3 Games Dogs LOVE That Tire Them Out WITHOUT Walking

Do you find walking your
dog really frustrating? No, it doesn't matter if you're a dog trainer, young active dogs have short
attention spans. They want to pull. It's a lot of work. So I try and do short sessions
where I can teach her not to pull and walk nicely, which
I'm not doing right now, but we're going to show you some cool
little games that you can play to wear out your dog and help eliminate
some of those nuisance behaviors that are young active dogs show us every day. Trio. Yay. Good girl. Paws up here. Yes. Hi, I'm Carol. This is Trio.
Welcome back to McCann Dogs. This episode is brought
to you by Eukanuba. We just filmed a little
clip with a Cheerio and I, and I want to tell you a little bit
before you see it. What is so amazing? He actually surpassed my expectations
when we started to play this little game, uh, Cheerio really, wasn't
interested in this little toy at all. And I thought, huh, he's not this
isn't going to work for the game.

And that would be okay because
I've got other ways I can work it. But Cheerio turned onto this
from no interest to turn on. Completely watch how excited
he gets with this little toy. I am here with Cheerio and we are going
to play a little game called find it. I like this game. I don't
need space. Any dog can do it. They don't need previous
skill. And um, they, uh, I don't need any expensive equipment. I
can play with an older, young, smaller, big, I'm going to see if he's interested.
Oh, you interested? You are. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh good. Can you find it?
Can you find it? Can you find it? Oh, he says there's stuff up there. He, yes. Good. Oh boy. Now I'm going
to tell him, find it. Yeah. You found it and I'm going to
reward him for finding them ready? Yes. And I'm going to Mark that when
he finds that, I'm going to say yes.

So he doesn't know the game yet, but he's going to figure out
when he finds this thing, I need to give him a treat. Hey, good boy. Let's get that
ball back. You do good. Yeah. Ooh. Yeah. I mean, it gets harder.
Can we make it harder? Can we find it? Where is it? Yay. I'm helping him. [inaudible] Oh, find anybody find it. Where is it?. And lots of it's not just about food. He loves winning the
game. We all like winning and I don't care if he's bringing it
back. That's not what this is about. This isn't about him learning that,
finding something. Can you find it? Where is it? [inaudible] yay.

Good work.
Let's get our ball, buddy. Yeah, I'm going make it just
a little bit harder this time. I'm going to distract him
just a little bit over here. Do you find it funny? Hi, big boy. Ooh, never play with that .
Ready. Set. Let's make it hard again. Ready? Yes. Did he find you?
Wait, where is it? Where is it? Where is it? I hid it. Didn't put it the normal
spot that I was used to. But when he was moving
around me looking for it, he's able to find that
sort of by accident. Now I can also maybe even
put it a little further away. So on just going to distract him with a
couple of treats on the ground and we'll see if he's Oh yeah.
That's okay. That's okay. It's still supposed to
be easy. Right? Find it. Where'd it go, go. Go. Yes. Oh yeah. Hi. Have a party.
Okay. Let's just drop it. Where'd you go find it, find it. Yeah. Yay. Good boy. And he starting now to
actually look for that.

So I'm going to distract them
again, throw it in a different spot. Find it funny. I want to Mark that exact moment.
He finds it to the, he knows. That's why he's getting
those little treats. If your dog loves to play with his toy,
we can make the case that the road work. I definitely want to use my touch,
play with my dog, interact with my dog. This isn't about my dog. Just
going off and doing something. This is building relationship.
Now, if your dog says, Nope, no matter, you know you try
and he doesn't turn on. No, I've got this little tree
fall with some treats. I can open it up and put a
treat. Now he Cheerios says, I definitely like this one too. No,
you don't need a fancy treat ball. I happen to have one. A sock
would do as well. A pencil case. You could put some treats in
it or sometimes, you know, I'll use a container like this and I can
put some really smelly stuff in there. And I'm going to let my
dog find this container.

