Basic Dog Training Techniques : Heel Command in Dog Obedience Training

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Carl Puentes
from K-9 Solutions in Miami, Florida and today I am going to show you dog training techniques
from my new book, "Who is Training Whom." Okay for heel the dog on your left hand side,
this is where his head should be for heel. Here he is too far away. You give him a pinkie
and he will take your whole hand.

pexels photo 7210271

Little bit later he is like Scooby Dooby Doo, right again
pulling you. This is no good either. He is too far away. Heel is right here and he should
maintain himself there whether he walks fast or slow. When you are going to turn, you know
you are going to turn but the dog doesn't. So say his name, Deno. Yeah, what do you want?
Deno, heel. Good boy! Good heel! Deno, heel. Good boy! Deno, sit. Good! If not you will
be pulling the dog everywhere. You need to say his name first, two steps later turn.
As you say heel, eventually he is going to look at your leg and figure let me obey the
command. I don't have to be pulled everywhere and I can please my owner..

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