A Day in the Life of a Puppy Raiser | The Wonderful & Emotional Journey

[Music] guide dogs if we look out the window there's like this little ball of fluff coming up the driveway puffy day is the best day we've been volunteering for guide dogs for just over three years now and this is elizabeth and she's our second puppy our first puppy was a golden retriever called nelly [Music] we're puppy raisers it involves taking elizabeth out getting her used to social situations different environments so she comes shopping with us we'll take her on buses get her used to trains getting her ready so that she can go into advanced training [Music] so when we first get a puppy and bring a puppy home it's mostly just getting them settled getting them used to their home environment getting the cats used to the puppy being around we basically spend pretty much all the time with them when they're sleeping we'll put them in their crate so they get used to where they're going to be sleeping when we take elizabeth into town or into a supermarket she would wear her puppy coat with the guy dog sign on it and she would also wear a flash on her lead to show she's a guide dog in training elizabeth's favorite thing to do is to free run so letting her off the lead and interact with other dogs and it's good for training because it means we can get her to recall and stuff with distractions which she's really good at so we've been teaching elizabeth the bucket game which basically involves a little bucket with lots of kibble and treats in and each time she looks at the bucket we'll give her a treat this is to help with co-operative care so that eventually when she does go to the vets she'll hopefully be settled in that environment with them being able to do an examination on her with her being comfortable and happy [Music] i'm a nurse so i work a few days a week working shifts nights weekends occasional day shifts and i'm a sales manager so i work from home so it's perfect for elizabeth or any puppy that we have it's difficult sometimes if kirsten might be away on a long shift but it is only a couple of days a week but there's always someone at home with elizabeth the most important thing is that you're not leaving your puppy for long periods of time so up to three hours is fine so before we get our puppy from guide dogs we try and puppy-proof our home so little things putting a stair gate on the bottom of the stairs um getting a toileting area ready for them so jor puppy development advisor might come around if we're worried or concerned about anything and she'll help us to overcome anything that we're worried about or she's she's brilliant isn't she she makes us feel at ease every single time with the puppy and always knows exactly what to do doesn't she saying goodbye is without doubt the hardest part of puppy raising we almost train our brains we know from the day one that we get them that we're doing a good job and she'll go on to be a life changer for somebody won't she [Music] um yeah it's sad because they do become part of your life but you know that they're going on to do a good thing and that's why we do it so it definitely makes it worthwhile and then you get another puppy and then it makes you feel a little bit better i think the best thing about being a puppy raiser is knowing that you're helping to change someone's life and that the dog that you're raising is going to do something amazing for someone the fact that they're life-changing for somebody uh means everything to us doesn't it yeah you really do love them don't you yeah and you take them everywhere they literally are with you pretty much all the time which is great which is why we want to do it as well isn't it they do become a massive part of your life so from once they finish their full-time training is they become a guide dog and that really is our probably most proud moment and we get a little picture sent through to us with hair and our harness unbelievably proud really actually feels so proud it's nice to know that we've done something that's helping someone and she's changing someone's life and yeah it makes me emotional i think everyone should do it it's probably one of the best things we've done yeah i'd definitely recommend publication oh absolutely no puppy raising is definitely the best thing we've done isn't it yeah it's so rewarding it is challenging at times but there's so much support around so yeah definitely do it [Music] guide dogs

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