7 Steps To The PERFECT Fetch! – For Food Motivated Dogs

6 Emergency Plans Ideas For Your Dog

I would be willing to bet that if you had an emergency where you live you and your family would know what to do. Where to meet if separated what to take with you and so on. Well what about your dog or dogs. Do you have an emergency plan in place that includes them? Let’s talk about some of the things you need to consider.

Excellent Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tips – Here Is What You Need To Do First

Everybody wants a well behaved Golden Retriever and luckily Goldens are easy to train and fairly easy to handle. But as a puppy parent you want to make sure to set the stage for a life full of joy and happiness. There is one thing which you need to provide and the more you’re able to provide the easier it will be for you to train your puppy. Read on and find out!

Tennis Balls Can Be Dangerous For Dogs

I always tell dog owners and new trainers that “tennis balls kill dogs”. Of course I always get a weird look and somebody that says “I have used tennis balls with my dog forever without a problem”. If used properly and with supervision it can be okay however in certain situations they can kill. Let me tell you what I mean.

Dealing With A Hyperactive Dog

Generally when we are talking about a hyperactive dog we are talking about a puppy or an adolescent dog that hasn’t yet achieved maturity. Just like human children dogs can be very hyperactive when they haven’t been stimulated with lots of exercise. Let’s talk about some of the ways that you can cut down on the hyperactivity of your young dog.

Golden Retriever Puppy – 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Get One

So you are trying to find out whether a Golden Retriever would be the right kind of dog for you. After all, the breed seems to have many advantages and they do look beautiful! But Golden Retrievers are not for everyone and if you really want to be happy you need to take a closer look at some knockout criteria. Find out about them in this article…

Understanding Your Dog for Effective Training

Understanding your dog is the key to training him (or her) well, and getting a well-mannered, responsive member of the family. This article provides the basis of any positive, reward-based training program, and helps you, your furry friend, and the rest of the pack to live in harmony.

Why Does My Dog Lick So Much?

Dogs lick for many different reasons. Usually licking is not something to be concerned about however if the licking becomes obsessive then you may need to take a closer look at what the cause of the licking may be.

Excellent Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Based On Facts Not Myths

Can your Golden Retriever be your partner? Or does he need you to be his top dog? Would you like to be bossed about by neighbours and kids? Why allow them to do this to your precious fur baby? Read on to find out how all these points come together in your dog training ambitions.

Crate Training Your Adult Dog

A crate is the greatest gift you can give your dog. I’ve always told my clients that a crate is so important and can be used for so many different things from house training to providing a safe place for your dog to be when you’re not at home.

City Dogs And My Sympathy For Them

I have always felt sorry for city dogs as I’m a country dweller. Today I share a story where I offended a woman and her little dog.

Stop Your Dog From Jumping On You The Easy Way

This is probably one of the most asked behavior problems. The good thing is that it can easily be fixed with very little effort in less than 24 hours. Let me tell you how and then go give it a try.

Help for Your Anxious Dog

Is your new dog showing signs of anxiousness or fearfulness? Such behavior can make life difficult for both of you and will likely get worse if left untreated. Learn how to recognize this problem and some methods of treatment. Both you and your dog will benefit!

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