12 Skills Your Dog Must Master To Become A Therapy Dog (Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen Test)

1. Walk gently on a leash Your dog should not pull you or let you drag them. Well, then I'll let you approach me and stop in the middle. 2. Approaching strangers You will put the dog in a seat, sit down, and stay to see how he reacts. The test giver explains the test and you go. Then, I would introduce myself, pet the dog, and see how he reacts. 3. General Touching and Handling Your dog must be comfortable being touched anywhere. A fully compliant dog like Egnoge is a good candidate for a therapeutic animal program. Remember to keep complimenting your dog when they are nice! 4. Unknown Object/Brush Test More checks to see how your dog responds to different types of touches.

5. Five Second Hug Good boy friend! yes! good boy! Now we're going to sit down, sit down, and stay. Okay so I'm going to ask you to sit him down. 6. Sit Down Orders Egnoge, Sit Down Some organizations make multiple attempts to comply with inspections. Now, down. Eggnog failed to "fall down" but still passed the overall test. go down! 7. Long rope stay, come to me to order. Attempt 1 failed Attempt 2 succeeded Egnoge, come on! over here! go down! Well done! 8. Leave it on command It is very important to make sure your dog does not eat anything dangerous. There may be dropped pills or other items that your dog can pick up on the floor. Don't touch that. Don't touch that. Don't touch that. 9. Crutches and wheelchair responses Your dog needs comfortable access to odd devices. As a handler, this person needs to learn how to approach access.

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Your dog should always be close to people you meet. Your dog should focus on the people you meet. Our organization also checks if your dog can focus on people when food is nearby. 10. Neutral Dog Interaction Your dog must remain calm around other dogs. You will always visit with other dogs. Well, we're going that way. 11. Noisy Crowd Test How your dog handles a noisy crowd is also important. Your dog should remain calm and invite you even in a crowd. 12. Gentle food Ideally, your dog should eat gently. Egnoge still needs to work on it. Thanks for watching! Egnoge passed his therapy dog test! Let us know if you have any questions! subscription! Watch more videos!

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