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so it's interesting hey everybody how
are you good evening good afternoon good morning happy New Year to everybody how
is everybody doing it is the last day of 2017 going into 2018 so this is actually
our last QA of 2017 that's exciting hey Julie how are you
things are really really good over here in Providence Rhode Island so it'll be
really really great to finish off the new year with some great Q&A and we're
looking forward to that that's right then we'll see right in there all right
so this is what we're going to do I do this I try to do this every single
Monday and we do a Q&A you ask your dog training questions and we do an answer
keep in mind that most of these answers take at least 30 minutes you know to do
but you're only getting about 15 seconds of my time so unfortunately that's all I
can do if you've never heard of me before which is awesome welcome to my
show my name is Jeff Gelman of Solid K9 Training we are a training & rehab
center based for Providence Rhode Island we do mostly board & trains we
specialize in aggression rehab behavior modification but we also train
young puppies I mean you know you know great life skills we're really good at
eliminating bad behaviors we're also really good at training what we want a
lot of times this show though it's punishment based a lot of it is based on
people wanting behaviors to stop so how do you stop an unwanted behavior you do
it through punishment how do you train a wanted behavior you do it through
reward you'll never hear me talk science because most dog trainers and humans
don't understand the science and it really doesn't matter if you've never
heard my show before you know I'm blunt I don't put up with any nonsense
I'm to the point because why I'm pretty much sick and tired of dogs being killed
for easily fixable things so everybody on Spotify on SoundCloud on iTunes
on Google Voice welcome welcome to the show everybody on YouTube welcome to the
show our sound distribution has been really really huge it's going to be even
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Facebook and Twitter as well alright so Linda what do we got at what dog age and
or breed would you trust around a toddler there's there's too many variables on
that one I would there's a lot of difference I
need to know the breed doesn't really matter it's the behavior of the dog so
what's the behavior of the dog and what's the skill of the toddler and then
what is the skill of the parent and do you understand pressure on dogs
so just for frame of reference my dogs are very well-behaved as far as when it
comes to you know children and Angelo didn't actually come in contact with
them until he was eight months old but he was around them at 48 hours old so
I'm a big advocate of dogs being around children but not necessarily interacting
with children and to this day Angelo just is around lots of dogs but you'll
never really see him petting a dog I'm not against kids petting dogs but I
think you know this concept that you know you want them to be your the best
friend it's like no you don't you want them to exist so it all depends on the
behavior of the dog and behavior of the child it could be anywhere from six
months could be a year it could be you know two years there's a lot there's a
lot of variables there's no one answer on that one next looking forward to your
seminar in Florida awesome that's going to be Ellenton, Florida and if you want
to know more about my seminars you can go to RVDogTrainer.com …

RVDogTrainer.com next
would Linda be willing to share that chocolate chip recipe they looked
amazing just look on the back of the chocolate chip like chips packaging I'll
share sometime Happy New Year's Eve Jeff Linda & Angelo love Heather any suggestions with fireworks and dogs scared yes absolutely
so this is what I do with fearful dogs and a lot of people struggle with the
answer because they think it's mean but you've never seen a dog jump through a
second-floor window and run away you've never seen maybe a dog eat through
sheetrock you've never seen a dog shit & piss itself out of fear so
this is what I do we punish the physical act of fear as far as movement as far as
movements all right we can't tell a dog not to be afraid but we stop the
movement of the fear response so what we do is this
you know leash on the dog collar on the dog if the dog starts getting afraid and
starts running around frantically you actually can stop that you just stop it
immediately how do you do that through punishments so there can be a leash
correction which is usually what you're gonna do then you have the dog go to
place or into a down or into its kennel but in its kennel it can't be freaking
out physically so it can't be doing any OCD spinning we want the dog to lie down
in its kennel that's what you do then what you do is you let the dog process
it we have found over over and over again with fear response is that
the dog will then start getting used to any fear whether it's a broom fireworks
or thunder it could be a lawnmower it could be you know you know so many
different things also what you can start doing is you can start playing download
from YouTube fireworks and thunder and different sounds baby sounds and start
playing them at a low level and then increasing them we do that with all of
our you know your working dogs next my dog tries to avoid me when I put on the prong I put it on before he comes out of the crate okay so what you're doing is so
well this happens with a lot a lot of dogs will avoid it's not a prong collar
no collar issue I've seen dogs avoid slip pleads I've seen dogs bite you when
you try to put slip lead on that's the dogs NO that's the dogs NO so what I
would do is I would put a slip lead on the dog and roleplay it and you
roleplay that and you can do that with all clicker and food you can do that but the
act of it trying to avoid you you can actually correct so what you would want
to do is you can have the dog recall or come out of the kennel
sit in front of you and then do a collar protocol send the dog back in roleplay
it over and over and over and over again next new foster he is high level barrier
aggressive with whites should i redo crate training with each collar
yep the way you want to stop any barrier barrier aggression issue is with a
remote collar you you do at a high level a lot of people will say no that'll make
it worse well if it makes it worse you did it
wrong bottom line why we do it all the time and it eliminates it so and that's
not from an ego brag standpoints like we're doing it right a lot of times
people will they'll be afraid that oh the dog of the negative association bla
bla bla bla bla you know the dog already has a negative association you did not
create it so you're not going to make it worse we eliminate that all the time
all barrier aggression issues what do you do you may be the act of being aggressive
at a barrier uncomfortable to the dog dog stop what is uncomfortable so then
the other side of the coin is oh so you use pain to fix a problem yeah how many
