fortunately there are many dog-related careers available to people. Here are five good ways to make money and earn a living working with dogs.

Training Drug Detection Dogs

If you are interested in dog training you may want to consider becoming a drug dog trainer. Training dogs for drug detection can be a very lucrative business. Not only are dogs trained for law enforcement, but dogs can also be trained for private detection companies. These companies search businesses, schools and homes for different kinds of contraband.

Detection Dogs

Known as man’s best friend, dogs have been helping humans securing their own lives for hundreds of years. With their unique abilities they have been serving as more than just mere extensions in the arsenal of security tools.

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