Add THIS To Your Puppy Training At Night!

Different Methods of Dog Training at Home

Dog training at home is not an easy thing to do because you have to communicate to a dog in a human way that he understands. But this can be done simply by following the underlying principle in successful communication which is to reward behaviour that is desired and ignore or correct behaviour that is undesirable.

Exercise Is Important For Your Rottweiler

Your Rottweiler has basic needs that need to be met on a daily basis. They need to eat, drink, sleep, and most importantly exercise. I always say, “When your Rottie is pooped out, he is a good dog.”

Potty Patch – The Last Dog Training Aid You Will Ever Buy

The idea behind the Potty Patch has been around for a while now. Knowing that your dog has a place to use the restroom whether or not you make it home in time is very comforting!

Potty Patch Reviews – Is the Potty Patch Worth It?

There are a lot of Potty Patch reviews out there right now. Although some are negative and some are positive, you will probably notice a trend towards the positive for those people who used this training aid correctly.

Easy Steps of Dog Training for Your Dogs

The process of teaching your dog to perform certain behaviour that you want them to do is called dog training. This is done to allow your dogs to follow particular commands which you and other people find amusing and entertaining. The most common act people require of their dogs is to follow them on how to lie down, sit, and urinate or remove their waste in the proper place. Trainers often use a clicker to train their dogs and often find that the most effective way in training them involves the use of treats and positive reinforcement.

Pet Exercise: Ideas to Get Your Overweight Dog Out of the Kennel With Fun Dog Games

Exercising your pet in an important component to achieving optimal wellness in your pet. Not only is it good for your pet, it’s good for you. Learn how a canine fitness coach can help you make exercise fun and build up you, and your pets, strength and stamina. A fantastic side effect to exercise is that it leads to a better behaved pet!

Pet Nutrition: Diet Tips With Pet Nutrition and Supplies

60% of pets are overweight! Like humans, this is because of what we eat, and lack of exercise. There are two top ingredients that are contained in a lot of commercial pet foods that are causing harm to our pets – these ingredients can cause dehydration, which in turn can mask other diseases.

Sick Pets: What Symptoms to Look for to Maintain Optimum Pet Health

You don’t need to spend a fortune taking your dog to the vet for a checkup. Learn our quick and easy techniques so that you can regularly check your own pets health and easily avoid that tedious drive and impatient wait at the veterinary clinic. We will teach you what to look out for, and when you should take your pet to the vet.

What Do Guys Want in Collars, Leashes and Other Gear for Their Dogs?

We polled 500 random male dog owners and here are the results: Guys like masculine, “badass” gear for their dogs. Some look for practical and sturdy to handle a powerful dog. Those with other dog breeds also want masculine gear because frilly or feminine collars and harnesses make them feel uncomfortable. The gear should represent that they are men.

Don’t Spoil Your Dog

Like to spoil your dog? Read on to find out why it might not be such a good idea.

Chocolate Candy Can Cause Toxicity In Pets

When you are enjoying your chocolate candy’s make sure you keep them out of your dogs and cats reach. Easter is the time of year Vets will usually see more chocolate toxicities in pets because they got into the Easter Basket. The “healthier dark chocolate” maybe better for you but your pet only needs to eat 1/3 as much dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate for them to become gravely ill.

Simple Puppy Potty Training Tactics

A new pup is adorable and a joy for the entire family, but housebreaking can be a challenging chore. Puppies will have accidents and you can expect it or anticipate it, and most importantly — deal with it in a non-negative manner. Never inflict physical punishment, use harsh words, or rub a puppy’s nose in it. Not only is this ineffective, but it can lead to psychological and behavioral problems down the road.

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