times do you think dogs run into glass doors usually one time why because it
sucked doing it nature creates discomfort in dogs all the time don't
respond by changing their behavior and guess what we can do the same thing as
well now we don't teach sit down place or
heal that way but when you want to stop the unwanted behavior and most unwanted
behaviors are dangerous right they're dangerous they end up with dogs being
killed I absolutely have no problem at all a lot of dog trainers don't speak
as freely about this a lot of dog trainers don't know how to do it or a
lot of dog trainers or just don't want all the hate that comes to it but I'm
more human centric and I don't want you to give up your dog for something that
can be fixed relatively quickly you'll see that theme throughout my
stuff next here's my challenge my dog my meeting a stranger acts fine but
suddenly backs up in barks why because your dog is nervous fearful and afraid
that's why so what do you do is you always you will punish the act of
barking now if the stranger keeps coming closer and putting more pressure on the
dog you can actually ask the stranger to stop so I don't let people pet my dogs
just for full clarification now have people pet my dogs sure they have can
people pet my dogs of course they can but most humans don't know how to
approach dogs properly so it doesn't and people usually perceive it like but my
best friend is a dog lover you know what your dog doesn't give a shit if your
best friends are a dog lover if there's such a dog lover they should
leave your dog alone right let your dog just exist so when
you absolutely if someone just walks up to you and your dog goes nuts you
absolutely can correct that the dog won't think that the other person caused the
discomfort what I do in a lot of what I
show is I dispel a lot of outright blatant lies in the unethical
information that's out there all the time and I only speak what we know and
we've done hundreds if not thousands of times so I'm getting a lot of new
listeners and a lot of new viewers to my show so I'm gonna start you're talking
about that more obviously next when I go to put an E coller or prong around my
dog's neck he objects and bites on my hand so how do i stop it what you can use a bonker
you can use a bonker if you don't have bonkers it's a wrapped up towel also go
onto my youtube channel and look up in my youtube channel in the search box
look up Rupert counter conditioning Rupert
counter conditioning and there's a video on exactly how to do that next how do
you deal with destructive Borden with eight month GST a destructive okay how
do you deal with destructive behavior is number one where are you where were you
and the dog was destroying stuff alright so where are you when the dog was
destroying stuff that's the most important part is like is it's your
fault it's the humans fault and this is I don't blame or shame owners but their
dogs that's like saying you know my my two year old my one-year-old fell
out of a bed well it shouldn't be in a bed it should be in a crib so what do you do
is this eyes on the dog at all times next when I walk 5 month old pup it gets frantic when the other dog
gets ahead of her yelping barking pulling that's it yeah so number one you
would stop that that's normal behavior so a lot of what you're describing is
normal behavior so what do you do is you have the dog you know stop the behavior
and depending on what tools you're using so if you're using a harness or even a martingale or a slip lead or flat buckle collar or a chock chain
you're gonna struggle you're gonna struggle so you know a prong collar we
love prong collars we love tools the reason why we love tools is because they
empower they empower I'm not a dog psychologist and actually I wouldn't
trust a dog psychologist at all that's pretty much scammy so you want to know
more about me just go to my website I'm a dog trainer and I do behavior
modification in rehab and we're based in Providence RI & I when I travel the world
I just wanted to get that in there right now because I can't stand that term
so what you want to do is we love tools because owners need to leverage the tool
against the dogs bad behavior because dog owners are not dog trainers they're
not dog trainers all right so prong collar on the dog
teach the dog to properly heal next to you and have your other dog also
heal next year next making lots of progress with fearful dogs since your
Rhode Island seminar still shakes and pants in cars help ok so again you see if
it's shaking and panting what you would do is again you can make sure the dogs
in it down facing forward hopefully and believe it or not I'm not against
essential oils but a lot of people have been having some um they're adding that to
their balance dog training protocols and it seems to be helping for car rides next
but essential oils don't fix behavior problems no to drugs next is it safe to
let your dogs outside when coyotes and wolves are spotted aren't they the same
family and Jeffrey Dahmer killed humans aren't they the same family Son of Sam
right so bottom line is if there was coyotes and wolves in my area I would
always have a gun on me and I would always have my dog in
eyesight and I would never never leave my dog unattended next how hard is it to
train the dog for therapy certification um therapy therapy is easy but there's
no national certification on that but Sir there's a lot of there's a lot of
you know miss you know misinformation out there about you know dogs there's
also a lot of lying and cheating when it comes to service dog when it comes to
service dogs out there so for a therapy dog number one you want to have those
excellent public access skills incredible public access skills all
right that's really really important you want to have a dog that has no aggression
whatsoever zero aggression whatsoever you want to make sure that a dog doesn't
have any reactivity whatsoever zero reactivity you want to really calm
mellow dog that has no problems with dogs or
people and if you want to get into therapy work for your dog that's gonna
be the baseline you also want to have a dog that's got really good good behavior is
well well trained next two female mastifs never fight how to fight over a week ago I'm nervous to put them back together help so if I had two mastifs I
didn't know how to stop their fighting so there's always a reason this question this is not a 15second answer don't put
them back together until you speak to somebody who knows how to rehab them it
could be anything it could be you know their age it can be their you so it
could be age it could be I mean if you got two females they can fight a lot
that could have been a resource there's a lot of different variables next when
crating do it gradually do you leave a bone or something to take his mind off
stress so no you don't this concept of creating a dog slowly is a bunch of
bullshit how do you sleep how do you work that's one of the most unethical
things that dog trainers can never tell the people yeah do it ten minutes at a
time so that means I gotta wake up in twelve ten put my dog in the crate from
this is am from 12 10 a.m.

