Are Crows the Ultimate Problem Solvers? | Inside the Animal Mind | BBC Earth

The meat is positioned so deep
in the narrow box, it's out of reach
of the crow's beak. But Alex has positioned a number
of other objects nearby. The question is, can 007 use the tools
available to solve the puzzle? Imagine that you're a crow. Here's your food in a deep hole. How would you go about, with the tools
available to you on this table, solving this problem? The bird's tool kit includes a short stick
hanging on a piece of string, three stones inside wooden cages, and a longer stick trapped
in a plastic box. First, the crow must use
the short stick to get the stones and then use all three stones
to get the long stick.

Now the crows can take this
and probe it into the hole and roll, much better than I can,
the food out of the hole, and get themselves
a nice tasty reward. It's a complicated task. The crow is familiar
with the individual pieces of the puzzle. He's done each of them
separately for a food reward. But this is the first time
he's seen them arranged like this. Eight separate stages
that must be completed in a particular order
if the puzzle is to be solved. If the bird succeeds,
it'll be a world first. He takes time to have a look and then starts with the short stick. He finds it too short to reach the food. He then sets off to get the first stone.

pexels photo 6568480

Got it! But he doesn't seem to know
what to do with it. And another. He appears to be stuck. But now something seems to click. He dispatches the first stone, then returns to collect the last one. Got it! The final stage. Success. Eight individual stages complete. The crow performed all eight tasks
in the correct order..

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