Behavior Modification with a fearful Aggressive German Shepherd Part 1

– Hello, everybody, and welcome back to the coolest dog training
channel right here on YouTube. I'm Tom Davis, America's canine educator. If you're new here, welcome. If you've been here for a while, thank you so much for your loyalty. Today, I'm gonna give
you the first episode of a dog that we trained
after my all-day seminar in O'Neill, Nebraska, last week. Now, this particular dog is
a younger German shepherd with a bite case, and in the
city that the dog lives in, there are laws to muzzle
the dog for a year if a bite case has happened
and then reassessed at the end. Now, that's a little bit
strict for my personal taste because if a dog makes a mistake, or a person makes a mistake
and the dog actually clips their tooth on another person
that law's pretty unfair. If a dog attacks somebody, I
completely agree with that. So, this particular dog owner
had driven three-plus hours to work with me after the seminar.

It was late, it was nine o'clock. We had an entire building to ourselves. So, this dog is very reactive and very fear-based aggression, and I'm gonna walk you
through exactly what to do. This is a full tutorial with
information bars on the bottom to tell you exactly what I'm
doing and when I'm doing it because I think that it's really important for everyone to know exactly
what I'm doing when I do it. (dog barking)
(ominous music) – [Dog Owner] Shh. (dog barking) Okay. – Okay, his name is Max again, right? So, why don't you just walk
towards me a little bit? Okay. Do you have the e-collar? Hi, Mom. Can I have you put this on? Taylor, I'm gonna take a, probably a 2.25. (collar jingling) Thanks. I'm gonna have you put this on, too. It's a prong collar. Just walk towards me. (dog barking) Good, just keep coming, just keep coming.

He's got a muzzle so he can't (background noise drowns out other sounds) (dog barking) Good, good, so just walk
up to me a little bit more. Good, and I'll have you put this leash on his prong collar, okay? Good. I know, you're tough. Taylor, give me my long line please. It's right here. Sorry, I'm making you do lots of work. – It's okay. – I'm going to have you put
this on him, just on his harness so I corrected him there for
doing that crap to me, okay? That's why he stopped. Okay, so you, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. (dog barking) So, see how, here, walk
towards me a little bit. See what he's doing when he's reacting? He's coming back to you.

He's not coming towards
me, so that's reaction. So, I want you to unclip
your leash for me. Good. How old is he, he's two? – He was two on February second. – Okay, just grab that
chair and just go ahead. I got him. (dog barking) Max, anxious, just ignore him okay? (whistling) If I at any time to tell you to call him, I want you to call him. The only time I'm going to do that is if he slips his muzzle
off for whatever reason. Oh, he's a strong boy. (dog barking)
Shhhhh, that was my fault, I wasn't prepared for him to pull me across the room. Although, I should have
been, because I scared him. He went running away,
and I kinda followed him. Oh, he's so strong. Max, come here! It's okay. Shh, shh, shh, goosfraba. Max, Max, come. Does he know come? [Dog Owner] Yeah. Okay, come. Max, come! Good boy. Max, good. Sit, good, good boy. I'm going to give him his space, so I'm kind of like bluffing, okay? So, I'm like get your butt over here, and he's like no, and I'm like now, and he's like oh shit, and he came right? So, that's kinda what I did.

He could have completely lost it, and just went crazy, and I would
have just had to back down. Max, come! Good boy. Sit, does he know down? Okay, stay. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Okay, good boy. So, all fear based, you
probably knew that though. He's pretty nasty, but it's
not a, he doesn't mean it. Max, good boy, sit, nice job buddy. Is he food motivated? – [Dog Owner] Yes. We brought hot dogs. – Okay, Max, here's your food, good. So, no eye contact, no frontal pressure. Good boy, let's go, good boy. Sit, ah, good boy. Down, good boy, stay. Come, good boy, good job big man. Good boy, good boy, come here. (tongue clicking) Shhh, shh, it's okay,
it's okay buddy, good job.

Max, come here, good boy. Come, come, good boy, good boy, good boy. (whistling) Just ignore him if he, okay, good. Good boy, good boy, that's a good boy. Max, let's go, come on buddy, good boy! Come here, good boy, good, good job, good. Okay, come on, let's go, come on, good boy, let's go, good boy. Sit, ah, sit, ah, sit good boy. Down, down, good, good job! Questions, concerns, comments? (dog barks) Leave it, down. Use the prong, good job, good job! That's a big man, that's a big man, come here, come here, good man. (excited music) Well, it's hard to say. He's, I can do this, this may be a surprise to you to see him do this with someone he doesn't know. I'm not touching the remote yet. Now, I will. – [Dog Owner] Oh, so like after- – Just to pop on the lease,
no, no, no, I do that. – [Dog Owner] So like, what about when he goes to like you- – When he came up to me, yeah, definitely correct him there.

pexels photo 5731871

– [Dog Owner] Was that on the high shock? – Probably on the 30, 35ish out of 100, so no, but it shut it off right? So, what you need to do
is like enter somebody neutral who he doesn't know, heel. (upbeat music) Like kids, the moment you let him come in and (mimics
dog barking) it's over. Unless you control it, so you have to immediately be on top of that, nope, you're my dog, I control you, don't do this, don't do that crap, heel. Good, good, sit. He's curious, sit. Okay, so, I'm not going to ask him to do a lot and this is where, good boy, lots of positive reinforcement, because he's super nervous, he thinks he's a bad guy and all these things, down, and he's checking him out. He's a shepherd, he's a German shepherd with fear based reactivity,
that may never go away. All I really care about is the amount of time that he spends doing it. Bark, react, alert that
there is a strange man, but when I say knock it off, it's over.

Does that make sense? – [Dog Owner] So he's never going to be a dog that's comfortable with strangers? – Nope, that's not what I'm saying because he's comfortable with me, he laid down and let me scratch his belly. It's just when you're out, if he doesn't have to meet that person, then yeah, no, he's not going to be the dog that's gonna run- ah, ah, down, good boy. He's not going to be the dog that's going to run around and
be everyone's buddy.

He's not, and he doesn't need to, he's got enough buddies, he's got you and your boyfriend and that's
it, that's cool, he's good. Good boy, that was a good boy. Right, so, I could give him food but I'm not gonna have food a lot of times. (background noise drowns out other sounds) So, if a behaviorist tells you to use things like hot dogs and things like that, and they stay at the other end of the room and don't actually touch the dog,
it's just, it's safe, okay? But I'm a practitioner, I want to fix it, I want to go in and fix the dog.

The only time I wouldn't do that is if the dog was actually aggressive, I would never do that. If I thought that this dog actually wanted to hurt me, I
wouldn't be as like invasive. I'm like hey, quit the shit, let's get some work done, stop being
a jerk dude, like relax, like chill out, and I saw all of that because I have experience with
it, it's my bread and butter. Here Taylor, why won't you come closer. (clears throat)
Excuse me. Good boy, that was a very good boy. Just give him positive
reinforcement over somebody new. Good, Taylor why don't you come over here, just so I can see what you're doing, good. I want you to just kneel down
a little bit, no eye contact.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, down. Good job! He's curious, why would I ever be upset about a dog being curious about a human? I'm okay with all of that. I might even going to
slam him when he gets up, because this is such a good thing for him. Two people, three people
he's never met, right, and he's like, ahh not so bad. I'm okay with hey, who are you? But, I'm not okay with
(mimics barking) right? Not okay, not okay.

(background noise drowns out other sounds) Not right now I'm not,
I'm not doing anything. Okay, do one of you guys
just want to come out? Hey, leave it, no! (upbeat music).

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