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Golden Retriever Lifespan – Several Key Factors Contribute To Your Dog’s Health And Length Of Life

The Golden Retriever lifespan can reach 14 or 15 years, but you’ll need to give your dog nutritious food along with plenty of exercise, affection and companionship in order to give him the opportunity to live to that ripe old age. How long your Golden Retriever will live is at least partially under your control, although other factors will also affect his lifespan.

Discover The Reasons Why Your Boxer Puppy Is Barking

Why is your boxer puppy barking? I am sure you have made all sorts to efforts to stop him, but your puppy is intent on barking the house down no matter what you do. There are various reasons for this, both good and bad, that a puppy barks. Detailed below are five of the possible reasons your puppy is barking.

A Dog The Whole Family Can Love

There are a multitude of dog breeds around. To find the right one for you can be the simplest thing or the exact opposite. If you have been planning of bringing home a puppy, you need to ask your self some questions or your family before doing so.

Pick The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

When people think back of their own childhood, they think about dogs that they grew up with and how much fun that they had with the dog as they were never lonely as the dog used to tag along with them wherever they went. This gets people thinking how much they would love to have their own dog. But today though, there are many considerations to be thought through, as having a dog is a big commitment.

Everything You Need to Know About Kishu Inu

The Kishu Inu sometimes, referred to as Kishu Ken, is a Japanese dog breed that developed thousands of years ago. They are named after the region where it was bred in the mountainous regions in Kishu (know known as Wakayama Prefecture), south of Osaka.

Dangers of Summer

With all the fun summer can be, also presents very real dangers. Keep your pets safe during the summer heat.

Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming: The Review

One question that I am often asked is whether or not I feel grooming can be learned in a book or through articles. It is a reasonable question and I have to say that the answer is yes, grooming can be learned from a book but it needs to be mastered with practice.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Children

The Staffordshire bull terrier is an old English dog breed. It counts as its ancestors bulldogs and terriers. It is a popular dog breed in England. And with very good reason too! Read on to discover more about Staffies and children.

Dog Itching But No Fleas?

It is often times painful to watch the constant itching of a beloved dog. The annoying itching often goes on night and day driving your dog crazy without relief. The constant scratching and itching can lead to loss of hair and bleeding or even worse! So, if it’s that serious, you probably want to know how to stop your dog from itching. Read further to find out what can be done.

Is Your Dog Homosexual? How to Stop Dog Humping

Can’t stop dog humping? Have you ever wondered if your dog was homosexual? When I saw my dog, Jack, hump another male dog, I thought that meant he was a “gay” dog. Likewise, when I saw female dogs mounting other female dogs, I thought that they were lesbian dogs. Read this article to learn how to stop dog humping!

10 Tips For Summer Fun With Your Pet

Summer is here! Dogs love summer and they love fun and adventure with you. But, they also depend on you to keep them safe.

Golden Retriever Information – A Loving Dog With A Friendly Personality And A Wonderful Temperament

An intelligent dog that is always eager to please its owner, the Golden Retriever originated in Scotland but has become one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. The characteristics of these dogs make them ideal as guide, assistance, and search and rescue dogs, but they are also very useful hunting companions. They are active, energetic and able to adapt to various types of living situations.

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