CDODC Basic 1 Obedience

basic one covers a large variety of different obedience exercises from loose lead walking short stays in recall but also focuses on a mixture of life skills designed to make dogs acceptable in the community we teach dogs to be polite and wait for their dinner to not budge through doorways to lie quietly on a mat while ur health check is performed and to sit quietly by the handlers side when a person approaches we cater to dogs of all ages that have had no previous training but also have an amended program for those dogs that have already learnt some of the basics in puppy class you having your dog go to its mat and lie down quietly gives the handler an opportunity to perform a health check you can check the ears for signs of redness or infection I should be clear and bright look at tiffany's your gums are a healthy pink inspect pause for cut pads or grass seeds and check the belly for lumps and bumps in ordinary life it is helpful for any doctor learn not to rush out an open doorway or gate as soon as it is opened so we teach dogs to sit and wait for permission to walk through this ensures that people are not knocked over in the rush and confirms the owners role as pack leader

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