A behaviourist session with our Romanian rescue dog

[Music] laughs so good morning today's wednesday and we've gone for a morning walk sorry hobby is who's pine cone came out eight o'clock today because it's half term so it's a lot quieter so we kind of got away with the eight o'clock morning walk and today we are having our first session with um hobbies behaviorist so i'm excited i also don't know what to expect so yeah i thought i'd capture it on video and it might be useful see ya let's see how that goes pop it down [Music] yeah i think she's here i don't think he's noticed her yet but i'm sure it will come good boy good boy no box just yet good boy there's a good boy look good boy [Music] it's okay yeah it's okay come on come on in let's go he's like what but there's trees which one's the word which is the way i usually say go on then so then then what we need to do is be brave and just let go of the league oh is it just because i think all right [Music] hello please excuse the random location and my crazy hair i'm just about to curl it because i'm going out for dinner tonight because we're allowed to so i'd do a little update on how the behaviorist went i'm really happy because i feel like if nothing else i left feeling like there's light at the end of the tunnel and we're doing everything right and also that hobby is a really friendly good boy who is a happy dog that's basically what the behavior said which is so nice i'm gonna be like looking that way because i'm looking in the mirror the behaviourist arrived she's called she was called nina and she herself has a rescue collie cross um who she's written a blog about him that's very her she's called cloud and she had a lot of similar issues to hobby so she arrived hobby obviously barked when she arrived and like was like incessant and so we went into the garden she was just like just ignore him um don't do anything that's going to kind of uh positively reinforce the barking behavior um she sat down with us for about 15 minutes or so and we're just chatting and then she like hobby started like calming down yeah got him to sit and go down and things like that and he he responded to her every time um and she was like look he's not he's not being aggressive he's a bit unsure but also it's um looks like it's kind of attention seeking so he would start piping up a bit more again when he'd been quiet for a while and we started talking so like we'd be looking at him and like praising him for being good and stuff and then we'd start talking and then he'd stop barking and it's just like he's like oh he's he knows that if he gets your attention and then it's like in a nice down position like he'll get treats so you just need to like ignore the bad behavior kind of thing so she's she thinks that over time and it's like slowly introducing visitors because obviously with lockdown we haven't been doing that slowly introducing visitors and things um he will get better over time but also she recommended not having hobby around when guests first arrived so like get them settled and calm before getting hobby introduced and because she said it's not aggression and it's not necessarily like fear a lot of fear it's just mostly attention seeking and like him being a little bit unsure because he's not had much interaction with with people coming to the house yet so i think we might have to just try introducing people like super calm people that are understanding about dogs barking yeah and then we went for a walk and oh sorry bobby's sitting next to me and he heard me say the w word and his ears pricked up it's always so dangerous whenever you say that around dogs because he just gets so excited for a dog foot yes we went for one of those and um he was barky and pulley to start with um again she was like she thinks it's like a an attention seeking or sort of like protect like guarding type behavior um and because i've been so like focused on like trying to get him walking like loose lead walking but when he's like feeling all these emotions like he just won't and you can't try and teach him so she's like don't even focus on that now just go for walks give him like extra room if he wants it like don't force the loose lead training on him just yet um obviously if there's someone walking past bring it back to you but give him the space that he wants and needs for now to get him like really comfortable yeah and then we went in to a park and we did some sort of training with like a long lead and encouraging good good practice um for recall because his recall is good but like when he's distracted and stuff on walks it's less good um and especially if dogs are around he just stops listening all together so she taught us some really good ways to encourage a really strong recall and not just wanting to be next to us which i could see working straight away getting him to come and then sit and go down and then releasing him then getting to calm and then releasing him that kind of thing so like using the release word for us we say go on then that's that's kind of our release phrase that we use i'm stressed don't you because i said the w word [Music] it was the heat of the day today was so hot in some ways it's like quite a nice time to go forward because he's like super duper calm oh hello wanting to be part of the video here's some really fun games we could play a bit crazy but um some really fun games that we can play and heel walking so yeah it was really good and she just made us feel so at ease made us feel like we're really doing a good job and that hobby is a really she's like he's a happy dog and she just said you know and making sure that you're calm because particularly collies and other working breeds are so in tune with humans um because obviously they've been bred to like understanding like what a human wants and like take orders from them and things like that for their jobs so making sure you're calm and not anxious and things like that because they pick up on all of those emotions and but by the end he loved her and he was barking when she was walking away because he wanted her to stay so yeah it makes me feel really good about the fact that he can you just want all the attention quiet hobbies want to sleep now um just finished my hair yes i feel really positive that we're doing all the right things and we just need to give it some more time um implement some of the tips and tricks and training and then she's there if we need her further down the line of things other things crop up or if we're still struggling with these issues so i feel quite confident that we've got a bit of a plan to work through if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and make sure you're subscribed and i will see you in my next video bye

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