Airedale In Training “Dale” 5 1/2 Mo. Protection Obedience Dog For Sale

we're updating Dells video he is five and a half months old not quite five and half months old here's a couple of complete strange kids he's never met before I wanted to see how sweet he is he loves kids friendly and sweet and happy and just a just a big lover with a lot of confidence okay you've seen some of his obedience so we're just letting him be wild here and we're fixing to bring in the bad guy thanks guys so once again complete strange kids he's never met that's just sort of a temperament evaluation now we're going back to obedience till never stops wagon and here it comes with the bad guys are just coming in sparring learning to the whip slippery floor giant man nice brush that's a good good full grip you see he's getting more comfortable with his teeth more sure of himself as we go along so that's just a little updated video of Dell at five months and about 16 days I think so very pleased with his development expect some big things to come from this guy

pexels photo 5749804

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