4 Dog Foods I’d STOP Feeding!! ⚠️

Coats and Colors of French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are a lovely and adorable breed of dogs that come in a wide range of coat color. Beside the coat color, there are certain features that are dominant in this breed like the wide shoulder and the fold of the skin.

Choosing Bulldogs for Sale Online

Choosing a puppy online is a very tricky affair. Aside from the fact that there will be lots of websites declaring that they are the best in business and offering you good deals for a puppy, you also have a lot of puppies to choose from. With so many people out to make some extra cash, it is not easy to find genuine breeders that care about the dogs they are breeding and want to give you the best quality bulldogs.

Chihuahua Training

Chihuahuas are beautiful dogs, no doubt. Aside from their beauty and small stature, these dogs are known for their tendency to get possessive of things they see as theirs and the jealousy streaks they show. Chihuahuas require specialized training early in life to ensure that some of these bad behaviors do not get out of hand later in life. Chihuahuas are not family dogs, they do not do well with children and even with adults they still require some form of training in order to tame them.

Characteristics of Bulldog Pups

Bulldogs have over the years lost their reputation as the ferocious animals that were used to bait bulls some centuries ago. The modern bulldog is a friendly dog that makes a great house companion and gets along well with children.

Bulldog and Its Clothes

Dressing up the bulldog or any other dog for that matter is slowly becoming a trend in society. Nevertheless, there are those who see this practice as strange and undesirable, after all why should a dog be clothed? Aren’t there wild dogs who survive just as well without clothes? These are the arguments put forward by those against dressing up of dogs.

How To Stop The Neighbor’s Dog Barking

Being kept awake at night by the neighbor’s noisy dog is no fun. Sleep deprivation can leave you frustrated and can effect your concentration. Here are three ways you can stop the neighbor’s dog barking.

Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes

The best homemade dog food recipes are those that provide your dog with all the nutrients the dog needs. A good recipe is judged by the quality of ingredients used and preparation rather than how much the dog likes it. However, palatability of the food is also an important consideration when choosing a good recipe for the dog since good food is of no value if the dog won’t eat it.

Hyper Dog – Tips To Living With A High Energy Dog

Most dogs were bred for a specific job, such as herding, hunting, guarding the flock or retrieving. Few dogs today live on farms or get to do the work they were bred to do.

Banishing Domestic Dog Boredom

Just like us, dogs also suffer from boredom. And if left without stimulating activities for too long, they’re likely to express their boredom through unwanted behaviours and end up becoming destructive and troublesome.

Feeding Bones to Dogs

Dogs love bones. In fact, some dogs are perfectly content to gnaw on a bone all day and will not hesitate to show their disapproval if you take the bone away. Bones are good for pups when teething since they help exercise the teeth and will keep them occupied. Grown dogs are also not able to resist the urge to chew on a good bone whether to exercise their jaws or simply as a way to pass time.

Dog Diets: An Overview

The importance of feeding your dog a nutritious diet cannot be underlined enough. Diet is the underlying factor in keeping your dog healthy and strong. A good diet is needed for growth and maintenance, to provide energy for metabolic processes and to repair injured tissue.

How to Prevent Ticks and Fleas in Dogs

Ticks and fleas are a common cause of diseases that afflict dogs. Besides transmitting diseases, tick and flea bites are irritating to the dog causing a lot of discomfort and at times may result in hypersensitivity reactions. Ticks and fleas are relatively easy to get rid of in dogs that are indoors most of the time. For outdoor dogs especially those used in hunting, this is a different case entirely. Ticks and fleas will commonly be found in long grasses and in forested areas. Some species of these two parasites are host-specific for dogs meaning they would rather suck blood from your dog than you or another domesticated animal.

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