And that's going to be the
game is finding this container. It can really be anything and he
single dog can play this game. I am here with trio. Another little, our big active dog and trio is
going to work with me to show you guys how to teach a little
nose target. Now you can say, why do I care if my dog
knows targets? Well, just the process of learning is going
mentally stimulate my little dog a little bit and give her a little bit of exercise. And then once she knows how to target
something, she will be able to use that. I can take it outside. I can work some
distance. So she gets some good exercise. I could also, um, have,
uh, some cool tricks, have her closing and cabinet
door or closing a whole doorway, or maybe even trios tall enough.
She could nose tab and open a, a building door for me rank early.
There's you know, I know having a young, active dog going for walks, he's onerous.

They just don't have the attention
span. So I'll do short walks. So I'm not super frustrated.
Then I can play some games, build some relationship, get her tired
out, and then I can relax too. Now, I've got this little white lid,
just off a yogurt container. That's something that I teach
her to target with. Now. I don't want to present it
until I'm ready to start, because if she checks it out and I don't
reward it in her mind, it's boring.

So I want to be ready when I put
it out, then she's going to do it. I'm not going to put it too far away.
I'm not going to touch her nose. I'm going to be able to reward
her. I'm going to grab a treat, reward her for touching it herself. Go ahead, girl. So most dogs you're going to check out
and we put something there. You know, the minute you put something out in front
of your dog's nose, they want to know, Hey, is that food? So they're going
to check it out, but you know, and I can make it interesting. What have
I got? What have I, what have I got? What is that? What is that? Yeah. So she's checking out now
if she didn't check it out, even though I made it interesting,
most dogs, if you're ready, you're going to catch them because
they're going to think anything is food.

But if your dog doesn't have any
interest or you miss that first couple of times, and now they
said, Oh, that's boring. I could smear a little bit
of peanut butter on there. Make it a little more interesting.
So let's show the process then trio. Should we show the process?
So I'm just going to work. Lots of those little close
ones, put it out. Yes. And I noticed how I'm her warning right
there. So even after a couple trio said, that's kind of cool.

It's still
pretty new and interesting. Yeah. So even the fact that I moving it quickly
sorta catches her attention and she's more likely to check it out.
What is that thing? Yes! Good Girl is this thing. Yeah. Good girly, you know, just
putting out something boring. Isn't really the way to
get them to check it out. But he's this thing where he's like, Whoa,
what is that thing? Yes. It is great. So I'm rewarding. Nice and close.
And it's right at nose level. Yes. And not putting it way away. Now
that she's got the idea though, you are a fast learner.

pexels photo 5732533

I'm actually
going to reward at different Heights. So I might put a little lower.
Yes. Go ahead. Girly. Maybe. Yeah. Reward a little lower now. I wonder you are moving so fast. What will happen if put it on the ground? Cause some dogs will think it's about
my hand if I put it on the ground, yes, good girl. And I'm just going
to drop the treat right on it. Hit me really come back here. Yeah. She says, I liked that thing.
It's a treat dispenser. Yeah. Very inexpensive treaat dispenser. Yeah.
Good girl. Yeah. Some dogs are good. Paw at it and pick it up. If she was trying to grab
it and pick it up to, to play with it or retrieve it. All I'm going to do is go back and put
it in my hand because a lot of dogs will start getting mouthy. I may need to do many more repetitions
with a little higher. If I get a paw, I'm just not going to reward those.

And the dogs are gonna figure out that
the paw is not the way to earn the treat. I'm going to start to build some distance.
So I take in my yogurt container lid, and I've put it on the chair. I can
put it on a wall. I could hang it. So if I had a dog who's really soft, who might tap that against a wall
and go ouch that hurts my nose. I can have it hanging down. So
when they hit it, it swings. Uh, now I noticed that I'm keeping her away
so that the first time she checks this out, I can reward. So I'm going to get my hand over there
cause she's likely to follow my hand. And she says, I remember that good
work. Yes. I'm going to do that again. Yes, that was very tentativeo,
but you did. Yes. Are you ready. Yeah. Good. The girl. And the first
couple of times she didn't target. I reward her just for checking that
out. No, I'm going to see if she, are you going to actually test,
what are you going to do when she goes close? So I'm going to Yes I'm going to get her more excited.
So she's not thinking about, Ooh, I don't know what, just
touch that.

