Aggressive Dog Training | K9 Connection Buffalo, NY

One of the first things that we'll do
with a dog like Dudley is, again using the catch pole for safety,
we'll simply bring him into our training room and just sort of hang out with him.
There's no major requirement here, we're not asking anything of him. We're not
trying to maneuver him in any particular way, we're simply hanging out with him in
the room, letting him walk where he wants to walk, letting him sniff things and
explore and simply get used to our presence. If I start to get a decent vibe
from the dog, I'll trust my gut and I'll remove the catch pole.

I very purposely
positioned myself behind the place board, using it as a barrier between me and the
dog. Again, we simply let Dudley freely wander around the room. One of the key
principles to remember about this exercise is that we have no expectations
for Dudley. We simply want him to exist in the same room as us. Coming up is a
very important moment; it's the first time that Dudley actually engages with
me and it looks as though he wants to interact, and it'll be the first time
that I use food as part of this process.

pexels photo 5731852

Right there. I don't use food prior to this moment
because it would amount to me putting expectations on the dog. Again,
it's essential that we don't place any expectations on the dog but we let him
choose when he's ready to engage. Dudley, come! Paw! Yeah good boy. Yes! Good job. Come! Good job! Yes! Good boy. Break! Nice job. Dudley, out! Sit. Good boy! Yeah, good boy! Dudley, place! Yeah good boy! Good boy! There it is! Yeah good boy!.

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