Best Dog Breed For People That Live In A Flat

Golden Retriever Puppy Training – How To Get Started With Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Regardless of whether you are a new or an expert dog owner your Golden Retriever puppy training program is something that you need to be fully invested in. This particular breed of dog is full of energy and if you don’t get a handle on her behavior early on, you might find this dog ruling the roost in your home, so to speak.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies – Training Those Frisky Young Delinquents

Cocker spaniels are active dogs even as adults. Now imagine what they would be like as puppies! They would be even more of a delinquent! Of course, that is not putting it negatively. Puppies of this breed are very playful, active, and will want to explore just about anything under and above their nose!

Dealing With An Aging Dog

Older dogs although appearing normal to the naked eye, will have, and will exhibit tel-tail signs of age that only the experienced dog owner will be familiar with. Adding to this fact, that dogs will mask symptoms of certain ailments, makes it all the more important to know what to look for as your dog ages, so you can get a head start on treatment options if necessary.

Top 4 Puppy Meal Time Rules

Much of the training that you will do with your puppy revolves around giving reward – a treat or tidbit – so it is essentially centred on food. It follows that meals themselves should be controlled and calm affairs which are led by you setting the meal time rules. Don’t forget the puppy obedience training basics, you are the dominant leader and you eat first and decide when the pack eats.

Aussie Shepherd Rescue

If you are considering an Australian Shepherd as your new family pet you may first want to search for a rescue organization in your area.Ā  Read on just a little further before you dismiss this idea entirely.Ā  You see, the common belief that dogs in rescue shelters have behavioral or physical issues is just not the case.

Top Ways To Spot The Good Labradoodle Breeders

Interested in a Labradoodle but not sure how to go about adopting one? This article is all about how to choose the right Labradoodle breeder.

Dog Heartworm: Symptoms, Effects and Treatments

Dog heartworm is basically the infestation of a parasitic roundworm known as dirofilaria immitis in the lung arteries of a host. The disease, which is a common condition among dogs in the United States, is transferred through the bites of dirofilaria immitis-carrying mosquitoes. Dirofilaria immitis does not exclusively feed on dogs as it can infect other animals too including cats, foxes and sea lions among others.

Introducing Fido to Your New Baby

For expectant parents who have a dog at home, one of the most common concerns they have is how will their pet cope with the new addition to the family? Babies are a heck of a lot of work and without a doubt require the majority of the attention from mom and dad, which leaves poor puppy in the position of being at the absolute bottom of the totem poll. Some pets, those who are less dependent on human interaction may not mind the new little attention sucking bundle of joy coming home but others, those who thrive on human interaction maybe thrown off their game which can result in unwanted changes in behavior.

Why Some Dogs Whine at Night (And How to Stop It)

Your dog may be whining too much and you are starting to hate that you cannot sleep well at night because of it. Here are some tips that you can follow to put a stop that whining.

Costumes For Dogs – Having Fun With Your Pet

We humans celebrate Halloween in a grand old style, and for many of us, it is a thinly veiled pretext for us to let our hair down and really go wild at whatever party we can manage to charm our way into. However, why should our beloved friends be left at home whilst their masters enjoy all the fun and glory? With Costumes For Dogs, you will be able to bring your pet along with you and let them enjoy themselves as well.

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Biting Me?

Stop puppy biting is one of the more popular obedience related terms that is searched for on Google, as frustrated pet owners pull their hair out in an ongoing attempt to stop their new pups from nipping. Along with the two main certainties in life, those being death and taxes, I’d like to add a third one: frustration that has at one time or another boiled over and resulted in you doing something to your puppy that you immediately regretted doing.

6 Ways to Treat Dog Separation Anxiety

With no real consensus amongst dog training experts about the best treatment for dog separation anxiety, it’s sometimes difficult for dog owners to know where to start. However, here’s a quick review of the six most common approaches dog owners take to dog separation anxiety treatment.

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