pexels photo 6568480

To 12:20 take it out wait five minutes
when do I sleep when do I work this is what you do hey dog it's 10:00 p.m. it's
time to go to bed right go into your crate good night
if you make any noise I'll correct you for it hey dog it's 7:00 a.m. good
morning that's what you do so we do that in our training center all the time
every dog is created in our training center we've had dogs that have never
been in a crate before we we got dogs that are horrific in the crates next how
can I recall my dog out of its crate to start conditioning him if he won't come
to me and sit when he gets out of the create leash also how can I correct
him if he doesn't have a collar on yet the dog should have a leash on its dog
training guys it's dog training have a leash on your dog don't hope for the
best don't just get a dog and hope for the best
so what you want to do is your training so what do you do leash on the dog leash
on the dog next I'm absolutely a teacher of humans and dogs next and if you're
not learning anything then you're not ready to be like you're not ready to be
a student yet I guess next when you eat is the dog in place
what about sneaking food when he is eyeing us who's sneaking food so the dog
should be you can do anything you want with your dog but dog could be plate
when you when humans are eating so before during and after
family meals that's a great time to practice place it's a great time to
practice place so your your puppies not stupid okay
it's a it's a it's a great time to UM it's a great time to practice place but
as far as eyeing food you know if you you know if you are
giving in to your dog like eyeing food that's weakness in humans your dogs just
being a dog so giving table scraps from your free from your from the table to
your dog it's a really bad precedent to set I suggest you don't do it next why
do organizations allow seeing eye dogs to continue to work when they're struggling
um money next & bad ethics next How can I recognize a good dog trainer um go to the website and go
watch a lot of their videos and but there's so there's good way there's good
dog trainers that don't have websites they don't do social media but a lot of
times you can just don't read what their accreditation are like you don't read
what their accreditation is all they mean is they that they pass the test the
most likely a written test it doesn't mean shit you can have somebody that has
their MBA in animal behavior but they've never trained a dog to sit so it's the
proof is in the pudding I'm a big show me guy show me also depends on what
you're looking for dog to do like if you wanted your dog to do agility don't hire
me if you want your dog to do tasks training don't hire me sport dog
training don't hire me if you want your dog to be trained in obedience and rehab from aggression higher me not me but my company so also depends on what you
want so the internet the internet reveals everybody though so that's great
next any recommendations regarding good books to read on this subject
there's not a lot of great books my buddy Sean O'Shea has a good book so
just go to the good dog way dot-com the monks of new skete have a good puppy
training book most books are filled with false information though most books are
filled with false information so the best thing to do is watch a bunch of dog
training videos and work lots of dogs lots of dogs next SolidK9Training.com SolidK9Training.com for more
information some people asked will I'd be doing the free Skypes in 2018 no I
will not I did over 400 free skypes we did over $100,000 total in free
training in 2017 so we're really proud of that
not just the skypes but a lot of other stuff next we are using a prong on a Rottie but is 5 months too young no you can start using
prong collar on a dog at usually 14 weeks old how effect are long dog walks dog walks are great for both
you and the dog for the human and the dog next okay sorry
so no John don't stick well if you asked the question but I
can't have dead air don't stick your dog's face in soil soil if it pees or poos in the house that's a human error you should have been there to
catch it I'm sorry right there
10 month old dog pees poos and crate at night I take it to the toilet every hour
from 6 p.m.

To 10 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m. to take him out so what I would do
is I would I would possibly number one are you over feeding the dog you
could be over feeding the dog feed the dog earlier in the day so feed the dog
earlier in the day so maybe make the last meal at three or four o'clock in
the afternoon take away its water at maybe six o'clock dogs can go a long
time without food by the way and they easily can go you know 12 to 18 hours
without water so you'll be fine on that also make sure your dogs on a leash it
goes to the exact same it goes to exact same spot to go to the bathroom
and he's been rewarded for doing that I mean they make sure it goes back up to
its great next recalling one dog both dogs come to me name sounds similar what
should I do that's going to be a little bit more
challenging what you need to do is your put them both in a Down stay or put
them both in the place and then what you can do is put one dog on a tie back a
tie back will help the dog if it tries to come to you it can't come to you and
then you can apply a correction for getting it wrong that's more of an
advanced training protocol where it's going to be name of dog in the recall if
the other dog recalls to you then you would have to correct that dog for doing
it to me I could care less what I call my dogs if they both come that's
fantastic next do you have your dog's pee and poop in a certain area
I just became aware that this is an option no but you can do it so what I do
is my dogs they ironically they do pee and poo in sort of the same area so but
I don't my dogs have about 2,500 square feet of space outside and what you can
do is you can just have your dog it's up to you if you want to do it do it if
you don't you don't have to next you how do you know if a dog has a high prey drive usually with a ball you usually use a
ball for ball drive if your dog is always on alert and chasing rodents
that's prey Drive you can use a flirt Pole if you know where the flirt pool is
just google it and you can see if the dogs got drive you can also increase the
dogs drive if you want to a lot of your sport dog breeds they'll have prey
Drive next I work in a casino so many toy breeds are service dogs yeah they're full of shit
they're fake service dogs next some of them might not be but I would say
probably 99% our next can you explain difference between
reactivity and aggression sure um aggression is intent to harm right aggression is intended to harm reactivity the dog isn't necessarily
going to bite you I've met some super reactive dogs and they were on a leash
the leash is a barrier it frustrates a lot of dogs so there's a lot of dogs out
there that are they're all show but they won't bite
you there's other dogs out there that are not reactive but will bite you
so aggression is intent to harm we work with dogs that want to harm you or feel
they have to harm you we also work with reactive dogs which is
just a bunch of nonsense usually if a lot of dog trainers in general when a
dog trainers is in general they'll see a reactive dog and I'll say oh the dogs
aggressive it's like how do you know that unless the dog is has a bite
history or trying to bite you so being reactive is just just you know
somebody yelling and screaming you know what i mean idle threats next if you have a big
fenced-in yard if there's still a need to walk your dog yes so the walk is one
of the most powerful thing that you can do with your dog its leadership its
structure its guidance its teaching the dog yes and no it teaches the dog
