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How to Care for Your Carpet During Puppy Potty Training

Puppy potty training can be difficult on your carpet. These tips will help keep your carpet in good shape.

The Physical And Psychological Dangers Of Jerking On The Leash

We’ve always been taught that when a dog does something we don’t like, it’s appropriate to jerk his collar. We jerk when we want him to behave, we jerk when we don’t want him to eat something on the ground, we jerk if he pulls on the leash, we jerk if he barks and so on and so on.

Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online: Is This Worth Checking Out?

Do you find yourself in a position whereby your new puppy or dog is a bit wild and requires some training? This is something that a lot of people will find themselves saying yes to, but the problem here is that they may have no idea how to even get started, so it will clearly be of interest to people that it is possible to get training tips from somebody that has worked on movies in Hollywood because everybody knows how well trained those animals tend to be. However, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is going to…

Dog Health – Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butt Around On The Floor?

Man’s best friend dragging its butt on the floor is not very appealing or cute to watch. But as dog owners, the scene of our dog dragging its butt on the floor is an all too familiar event. Why do dogs do that though?

Potty Here, Not There – Potty Training for Your New Puppy

Your puppy does not get the concept of “I went in the wrong place” rather you are teaching him that you prefer him to go in a specific place rather than just anywhere. Peeing and pooping is a natural behavior but doing it in the place you want them to is a learned behavior that takes time and patience.

Eco-Friendly Collars and Leashes

Are you in the market for a new dog collar or leash? Why not go green in your choice of accessories for your dog? We will give you plenty of ideas for how to get started in the following article.

Training Your Dog to Use the Doggy Door

Are you considering the installation of a doggy door in your house? It may take some time for your pet to get used to using this as a means of going in and out of the house. This article will explain some techniques for you to use to get your dog comfortable with the doggy door.

Fun and Nutrition for the Whole Family With Grain Free Dog Treat Recipes

When you are looking for a fun and educational activity for your family you may not think of cooking; however, by making grain free dog treat recipes with the family you can accomplish both of those things as well as make a healthy treat for your pet. This is because you can help your kids understand the differences in nutrition and diets between people and pets, show them math by following the recipe in different ways, and teach them how the treats will change from a dough to a crunchy treat, all while letting them make a constructive mess and letting them shape the dog treats.

Rescue to Re-Home, Is This Dog Right for You?

Thinking about adopting a dog? One thing to keep mind is that any dog coming into a new environment will need some time to adjust to its new life. A Rescue dog, however, may need more than time to adjust.

The Fun and Necessity of Treats

Most dogs love treats but did you know that treats can be used for a variety of things in your dog’s life from housebreaking training to helping them overcome fears? Treats are not just about handing your dog a milk bone and sending them on their way. Understand the power of treats and there is an endless amount of things you can teach your dog using them.

Take Your Dog to Obedience School

Bringing your dog to obedience school can do wonders for his behavior! Take your dog to a qualified instructor and give yourself some peace of mind.

Dog Treadmills

If you’re like me you’ll find nothing better that taking your dog out for a walk or a run. But sometime work pressures and bad weather can prevent us from doing so. And its our best friend that suffers. Canine obesity is growing at the same rate as humans in the US, a key contributor to heart disease and related illnesses. I’m a proud owner of 2 dogs and for the last year I’ve been using a dog treadmill to supplement their regular exercise. This article has been requested by many people that I’ve spoken to who would like to know more about what to look for when buying a dog treadmill.

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