Oh yeah. I get that one too. Yes. Good girl. Yay. Good work. Ready? Yes. Good girl. You're
brilliant. Oh, look at you. Yes. Yes girl. Yay. Trio moved along pretty
quickly with some dogs. Um, they might not get the idea of touching
that lid. When it's out of my hand, I might need to do, you know, two or three sessions of just the
initial targeting with other dogs. You're going to find, you're going to be able to
go super long distances. Maybe your dog isn't into
toys, but they love food.

You can use your dogs dinner, sort of them snarfling it out of
the bowl in seconds. And it's done. I can use my dog's dinner. And make it last quite a while
and have them get some physical, physical and mental exercise. So
I've got a little trat rewarder here. Almost ChristmasIf you're looking
for a present for your dog, I can turn that on. Now. All I can sit. I've got kibble loaded in there.
When I press my little remote button, it delivers a few pieces of kibble
and I'm going to have my dog go to the rewarder, come back to
me for a treat as well, because I want them thinking I am
wonderful and they'll go back and forth.

I mean, not reward every time.
You know, people go to casinos. Not because they win every time
because of the chance of the jackpot. So I can make his meal last for quite a
bit of time and he's going to get some good exercise. So I
always start out close. Cause I don't want her to be

On the other hand, she may channel her inner lab, uh, and be so crazy about the food that
she's only to chew through that plastic. And I don't really want
that to happen either. So I'm going to work close so I can
make sure the early delivery goes well. And just so I don't
startle her with the noise. I always like to start with my dogs. Just letting her go and her
nose is going down. Oh yeah. And she gets that freebie right
there. Yes. Then I can Lucy. Yay. So I can work some response to naming
here too old. You'd like that.

Okay. What if we let it go this time?
Yeah. Cause I think you're ready. I'm going to use the
remote and you're like, Oh yay. Go ahead. Girly. Let's see. So I want her to understand she gets that, but then come back to me
pretty. Yeah. I get the thing. Yes, Lucy. Yes. Good girl. Oh good girl. So now
that she knows the game, I can start to build a little more
distance. Let me get my remote. Girly. Get it. Are you ready? Lucy? Yeah. Good. Girly. Whoa. Nice response. Yes.
Okay. Ready? Go get that Lucy.

Yeah. Good girlie.
Yes. Ready? Go get that Lucy. Yay. Good. Girly,
nice work. Yeah. Good stuff. Now if your dog gets stuck
at that machine, can't leave. You may need to use a little higher
value. Treat that your paying off. If your dog loves toys and food,
no reason you can't use that toy. When they come back to you.
See how fast? And we'll see, learn this game within two minutes.
She figured it out and she has high, but all of you for that. So I think
we're ready to go outside. Girly. Do you think so? Yay. Good girl. You look at
how far we're moving. Ready? One more time. Ready? Set. Get that Lucy. Yay. Good. Girly. Yes. And she's puffing just a
couple of times out in box. Even with a small backyard.
She's gotten a great run girl. That was fun. We believe that being out and active
with our dogs is an important of dog ownership.

And so does
our sponsor, Eukanuba. Eukanuba has a number
of different formulas. Each one though contains
something called Activ Advantage. It's an exclusive protein and nutrient
power design. It fuels your dog's body, mind and energy. We create videos on YouTube to help
you get out and do more with your dogs and you can new, but believes that with
dogs, an active life is a healthy life. We couldn't agree more. Check out the link in the description
below to see which Eukanuba formula is right for your dog. Lucy is all tuckered out. She's ready
to settle now in just a few minutes, we've calmed her down and I don't need a
lot of space. I can work inside in the, my living room in these exercises. If you'd like to get seen more little
fitness exercises you can do in your living room. Just click this card
right here on that note.

I'm Carol. This is Lucy happy training..

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