Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Off. There are no untrainable
dogs, just untrained humans. It's just that simple. [MUSIC PLAYING] That's a down. Very good boy, Eddie. I come from a family
of animal trainers. And I've dedicated my
life to training dogs. And now, I'm going to share
my most valuable methods and techniques with you. I'm going to teach you
seven common commands– sit, stay, down, come,
off, heel, and no– that you'll be asking your
dog to do almost every day, guaranteed. And I'll be going
over how to eliminate these behavioral problems
that most dogs have, like chewing, excessive
barking, even house training.

Come on. The techniques
that I'll teach you are things that anyone can do. Dog training is not
about dominance. It's about trust,
technique, and conditioning. [BARKS] There's a real easy way
to stop excessive barking. Quiet. [RATTLING] You can do it with
something as simple as that little contraption I
used right there, the penny bottle. I'm going to simply step
on the leash right here.

pexels photo 5749819

I want to say the
word off as she jumps. Off, off. I'm gonna wait
her out– off. This is what I want to see– 3, 2. That's an off. Good. Before you decide
to train your dog, you have to get that
dog to trust you. My dog, Lulu– she did not come
up to me for nearly four years. When my Jack Russell died,
Lulu crawled in my lap.

From that moment, Lulu
was a lot easier to train. It just takes a little bit of
time and a lot of authenticity. If you combine all
these things together, you'll not only have
a well-trained dog, but you'll have a best
friend who trusts and loves you and will be there for you
for the rest of their life. I'm Brandon McMillan, and
this is my MasterClass. [MUSIC PLAYING] .

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