Best Tip To Stop Your Dog Pulling On The Leash

General Dog House Training Tips for Pet Owners

Dog owners need not be weighed down by the responsibility of providing training to their dogs. Besides, it is important to teach these canine species proper behavior and obedience so as to avoid problems in the home and public places. In dog house training, the approach should ideally be based on helpful corroboration instead of focusing on reprimanding your pets for failing to follow commands.

5 Tips to Help A Dog Frightened By Environmental Noises

Wondering why every time there are loud noises such as fireworks, sirens, thunder or even your doorbell; your dog acts differently? Loud noises might even cause your dog to run or hide. These are symptoms of environmental noise phobias.

6 Tips to Calm a Scared Dog

It is quite common for some dogs to develop a fear of loud environmental noises. To calm a scared dog you must first know what signs to look for in a frightened dog. Here are six tips to help calm a scared dog experiencing noise phobias.

Desensitizing Dogs That Suffer From Noise Phobias

Desensitizing dogs that suffer from noise phobias can be extremely effective when used correctly. This method has worked well on humans for decades and can prove effective with animals as well. A dog scared of loud noises can be desensitized by introducing minute amounts of whatever noise causes fear in the dog.

Demodectic Mange In Dogs And Why It’s So Common

Demodectic mange in dogs is common. It occurs most of the time in puppies. Why? Well a puppy doesn’t have a full functioning immune system so when the mites attack it has no way to defend itself.

Oral Canine Medications – Tips for Administering Them Correctly

As an owner, you should know that your dog can develop health problems. Some of them require you to give him medication. These are a few tips on giving medications to your dog properly.

What Are Interactive Dog Feeders And Why Do You Need Them?

It’s supper time! Your pup is very excited and can’t wait to chow down the grub you provide and their bowl is then empty before you know it. While most pets eat out of a bowl, it is helpful to investigate using an interactive dog feeder instead.

Dog Food Ingredients – What to Look For, What to Avoid

There are many different choices today when it comes to choosing food for your dog, but what types of dog food ingredients are going to be the best for your dog? Read on to see some of the most popular ingredients in dog food to see what you need to avoid and what you should be looking for.

How Does Exercise Affect Your Dogs’ Behavior?

Do you have a couch potato or an a high energy athlete? The amount of exercise your dog receives can have a huge impact on his behavior. Some behavior problems can be avoided with proper exercise. Here are some tips to help you and your dog enjoy each other.

Why Closing Puppy-Selling Pet Stores Will Not Eliminate Puppy Mills

Recently, National Mill Dog Rescue, a puppy mill rescue group located near my hometown, posted a question on their Facebook page asking their readers if the rescue group should organize protests at local area pet stores that sell puppies. The goal of such protests is to end pet store puppy sales because it is estimated that 95%-99% of pet store puppies come from puppy mills rather than local breeders as customers are generally told.

Dog Food Recipes Information – Important Information You Should Know

Children and adults have grown attached to their pets. It is sad to lose a pet when you’ve grown so close to him or her. Find out ways to enhance and prolong your pet’s life. Read this article to learn the importance in making your own homemade dog food recipe.

Guilt Of Abandonment

If your dog exhibits anxiety when you leave her with a boarder or groomer just remember it may only last until you walk out of the room. How do you handle your anxious pet, and avoid the guilt of of separation?

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