situational awareness about you as the dog's handler the dog gets to more
yield to you you can get your dog to focus on you just running around the
dog but having big yard is is also awesome so you can do off leash have off
leash fun with your dog but it's two separate things next how do you get
Corrections to a dog that's too small for a prong and E collar um you can use a
bonker which is a rolled-up towel you can use a pet convincers which is
compressed air anything that's intolerable to the dog anything that's
intolerable to the dog so you can you can correct a one or two pound dog you
just have to find something that's intolerable to it it doesn't have to be
painful it just has to be intolerable next my Great Dane was eating grass for
a few days before I took him to the vet and he died that sucks
so something might have been wrong with your dog it always sucks when a dog dies sometimes they eat grass because is
there know what I mean next our dogs sleep on the bed are we bad owners mm no you're
not bad owners you know it's good you know if your dog struggles with
separation anxiety and/or aggression you're making it worse but that doesn't
make you a bad owner so next on topic of creating when
crating a 10-week old pup how do we correct whining so 10 week old pups gonna
whine there's going to be a certain level of whining to be expected you know
up until probably 12 to 14 weeks old so your dog starts your average 14 week
there's actually more but it was separate I tried the bonker tried
smacking the top of the crate and using no but he still whines a bit okay so at
ten weeks old your dogs gonna whine if there's going to level of expectation
just like a just like a baby poops in its diaper every time the Sun comes up
in the sun sets it's predictable there's going to be a level of whining if you
have a 10-week old dog be ready to have a little bit of a sense of struggle for
a little bit it's gonna suck it so it's hard raising puppies it's very difficult
to raise a puppy and it can be very rewarding but it's very stressful so at
10 weeks old puppies whine next can you recommend a good method for making a dog
work for their food any any any you know any training any training any obedience
training just do anything next or trick training next also thank you so much for
everything you do very appreciative of you and your family oh thank you so much
thank you for your kindness if you want to check out my Facebook post
earlier next well training a dog to sit is the easiest thing actually treating a
dog to not jump is easier than training a dog to sit just remember that next
okay it's tapping a dog with a rolled-up paper and putting his face in poop the
best way no it's not the best way you being there to no free roaming and where
were you and crate training is the best way next have you ever listened to the Dog Whisperer recommend it um you know there's there's
there's you know if you want to listen to it there's good information on there
so if you're talking but now listen to a nut watched it I believe it's a TV show
I don't know if he's got a podcast at all but you feel feel free to you know
watch it if you grab information out there that works for you keep doing
it next can you really stop your dog from barking every time the doorbell
rings yes you can next I redirected my reactive dog by his redirections our
excitement directed towards me is it okay no it's not okay don't
redirect your dog for excitement or for what I want you to do is I want you to
eliminate the excitement so a lot of times people use redirection but that's
not going to work when it comes to leash reactivity so eliminate the bad behavior
next stop a dog from running away number one keep a leash on it if you've got a dog that runs away don't
ever let it off leash until you fixed it and keep the dog on a leash and train
the dog proper recall which is the come command so you train that underneath low
environmental stimuli and then eventually you do it underneath high
level of distractions but if you've got a dog that you can't trust to be off
leash under voice control keep it on a leash next dogs don't automatically
just come back next Happy New Year Linda and Jeff I pray that you will all stay
in nice and toasty warm thank you Kim thank you Kim were inside so we're doing
our best next okay let's be serious our pitbulls really dangerous to humans
tell me the truth okay well you're brand new to my world pit bulls are not
dangerous to humans at all alright so actually this is he's coming off I use
YouTube barking videos when my dog barks at the sound what's
my first move you would punish it you'd punish it so you can use a bonker or
remote collar or leash and prong something intolerable to the dog to stop it
from barking use it bark collar on the dog next worried my dog gets sick from
licking floor or eating crumbs corrected with a prong pop keeps doing it just
keeps trying to stay on top of it so what you do is your chasing your dog
so if your dog is eating stuff off the ground you know I mean that's not the
worst behavior unless it eats something poisonous it is pretty annoying
number one is you can do a couple of things you can do with your dog don't let it free
roam which now that's just management or what you can do is you can have your dog
I would use a bonker or I would use a remote collar and every time your dog
went to eat something off the ground you would give it a correction/
punishments so but also it's like well what do you want your dog to do just
tell me to go lie down somewhere and sweep your floors next I got the mini educator is 14 weeks too young to start training 14 weeks it's a good time you want to start putting it on at 12 weeks and let
the dogs wear it you can we start all dogs and food training protocols with a
remote collars so there's a lot of misinformation out there people like oh
don't do it then what the biggest one we hear about remote collars probably is don't start until 6 months of age which to me like why would somebody want to
wait until 6 months of age when your dog could actually be off leash trained by 6
months of age so if you right now if you've got a dog that's 3 months of age
imagine if you had 3 good months which is a long time that's 12 weeks of pretty
good training I would hate to see you lose that that progress but then again
if you had a dog that you adopted at 2 years old then you could like just train
the dog at 2 years old so you're not going to lose anything as far as like oh my
gosh you made a mistake but it's like you're on a training the dog why not
train it on a remote our next when do you decide to use the boss versus the
mini on a dog when when you're when your your levels are in the 60s and 70s and 80s
for basic obedience with no distractions you would use the boss so it's just but
95 plus percent of the dogs that we work with the mini educators enough a
lot of times people wait their timing is bad on the reactivity so what they're
doing is they're the dogs already in drive and you now try to have a conversation with
the dog so what I would do is I would you know make sure that your timing is a
little bit better and you can start recognizing when your dog starts getting
aroused boss is the Ecollar 800 it's just a
stronger model and it goes a further distance
remote collar than the mini educator how do you
stop a dog from trying to hurt a kitten I've tried no getaway but they still
won't okay don't use the word no okay no is an
English word okay no is an English word that has no meaning to a dog all right
there's no meaning to a dog we have to teach it what it means just like sit and
down have no meaning to a dog or like come here and the meeting to a dog
until until we actually tell it what it means so there has to be a consequence
where the word no something that's intolerable so be careful about watering
