Best Dog Breeds For Busy People

QR Codes and Pet ID Tags – A Replacement for Animal Microchipping?

QR Codes, or “Quick Response” bar codes, are quickly growing in popularity in the United States, showing up on anything from ketchup bottles, restaurant menus, packages of chewing gum, magazine ads, electronic store product pricing cards, and now dog and cat identification tags and collars. What is a QR Code? A Quick Response code is a 2-dimensional bar code created by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota back in the late 1990s for tracking automotive parts.

Qualities Of Good Dog Harnesses

You love your dog and you are doing your best to provide them with the care they deserve. You want them to eat good food and to look good, of course. With the effort of trying to make your pup look good and stay safe, you try to check out dog collars or harnesses. Then this certain question pops out on your mind, “What kind of harness or collar is fit for my precious pup?”

Livestock Guardian Dogs: Aloof Wolf Killers Or Pets?

I want to start by saying I feel like this is an important read for people considering bringing these dogs home as a family pet. Let’s start with the good, and end with the bad.

Dog Treats – How Can Greenies Doggie Treats Help You?

We all love our dogs but not their bad breath or the fight at pill time. Greenies Dog Treats can help you and your pet with their dental care. Your dog will enjoy these Doggie Treats with out knowing what the Dog Treats are doing for him. Do you want to stop the war with pill time and horrible breath?

Reversing Bad Habits in English Bulldog Puppies

Some English Bulldog puppies have bad habits – some are easier to deal with than others. And some are just downright embarrassing, destructive or annoying.

Picking Out a Big Dog Breed

So you have decided to adopt a dog into the family. How exciting! For animal lovers, there is nothing more wonderful than welcoming a new four-legged friend into the home. Whether you plan to adopt for the first time or have owned a dog before, you may have a specific breed in mind. If you do not, though, and wonder which breed of large dog is right for your household, you will want to research your options.

Facts to Know Before Adopting a Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher’s are compact and solid dogs that fall into the toy group in AKC classifications. They are born with either a black coat with rust markings, a chocolate coat with tan markings, or a red coat with black markings.

Teach Your Dog or Puppy the Five Basic Commands

Any dog, regardless its size, shape or breed should be taught the five basic commands. Let’s be honest, dogs are cute, but a trained dog is even more pleasant to be around. These commands, if taught correctly, will make your life and your dog’s a very happy one.

Choosing The Right Large Breed Dog Halloween Costumes

There are a few things you might want to be aware of when choosing large breed dog Halloween costumes. If you live in a warm climate be sure to get something that keeps your dog from overheating.

Best Methods To Stop Dogs From Barking

If your dog starts barking uncontrollably for no apparent reason then there are some things you can do to remedy that. We have outlined just a few methods to stop dogs from barking in this article.

Natural Remedies for Dog Diarrhea

As omnivores dogs can eat a wide variety of foods. Not only that, but a dog will eat things that most other animals give a wide berth. So it should hardly be a surprise that dogs sometimes get diarrhea. In fact, it’s probably a bigger surprise that they don’t get it more often.

Dog Food for Dogs With Allergies

Is your dog itching and scratching a lot? Did you think at first it was fleas, but could not find any on your pet? It could very well be a food allergy then. There are certain ingredients in commercial-dog food that can cause allergic reactions in dogs. Some of the main ones are corn, soy, dairy, fish, chicken eggs and wheat. Certain proteins like beef and other meats can also be allergens.

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