A Puppy Training Morning Routine For BUSY Puppy Owners!

What does this and this. Good girl? Yes. Yes. Good girl. Have. In common? They both
take about eight minutes. The question is if I have eight minutes
to wait for my kettle to boil in the morning, how much puppy training can
I actually get done during that time? In this video, we're going to find out
I'm instructor. Shannon. This is Sunny. Welcome back to McCann Dogs. This episode is brought
to you by Eukanuba. Okay. I. Am going to start with some collar grabs. So all I'm doing here is feeding her a
couple of cookies as I take a hold of her collar.

Good girl. Yay. Good for you. Good job. And this is to practice getting my puppy
comfortable with me holding her collar. Yes. Good girl. Now she
doesn't know how to sit yet, so I'm not using a verbal cue, but
I'm going to work some sit positions. Yeah. Treat almost. For free. Let's try again. Here we go. I'm just going to
load her up above her nose again. Whoops. Sometimes it takes some time and some
patience to train through things. I'm just going to, yes, good, girl. I'm just going to take my
time with that Denny. Okay. Let's try a spin little puppy
trick in there.

Yes. Good girly, good girl. Yes. And I'm going to
take a little mental break here. And I'm going to get her, get
her to have a little play to tug. Good job. Now I can practice
my out. Whew. I got food. Ready. Yay. Good girl. Your foot
was caught. Good job. I'm going to step on the leash so
that she can't jump for the toy. Yes. And I'm going to reward her for having
manners and not popping up. Yes. Good for you. Okay. Get it. Oh, we were still
chewing. Have a little tuggy, tug. I said the girl. Good girl. Yay. Good job. I'm just
going to step on the leash. Yeah. And what I'm doing here is keeping enough
slack that if she jumps for the toy, she gets a little, yes.

gets a little correction. But if she hangs in there politely, yes, she gets lots of rewards and she can't
feel that tension on her neck. Okay. Girly. Now I'm working with
two types of treats here. I've got some really special,
extra high value, uh, active trainers here from Eukanuba when
she does something really wonderful. I'm going to use those to reward. Yes. And when she does something just

I'm going to use her breakfast, her kibble. We'll lure some downs. Yes. Good job. God. How about a rollover? What do you think? I'm tucking the
food into her shoulder. Yes. Good girl. And just showing her
how to follow it around. I'm going to try another trick. I'm going to try a high five
with her. Maybe a shake, a paw. I'll get her into a sit first. Whoops. And she's still learning how to
lure. So I'm going to take my time. She's not quite sure how to figure out
some of these things and that's okay. Takes patience. Perseverance. Oh, and treat stealing. Yes. Good girl. What a good job. I'm going to reward her again for that.
Just to leave an impression. And now. We can see if it's going to
get faster. Yes. Good job. Good job. You. Now lure a little shake a
paw here. Yes. Oh, nice work. Very good. And we'll see. Yes. She can start the beginnings of
learning. Yes. Learning a hand tap. All I'm doing here is
capturing when her nose.

Yes. When her nose comes close to my palm
and then she gets a reward there. Oh, hi. Girlie. What else can we
do? Ready. Set. Sunny. Yay. Good job. Little response
to name. Practice here. Sunny. Yeah. Hey, good for
you. You dropped that treat. Good job. And maybe we can do a little. Play time. Yay. And then I'm
going to help her settle. Yes. That deserves a high value. Eukanuba active trainer.
That was so good.

Good job. Yes. Very nice. I'm gonna reward that natural decision
that she made not to jump on me. That was really, really great. I still have a ton of her breakfast
in here and I've gotten so many fun behaviors done already.
Definitely not going to, yes. Not going to reward her for jumping
on me. So she got off pretty quickly. I was able to yes. And
reinforce that. Good job. One another little tug play.
I'll take a little break session. Good girl. And then I
can practice more outs. Nice job. Make sure she doesn't get rewarded
for jumping for the toy. Yes. Hey girly for you.

pexels photo 6568480

a smart girl. Ready? Sunny. Yay. Good job. Oh, my coffee
is getting close to being ready. Yes. Good. Girl. Good. Very nice. Here we go. I can start to teach her to
get into my side. Good girl. You dropped it at a girl. Whoops. Yes. Good girl. Now, one thing
I'm really noticing with her here, she's getting excited about the food and
she's starting to be rough taking the treats. So I'm going to
take a moment.

Whoops. Whoops. Yes. That's so much better. I just wanted to remind her yes.
How to take the treats gently. It's very normal for puppies
to forget when they're excited, when they're hungry, when things are happening that are more
exciting than what we would maybe think. Good job. Try another shakeup. Ah, yay. Look at you. She's pretty pie. She figured out pretty quickly that
putting her a pop. Got her the reward. Yes. Good job. Very nice. And I just want to get in a couple. Of quick. Oh, she's so good to lie down. I'm going to get in a couple of little
touches of her ear. Yes. Good girl. Just to work a little bit of handling
in my session as I'm waiting for my tea and coffee work. A
little paw handling. Yes. Good job. Look at that tail's going, Hey, you still got lots of
breakfast. It's a good thing. I have a big breed puppy here.
She's got lots of breakfast to eat. Yes. Good girly. So I lured her
up into a little stand there.

Nother thing. I can work on a
little chin. Yes. Good girl. This is something that I use a ton
with my puppies to get them used to handling exercises. I will teach them just to gently
rest their chin in my palm. That's the starting stages of
that or you're a good girl. She's got a little bit of eye goopies. And clean those up. There we go. Good. That's practical too.
And there we go. My tea, my coffee is ready. We still have a
little bit of breakfast left for later. Now in those eight minutes,
I accomplished a lot. Let's talk about some of the really
important things that I just did with my puppy. I spent some time teaching some really
important skills and teaching some basic skills as well.

Some of the things that are going to
set the foundation for the rest of my puppy's, obedience work, I worked
on things like lowering the sit, teaching her how to get
into different positions. We did three different positions in there. Sit down and stand as well
as working on some tricks. Getting my puppy used to following a
lure is going to help be able to teach her all sorts of things through her life. We also want to make sure that we
work on manners all of the time. There's all the time is a good
time for reinforcing manners. So it's really important that when
things are happening in real life, you're able to take those opportunities
to reward your dog for making the right choices. And there was a couple of really wonderful
moments in there where she made good choices with manners surrounding the tug
toy and also surrounding not jumping up on me. So I wanted to make sure that I took an
opportunity to really reinforce those moments.

And again, I spent eight minutes and that gave
me enough time to work on all of those skills. Plus take my time with some
of the things that were new to her. And it's so important to be
patient with our puppies. They don't come home knowing anything. So it's important to take our
time and teach them how to learn, teach them how to follow
food with the lure. Before we start expecting them to be
able to do things like sit on command or come on command or respond
to their name on command.

So we want to make sure
that we take our time, give them a lot of opportunity and a lot
of patience as we troubleshoot through and help them learn all
the wonderful things. Yeah. They need to learn in their life. And we can do that in the time it
takes to make a coffee or a tea. Before we go any further, I want to take a moment to thank the
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a great way to start your morning, but if you want some more tips
for your puppy morning routine, check out this video here.
There's a lot to puppy training.

If you'd like a guidance as well as
trainers to help support you through it, check out our Puppy Essentials program. You'll find the link in the description
below on that note. I'm Shannon. This is Sunny happy training..

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