down your no command just like you don't want to water down your yes command so
what you want to make sure you do is whenever you say go to the dog there has
to be a consequence next Happy New Year Jeff and Linda and family thanks for all
of your help in 2017 rhode island seminar was amazing life-changing hello
awesome is that Sara yep awesome Sara we love you
next um trouble timing Corrections I'm mark with no but takes me a few seconds
to turn on the right level that's fine as long as you're no is good no no you
can say no and then you could have your punisher be one second two second three
seconds four seconds five seconds after that the same with yes you can do yes or
click and then you can have that your reward be one second two second three
second four second five seconds so you'll be fine the marking of the
behavior on yes & no is what's important the delivery of the reward or
the punishment is secondary as long as it's inevitable next I have a
new puppy cane corso was told that I problems are typical in the street is
that so I have no idea I would talk to a vet on that one
next I have two dogs not sure which one is alpha any suggestions why does it
matter what I mean so so well you know why does why did why does it matter you
know which dog is alpha I don't know doesn't matter to me it wouldn't matter
to me I mean you sort of want to know the order of hierarchy and your dogs but
don't put too much pressure on it or you'll figure it out soon enough
just by observing your dogs next why mini
educator instead of dogtra you like one of your videos um when I first
got into dog training mini educator didn't exist the company didn't exist so so now we
are using many educators I also use dogtra tho next am i right tonight to my dog to
put him in timeout timeout doesn't work timeout doesn't work for kids timeout
doesn't work for dogs they don't understand timeout that's a humanization
of the dog there's no value to it whatsoever a proper punishment should be
like boom your done one second you're done that's it you're done so to me I
have no this concept of timeout is just it's not in my world if it works for you
keep doing it I'm just not finding you have any meaning whatsoever in a dog's
life next sorry for all the questions been looking forward to the what would
Jeff do oh no problem bill I love the questions hello my Doberman is always in
high alert went outside chasing squirrels and lizard lizards won't
relax so what you can do is we see this all the time
and it all depends on what your dog is doing on a walk the last thing I want my
dog to do is to be on alert remember I'm a family pet dog trainer most people
don't need their dogs to be in more more aroused or more alert what most people
need is is they need their dogs to be more relaxed so you actually can punish
arousal punish arousal yeah when I see the word punish people are like oh so
abused a dog or hurt the dog I didn't say that that's you know that's what
society's interpreted punishment to be you know so punish the dog the
arousal arousal will be your enemy if you're trying to fix unwanted behaviors
the last thing we need teh dog to do is to be aroused so what do you do a bonk you can
use a bonker which is a cotton towel rolled up you can use a remote collar as
well remote collar as well so it's not going to make the dog shut down this
whole thing about like oh you've shut down the dog it's like
no yeah you haven't you what you're doing is controlling or eliminating
arousal and that you're not just going for the drive of the dog either next it's good
for dogs to have on/off switches it's good so right now I think you
can't see this but so there's my two my dogs right there I assure you they're
not tired they're not tired they're not tired at all
so those dogs right now can just go run 20 miles well girl can't she's going in for
surgery on Tuesdays she's got a tear in her back I'm leg but um those dogs are
ready to go but they know we're inside right now do nothing next no eye problems right now but cherry eye is the
most common thing we heard of we see see that in Bulldogs – cherry eye next I'm
practicing a perfect heel in the driveway
helping so much awesome great great is it important to give alone time to two
dogs so that they don't develop separation anxiety
yeah that's yeah train them train them separately train them separately and
then work them off of each other so you're right so you don't have a dog
that like when the other dog is gone there's anxiety issues we see that a lot
or I hate to use the word jealousy because that's a humanization word but
if I use the word jealousy just so people understand what that means we
don't want your dogs to be like that next I hope you guys have an amazing new
year thank you so much what we do with humans not spending every waking minute
with them so they get upset when we are gone yeah exactly that's why a lot of
people a lot of people have separation anxiety issues probably mine we have
leash reactivity is probably my number one issue that people struggle with and
then separation anxiety is probably the second biggest thing that people
struggle with and contact us so being able to have your dog just exist you
know is good exactly next I love your dog is it just going to
take time for my dog to not burn around and act crazy when he doesn't have a leash on um
no you could eliminate that in one day so you can eliminate that like
immediately if you want to so but number one if your dog is not underneath voice
control it should have a leash on if you can't tell your dog to knock it off if
you can't send your dog to place if you can't drop your dog into a Down stay if
you can't control your dogs out of control energy with one command within
one or two seconds then put a leash on your dog or else
to be frustrated you're getting it frustrated then yelling at your dog and
then nobody's gonna be having fun nobody's being fun so that's what
happens with a lot of folks is they take the leash off the dog way to soon
way too soon next good luck to girl thank you uh when
he has prong on I put it on every day he's super chill and lays around but a
couple times so when dog right now is again so you've got tools help you
leverage the training a lot of times dogs get collar smart though so the goal
is the goal is that you want to have your dog do um learn both we
don't want them to be collar dependent but also how long even working with the
dog what I mean so how long you been working with the dog that's what's
really really important there's a lot of times like oh I've been working for just
a month or two months which if you been busting your ass for two months that
is a good amount of time but you know for a month yeah don't worry about it
keep doing it or but you also want to make sure you don't think the concept of
no also switch to remote collar as well because that'll give you distance
commands as well as off leash commands yeah there's a go online there's some
bulldog there's some bulldog and boxer muzzle companies that make that make it
through a lot of dogs they make for dogs next my dang two-year-old lets him
out of the crate without prong on and he acts like he's finally free your
two-year-old so don't take this personally
that's a parenting issue so I got seven kids I'm the farthest thing
from a perfect father the farthest thing from a perfect father I have made a
shitload of mistakes but as a dog trainer we want to make sure that your
two-year-old does not have access to being able to unlock your unlock your
dog's crate that's a major safety issue as you know that's why you put it out
there and I'm absolutely not shaming you that's not that dog trainer but I would
if my two-year-old was letting my dog out of a crate and I told my
two-year-old not to number one I there would be a consequence for that
two-year-old so but enough I am not going to sit here and
