BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

(group cheers) – [Group Member] Hey, puppy! (speaking in foreign language) – Yeah. – Question.
– Heart attack! (whooshing and squeaking) (playful music) – Hi, BuzzFeed, we're BTS with– – Hi, BTS!
– PPS, the puppies. Hundred years from now,
what would you want people to think of when they hear BTS? (speaking foreign language) – Legend!
– Legend. – And we see John Legend at the BBMAs. (laughs) Sorry. If you can go back to
when you first debuted, what would you tell yourselves? Would you change anything? (speaking in foreign language) – Hey, Jimmy, you nice, keep going. – Study English hard. – English, yeah. – Since your album is named Love Yourself, what is one thing each of
you love about yourself? (speaking in foreign language) – Passion.
– Fashion. – Fashion?
– Fashion. – Fashion, passion? – My fashion. – Fashion. – I like my passion.

– [Group Member] Passion. – Fashion and passion.
– Everything. – I like puppy. – He say he like his puppies. And Jimmy? – My eye. – My handsome face. – I love my life. (group cheers) – Wow!
– Yeah, cool! – [Group Member] Yeah! – They're showing their
territories by peeing. That's what we call puppies. Pupp-pees. What do you want ARMYs to take away from this upcoming album? (speaking in foreign language) What are each of your favorite songs off of Love Yourself: Tear? (speaking in foreign language) – Hey, puppy! (group chatters) What's your favorite track? – What's your favorite track? – Fake Love! – I like Fake Love. – I like Fake Love.

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– Ah, So What, So What. ♪ So what ♪ (laughs) – How do you guys decide on the themes for your album, oh, I'm sorry, puppy. Album and music videos? (speaks in foreign language) – Mr. Bang talk about. – Talk about. – Don't fight, don't fight, yeah! – About next album. – It's been a long time since
you've all had dark hair. How are you guys getting used to it? What's been your favorite hair color? (speaks in foreign language) – Just black.

– Just black. – I'm red. – Red! Red? – Yeah, me too, red. I love red hair. – Yes, I like pink color. – You like pink. – Yeah. – I like silver. – Silver! – Oh, last question, J-Hope! – [Group] J-Hope! How did it feel to receive
such a positive reaction and success from your mixtape Hope World? Can we expect more solo
music in the future? (speaks in foreign language) – Next, mixtape. JK!
– JK, oh! – Oh really?
– Really? – Really?
– Let's go. (whistles and claps) – Bye bye! (group screams) – [Group Members] Oh. – Thanks, BuzzFeed! – Thank you!
(claps) – Puppy!
– Thank you. – Puppy! – Bye, bye, puppy. (smooth music) (whooshing and squeaking).

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