5 EPIC Mistakes Dog Owner Makes That Will Ruin the Discipline

in this video i'm sharing five most 
common mistakes a dog owner makes   that will impact your dog's discipline training if 
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dog now without further ado let's get right to it   the recall cue while this channel 
is mostly focused on shiba inu breed   all items listed in this video is applicable to 
all types of dogs training your dog to respond to   recall can be one of the most important skills 
for your dog in various situations whether you   need to call him back from a dog park or from an 
open space for shiba inu specifically they are   really bad at recall because they have a mind of 
its own and he's constantly evaluating his options   when you practice recall cue if there are 
other distractions that seems to be more fun   then coming to you a shiba inu typically 
will choose to ignore your recall cue   one major mistake i've seen a dog 
owner calls his dog back to punishing   while it is already hard to get your dog to 
respond to your recall even when you have treats   imagine your dog finally respond to recall but 
then he gets punished for running close to you   how frustrated and confusing that would be to your 
dog never punish your dog when he voluntarily run   to you let him knows that only good things happen 
when he comes to you over time even with stubborn   breed like shiba inu it will get easier for him to 
come to you for recall cue if you are consistent   about rewarding him whenever he comes close to you 
this video will not discuss specific discipline   technique but i will leave the relevant video 
link down below if you want to check it out later   this one is for dogs jumping on you your guests or 
strangers if you have a small dog breed maybe it   looks cute when it jumps but imagine a midsize 30 
pounds plus dog jump on you out of excitement in   a dog park with mud all over your clothes that is 
not a pleasant experience we cannot control other   people's dog jumping on us but we can train our 
dog to not jump on people when he gets excited   typically your dog jumps on you when he is excited 
or when he wants your attention keep in mind   most of the time when your dog is acting out he 
is actually looking for the owner's attention   use your attention as a tool to let your dog 
know what behavior will earn your attention   and what will not if your dog jumps on you 
when he sees you after a long day do not   respond or give him any attention for 
jumping instead tell him to sit and wait   until he sits then you can greet your best 
friend warmly whenever he starts to jump again   immediately turn your back on him don't give him 
any attention and only respond once he sits down   when my dog jimmy was young whenever i returned 
from outside he was super excited and he tried to   jump as high as he could to get my attention 
i will turn my back on him tell him to sit   and wait until he sits then praise 
him dramatically for sitting   over repetition your dog will learn that jumping 
does not get what he wants your attention   but sitting will so he will voluntarily perform 
sits more often to greet you   when 
you get your new puppy home you likely will start   in a confined area like a crate or playpen do 
keep in mind that crate is your dog's home it is   where he rests and feels safe your dog's crate 
should never be a place for punishment in fact   if you use a crate properly your dog is 
supposed to love to come to his home crate   voluntarily one common mistake with the crate is 
to punish your dog by putting him in his crate   this will only make your dog associate his 
crate with something negative a dog's memory   is work on what we call associative memory 
your dog will associate each event either   with a neutral positive or negative feeling and he 
will try to get as much positive outcome and avoid   negative feelings by leaving your dog in the 
crate as a punishment you are telling him   the crate is something negative so of course next 
time when you try to get him back he is resistant   if you need to discipline your dog you can 
practice timeout where you leave him in a   confined area like a bathroom laundry room or even 
a closet to leave him in for one to two minutes   i have a separate video that dive deep into 
different discipline options so check that out in   the description box below wait practice the wait 
cue on the first day you receive your dog weight cue   can be a life saving cue to prevent your dog from 
running out of your door whenever your door is   open or to jump out of car door whenever the 
door is open start by introducing the wait cue   from the most natural way when you give him food 
once you place the food bowl down ask him to wait   and only when he make eye contact with you then 
you can tell him ok you can have it stay when your   dog knows in general what does wait mean you can 
start to practice him to wait at your house door   whenever you need to take him out for walks if you 
have a fenced yard with a patio door i recommend   you try the wait cue in the fence area first 
just in case he storms out of your house train   your dog to wait whenever you open your door have 
him sit first and make eye contact with you then   you start the walking routine when driving with 
your dog also practice the wait cue whenever   you open your car door have a treat handy whenever 
your dog waits in the car while the car door open   praising dramatically and give him a treat to 
reinforce the concept of wait harness and leash   this one is more of a tip rather than mistake 
whether you use a harness or collar for walks you   are going to need to put it on your dog many times 
throughout the day and years to come train your   dog to come to you for harness or leash instead 
of you chasing over him to get him on harness typically your dog naturally likes to go out 
for walks so this should not be hard to train   keep a treat in your pocket and ask your dog 
to come to you for harness i usually tell jimmy   come get harness for walkie and he knows it's walkie 
time and he will voluntarily come to me for walks   keep your cues for a walk the same around all 
house members initially your dog might need more   encouragement so keep a treat in your pocket and 
reward him throughout the process keep repeat   the cue and reward him every time he comes to you 
for walks once your dog connects harness with good   things he will run towards the harness every time 
you lay it down on the floor i hope you find this   video informative if you like to see more content 
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about training tips and tricks check out the   video on the screen to learn more thank you so 
much for watching and i will see you next time you

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