lecture people how to be a parent you know know don't use a lock
don't use a lock have a conversation with your two year old
next your two-year-olds old enough to understand should they be able to see each other or work in separate rooms you can do both you can do
both so if you're working dogs off of each other you can have at the beginning
one dog in crate one dog out of the crate if you want to have one in
place one out of place if you want to have them in two separate rooms it's all
good it's all good it teaches them impulse control duration and it
eliminates any separation anxiety between the two dogs that you might that
you might have next sorry what things should I be working on with second dog
while other dogs is at board & train that's a really really good question what I
would do is this all the basics so going in and out of the kennel on command lying
down on command in the kennel work on place work on down stays work on walking
your dog next to politely work on eliminating any you know you know
reactivity issues towards the door because you're gonna have to be doing
that with both of them when the other dog comes back from a board & train
next and then also you become educated as a dog handler next I don't yell but I
feel like I have to use strong voice for her to listen okay
um it's not the worst thing in the world you know it's not it's not the worst
thing in the world to do it but after breaking about you know
remote collar training is that can whisper or yell for you that's pretty
powerful next he said prong collar and leash on for maybe a month seems collar
smart we just answered that little bit ago yeah that's okay Dobby follow up with punishment will he know he's being
corrected for alertness and not realizing yes yeah dogs are pretty smart
we do it all the time so remember the only advice that I give out is something
I've done anywhere from hundreds to thousands of times successfully
if not I'll always precede it like hey I don't have a lot of experience in I
don't have a lot of experience with like using oils with relaxation or separation
anxiety or crate anxiety or driving or you know car sickness but some of my
colleagues do look into it but as far as reactivity on the walk
your dog will absolutely know that it's been corrected for alertness or it'll
know that when it's alert it gets corrected so it'll figure it out
why we've done it stopped hundreds of thousands of times you've done it you
know so many times we've done it and that's not a that's it yeah four to five
thousand dogs now we've worked with we did we do it with dogs at least we do it
with dogs like 20 times right 25 times while we're working through their issues
so that's one thousand right there next how do you how do you start muzzle
conditioning an aggressive dog that won't let you touch it or even get it
out um carefully carefully we do that all
with clicker and food we do that all with the clicker and food I don't have a
good video of it up right now but we do all of that stuff or clicker and food or you
can be really forceful and then just force you know you slip lead the dog hold
it dog into a fence and put the muzzle on if you have to but I would use the
dogs daily food you don't know how to use a clicker underneath our FAQ
questions on our website it shows how to conditioner your dog to a clicker
and then start doing clicker collar conditioning muzzle conditioning i mean
sorry what's the percentage of being trained effectively with any
professional help without any people fully off we train their dogs and modify
their behavior with their free videos around the world I get emails every day
and listen what we do is not magic what we do is not magic
we are not musicians a lot of dog trainers will try to make it sound like
they're these like magicians or you know oh my god you're you're a miracle worker
it's like no not we're not we're not special you know we're not special at all the 20
years ago 30 years ago there was no such thing as dog trainers other than
sport dog and trick dog trainers and agility trainers nobody needed a pet dog
trainer nobody did everybody did it
themselves and they did just fine so people are very successful on their
own meanwhile you know I've got job security my staff has got job security
because why the media makes it look like if you punish your dog or say no to your
dog you're being abusive which is really really dangerous that's why we're
killing all these dogs killing all these dogs because Society has said a certain
thing so what you need to do is you have to understand that all the dogs learn
through yes and no concepts just like children just like adults
next at T3 when people travel locations do most book Airbnb other close
places yeah a lot of people go to t3 will do Airbnb or they'll do a hotel
it's close close to us but Airbnb is probably going to be your best option
next my dog is overly friendly with strangers that come to my door he barks
but does not growl so that's that wasn't a question
okay cool does a statement next is classical music calming for dogs um some
dogs we play classical music in our kennel we play classical music in
our kennel but I don't think that's why it we do it in our we actually increase
the level at night probably to drown out any environmental sounds we also have a
lot of dogs in our kennel and we don't know about barking I wish it was easy as
just playing classical music you put it this way it doesn't hurt it
doesn't hurt next I trained my dog 100% off leash all
basic obedience and tricks all myself with the help of Jeff's videos awesome
thank you yeah someone's got to do the work it's all it's not a miracle
someone's gonna do the work next How can you tell a well behaved dog when someone working with it well you can't tell
everything about it your can't you don't know if the dog is a resource guarder you
don't know if the dog bites kids you don't know if the dog is into dog
fights but you all what you usually can tell a dog it's big obedience training
from the walk at least they can walk proper that doesn't mean they can do a
one hour downstay you know with dogs running by but you know you can tell if
the owner is connected to the dog usually um I see well-behaved dogs all
the time but that doesn't mean that they're safe that doesn't mean they're
safe so just watch it watch someone if they're getting dragged down the street
it's a dog that there's no how to heal if they're being walked into proper heal
without pulling and move the dog all you can really tell is the dogs not good at heal
next I play country because it's the only station I get in that room Julie
yeah she also says she stayed at an Airbnb and was able to walk to a seminar
yeah yeah she stayed very close yeah yeah yeah Julie walked around the city
of Providence I think Julie probably drop Julie dropped ten pounds just probably just from all the walking she did she walk around a ton of
time next I like to hear that yeah Julie's awesome how much time daily
should you work on the obedience training at home to be successful you
can what kind of for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour a day 30 minutes to
an hour a day so but then you make dog training life then you make dog training
life just make it party or what part of your world look at it as part of your
world don't look at look at it as a lifestyle instead of a chore does that
make sense just make it just make it part of your lifestyle
next Julie says Providence is beautiful it's a great city um how do you make
your dog not freak out on other dogs sniff it's butt um you would do that by
advocating for your dog you would do that through slowly introducing your dog
to other dogs we would do that with dog socialization what we do is we
have the dog on a leash then we use dressage whip to push other dogs gently
