Belgian Malinois single, double, triple drill

hi everybody it's Fred hacen with sitting sit dog training and our video for the day this is something that call a single double triple and I take a kennel flip it upside down and put my dog in there start writing this drill i'm going to have them retrieve stuff and bring it back to the kennel instead of to me and it's going to lead into a lot of things i start with a short throw like that and back to the kennel alright this is still part of the single portion of the process and now i'm going to stretch it out a little bit more but my hunting dogs will take this out to the field but just showing you a very close confinement so you can grasp the whole picture here and I will throw this in have him mark it send him I don't want him looking at me or coming back to me I want it straight back to the spot alright now we're going to pick up the pace a little bit here now it's to the other side marks those it gets it brings it back and it saves me a lot of walk and I have him drop it on my command I'm a mark through the other side it's it brings it back now I actually left this part in here I get interrupted here by by Ashton and starts asking me something but a lot of people would might think you know you bring it back he's just gonna automatically drop it I only left 10 seconds of this the conversation went on for a couple of minutes but you can see this dog isn't dropping this until I tell them to drop it all right so now we are picking it right back up mark to this side send him this time I'm going to have him hold it for just a second while it comes back until I tell them to drop it and again you'll see it tell him to drop it mark another one and his head's on the object not on me this is now it turns into a double have a mark both sent one return drop mark the other one now you see where the mountain wall will will turn us into watching multiple decoys and all kinds of stuff yes in case you're thinking the dog can bring stuff back to me as well this is just a different picture have been up teaching for other reasons I'll later show you videos where I'm out doing marks where I'm walking around and there's a lot more room but I gotta stay in one spot if this is the triple part of the program throw one to have it mark it have it marked this side and having Marcus 12 said unto the last one throne you'll also notice that when I have him drop this year they stay right at his feet and then he has to go right over it so that works as a distraction for him as well I don't want to hide those from him I want to concentrating on what he has to do on this last one here I have him mark and I just keep him there for a few seconds and you can see he's not concentrating on me the command is to mark so because if the dog doesn't just look at you they do whatever the commander's I've been enhanced the market and look out if you dogs looking at me it means to look at me so if you've got a dog at home and you're doing remote training and it caused the dog to just look at you and not do anything else there's something wrong with training that the remote doesn't do that so it's it's just the training technique and now we just release them and have a play so until tomorrow hope you all enjoyed that sit means sit

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