away to create space then if a dog comes up to it and sniff its butt we can let
the dog maybe sniff for one sec and then we gently guide the dog our dog away
with the leash and we gently push the other dog away
we just advocate for it just advocate for it next name a dog trainer
you're impressed with I don't do that stuff I'll tell you my favorite food I
don't I don't play that you know no offense but you know that's not the way
this show works what's not purple next you'll notice that I don't name names on
my show you'll notice that I don't name names on my show so I don't slam people
and I don't really praise these people it's not because I don't want people to
get good you know kudos to them but you know I I'm more proactive in my my stuff
than reactive in my stuff when it comes to comes to terms of stuff next
three-year-old Dobby no signs of guard instincts will that come soon no
don't don't don't worry about that you know don't don't you don't want your
Doberman to be guarding trust me you don't you don't need a guard dog having
your Doberman be well trained and well behaved is that is enough of a
deterrence towards your average criminal so if I was a if I was not on drugs
which I'm not and I saw you in the Doberman I'm not gonna break into your
house I'm not gonna break in your house all right if I might drugs I can care
less how many dogs you have why because I'm Superman
that's why so to me your average person that's going to come in contact with
your dog is not going to be anybody that has bad a bad element to them they're
probably be friendly so the last thing I want your dog to do is
be aggressive now if you want to get your dog in the sport dog training in
the sport world go right ahead absolutely but but I don't want your dog
to just be randomly being protective of you when you really don't need it
that's as dangerous set you up for lawsuits and also it ends up with a dead
dog next rephrase how can I get my dog to know the difference between a
friend and a stranger um you don't need to do just don't just don't you know so
don't worry about it just don't worry about it it's it's so important that we
don't make that mistakes don't make that mistake most people are really really
nice in this world don't like don't be a headline reader everybody reads
headlines everybody reads headlines they read the one news story about the bad
guy not the bad girl you know they you know so but to me you know what I would
do is you know what I would do is I wouldn't worry about it next knows place
with distractions inside not outside back to kindergarten for outside or
correct instead um you you want to go back don't go all the way back to
kindergarten hold the dog accountable for distractions outside but remember
your dog to be bomb-proof inside it goes outside and boom it's totally
distractible so what you can do is if your dog actually knows the
commands you can hold your dog accountable but then you still have to
do the training with the distractions that's almost like a separate training
module in your training curriculum next any truth girl dogs like male humans and
female dogs like males I I've never noticed that I never noticed that next
my golden doodle barks-a-lot why is that because you never told the dog the
reason why your dog bark so much is because you never told the dog to not
bark so much in a way that dog understands that's why that's why I mean
oh that's what golden doodles do it's like no they don't like all the dogs
barks all dogs don't like it's you just never told the dog not to bark in a
way that it believes so next will you put this Q&A on YouTube or is there a
way I can save that yeah this goes up on this will go up on
YouTube in about three days it's also on Spotify SoundCloud in iTunes Google
Voice so if you're not part of our you know if you haven't joined sound just
join SoundCloud or join Spotify it'll be up there next in the podcast you have
the what would you have to do podcast yeah you have to actually train you your
dog to be a guard dog your do might not have the temperament to be a guard dog trust me 99% of dogs if not higher
can't be guard dogs true protection dogs even dogs that are temperament tested to
be protection dogs washout so they just don't have the drive next name a few
breeds you'll recommend for kids please don't say all breeds are
trainable well all breeds are trainable it's not about it's it's you know it all
depends on the kids in the family so so my dogs so I've got mostly German
Shepherds in my family my German Shepherds are great with family the
exact same dogs might be horrific for a family it has more to do with the family
than it does to with a dog has more to do with the training protocols & the
training philosophy than it does with the dog so the reason why I say that is
because if you're convinced that labs are great with families like the labs
that I meet are horrific with families so it's more about the training program
it would be irresponsible actually to say a certain breed is a good family dog
and irresponsible to say that it's more about the the training
protocol I'm the guy that gets the phone calls about the bites every day of my
life every day all day long I get the emails the personal messages of my dog
that my kid my dog bit my kid my dog day my kid my dog bit my kid my whole life
is consumed by dog bites so I'm not going to name a breed because it's
actually unethical it's more about what's the lifestyle of
the family are they an active family or not active family do you have a level of
expectation that is reasonable with the dog that you have do you understand
dog behavior do you know how to stop unwanted behaviors and dogs
that's the magic of that that's that that's the magic but I can't imagine
somebody saying yeah get a Snoodle it's a great family dog
the Snoodles that I've met have been horrific family dogs that's why they
made it to my doorstep so if I gave you girl I'm sorry if I give you Kiera
tomorrow and you had three kids you would call me up before the Sun set
telling me that I got that Kiera is the worst dog and get her out of my house
right now meanwhile she's around my kids all the time so it is the training it is
the training next my female Corso hates men there you go there you go
that was probably even referenced in like the female dog them yeah you know
but so I'm not you know it's possible that you're not correcting it and give
me your female Corso for three months and I might get it to fall in love with
men try me so again so I think once we pigeonhole you more dogs into a corner once
we you know pigeonhole our dogs into a corner sometimes it's hardly getting
them out of it next besides the eat collar first move to
stop unwanted barking barking then a bark collar then no longer barks
incessantly at guests but will let out one or two box under her breath correct
if you want you can but it's not the worst thing in the
world I personally wouldn't make a big deal of it, no big deal of
it next for confidence-building what do you like to do um trick training is
great obedience training in general is great agility is great stuff like that
next I sneaked my dog onto the tennis court because I don't believe in dog
parks suggested play games yeah recall is fun
long-distance obedience is fun fetch is fun and frisbees fun do some trick
training that's fun next Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd um I firmly
believe that your average pet dog family should not own a mal and probably
should not get a high drive German Shepherd you know mals are intense dogs you need
to be you know chances already I mean you need to work them daily the drive in
most mals is I are off the charts they were bred for a certain purpose and they
were bred to be pretty much off the charts which goes to your benefit if
you're doing sport dog work with them protection work with them or
certain tasks training with them there are some mals that are sometimes
breeders have different categories of like German shepherds
so there's sometimes there's working dog shepherd and they'll be like the more
they go on for the pet dog you can have lower drive Shepherds in the same litter
you know you can do that the breeder usually can tell if you they can give a
temperament test at a young age but then again until they've reached maturity you
just don't know you just don't know so depends on what you want it also depends
on what you're gonna use the dog for so if you want your basic family dog I'd go
with a shepherd over a Malinois next that's my opinion next for what it's
worth on the male dog versus female dogs like male versus female humans could it
be a socialization error yeah a lot of times what happens is a
lot of times dogs are not as they don't warm up or as friendly as
to men because a lot of dogs haven't been socialized with men I mean if you
look at the rescue world it's primarily it's primarily the rescue world is it's
primarily female so it goes from females from female to female to female so
they're not exposed to a lot of men so that's a lot of times we see that as
well we see the lack of socialization lack a socialization do you allow your
dogs to enter your other dogs oh yeah I can care less they sleep in the same
crates like this but but I could care less but at the end of the day it's like
they have they haven't they have their crates so but in during the middle of
days so my dogs have an outdoor kennel that's attached to the house that's
heated and air condition that's hooked up to a 2500 square-foot yard so so what
happens is is I can care less what kennels they go into next that's the first time I've seen your question yeah that's the first time
so you must not have typed it in okay so when is it okay for a
kid's plan to dogs so again that's an open-ended question it all depends on
the dog and it all depends on the child and it all depends on your you as an
adult and your supervision skills and it depends on the age so you know it
depends on what the dog is the child's going to do with the dog
so hugging the dog your average dog your average child should not be hugging the
dog most dogs don't like to be hugged they don't like that amount of pressure
put up on them that's why children are getting bit so what is playing mean does
it mean play so my children that what they do is part of my kids part of my
kids chore list is they take the dogs to the swimming pool eight months out of
the year and they play fetch with them they throw the ball in the pool they
come out so that's you know that's the dogs that's the dogs the kids
interaction so they'll play games with the dog but for a child just to walk up to
a dog and hug it I don't I don't encourage any child or any
parent to allow that to happen so it all depends I'm also you're dog your dog
might not like to be touched reading to a dog is fun then we'll
sit down together they read you know gentle petting could be acceptable but
some dogs don't like to get pet some dogs will bite you over that also
depends on where the dog is being pet so you know a lot of dogs freaked out about
running kids so there's there's so many there's so many different variables that
are out there and then you as a you as the supervisor of your child and the
supervisor of your dog you got to make sure that you advocate for
you know for both of them next how do you train you two dogs to play together
appropriately um depends on what you're starting with so depends on when you
have to start with so if they're fighting right now it's gonna be more of
a challenge so personally I let my dogs play rough so I let them
play well with each other never with another dog they can't do that with any
other dog so I let them play rough each other and then what you do is you
if it gets too rough you couldn't stop it
you can say they knock it off enough but your dogs have to know what that means
so I've instilled an on/off switch into all my dogs I'd let them play rough and
then I say enough it has to stop and that's usually that's usually a good way
to do it is if you're gonna let your dog just get oh excuse me
excuse me so if you get you going
get your dog drivey you better be able to turn your dog off like that next its
oh we've been on for an hour couple more questions here next let's see Great Dane
is great with everyone except one guy thinking I should heed his warning maybe
dogpants and shakes in the car even in a Down when windows are closed
and ice it's cold yeah you know this is the thing is I would I would work on a
remote collar what we do on that with remote collar
is with a remote collar on a low level you can actually interrupt all that
stuff and you can get the dog to start like not shutting down but getting more
of more relaxed so we can either roleplay that don't do it while you're
driving have somebody else in the car doing it for you next uh my dog always
sleeps on the floor touching my wife's feet why is this sleeps on the floor
sleeps on the floor does your wife on the floor – that
doesn't make sense but why does the dog do it because it's in close proximity to
your to your to your it's your wife dogs like physical contact some of them some
of them don't so for some reason your dog likes to be
you know touching a human's foot it's not the worst thing in
the world unless your dog is guarding and wife don't you know unless your dog
is guarding your wife if your dogs guarding you wife I would stop that I would start
creating space by doing like place or kenneling up your dog next new your
thanks for taking time and answering questions oh well thank you everybodydo you have a video on the on/off switch
else I don't I don't but a lot of How do I train my dog calm on command everything we do creates that so
everything we do creates that so I don't have a video on the on-off switch but I
do have a video on is easy most dogs like run around like crazy then you know
most most dogs run around crazy the off switch though is going to be a remote
collar on your dog you can say enough knock it off if you're a dressage whip
you're going to give a little bit of crack to the dressage whip you can do
that and then boom tell them what to do so you have them a new place and
nothing's like that next okay all right guys it's 9:10 we've been on for over an
hour happy New Year to everybody this is yeah
this was our last this is our last show of 2017 I think where I'm like show 415
or something I've been doing this for a really long time
make sure you can look for us on Spotify on soundcloud on iTunes we have our own
podcast channel what would Would Jeff DO search fo that please listen to us on all our different you know sound different platforms and
um and I want to thank wish everybody a Happy New Year for all my folks I know
there's somebody New Zealand you've already celebrated the half of the New
Year so you know thank you so much thank you for all being part of our lives in
2017 you guys have been great I'm madly in love with you I can't tell
you how proud I am of all of you for doing just such a great job you know
training your dog so you have in your dog's asking great great questions it's
been great it's been fantastic you know meeting so many new people I travel the
world training dogs at seminars and I just meet you know so many new people
and it's just fantastic and you just you just you're all just such a special part
of my life then it's just great and we'll see you all next week
I'm still in town yeah I know I got to go down to Florida for a seminar and I
want to thank Linda of course my lovely co-host because because she's
been great she's been great great all right taking take everybody

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