Conan Attacks Jackie Chan | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

man thanks so much for coming jackie thank you we are we're big fans of yours and we're really excited to have you with us and i want to point out first of all we just showed a clip and and people in america they see a lot of stunts a lot of the time and and i should point out that that is really you doing all your own stunts that's really you hanging off the helicopter being smashed through a sun 15 days every day seven o'clock in the morning so you're doing all this stuff yourself yeah and do you actually get insured does that do the movie companies insure you no for a long time ago all the insurance company put on the first black list and jackie chan blacklist and the jackie chan stunt team all blackness they're not gonna even talk to you they call up and you try different voices and they're like no hang up all right none the point no that's jackie chan i'm telling you now you've been hurt too you've been badly hurt sometimes what was the worst injury that you ever got doing the worst one is in yugoslavia mm-hmm i got the almost kill no from the castle jump to the tree you jump from a castle onto a tree tree the tree bend to another castle run away okay sounds simple i could do that no problem oh okay okay uh i i the trees just break it i just straight fall down wait how how far did you fall i like 25 feet 25 feet so you had to you have time to like read on the way down that's a pretty long fall yeah i i tried to grab my tree just just keep like wiley coyote you're trying to run up the tree hey if the cameraman can push me i'm safe but the cameraman just pick up the camera they run away [Laughter] they ran away oh my god okay all the blood just from my yeah yeah yeah oh that's what i went to the hospital oh my god aberration but you're fine now you're in great health you're doing all that stuff you know i don't know if you you know much about me you probably haven't seen this show before but i'm known in america as an incredible martial artist myself i don't know why this audience laughed at that but these people aside yeah i'm actually uh really uh incredible my skills are really uh amazing [Applause] this interview is over very nice all right well we'll just call that a truce i think right that's about a tie don't you think i think it was tied the uh man the colors i can see now all right you know i i i know that i i've i've i've seen you other places and i've heard you talk before and you've always said you've been very influenced by american movies silent movies buster keaton but what i didn't know is you're also influenced by american television is that right yes i i've been learned a lot from you know the funniest video wait american america's funniest home that videos you yeah because when i'm making a movie really i really i like comedy so when i look at i smile everything is my it's a comedy then i keep my mind do you actually get ideas from america's funniest videos when i when i remember i see one one day i saw in the video there's a child playing uh well taking a shower drinking a bubble you know the oh drinking like the uh the soap drinking the liquid need a bubble from the mouth then i said that's funny yeah that's how we do it too yeah we watch what babies do and recreate it here when the movie is doing like a drunken master too yes at the end it's the good timing i have to use the bubble so this one i just all about the whole theater just and then actually you were sued by the baby right baby was like that's my bit give it back i still learn a lot from really learn from a lot of american tvs the anglers knew everything okay can you hang on for one second cause i want to do a commercial we're going to be right back ladies and gentlemen with uh [Music] okay watch it okay watch it i had to show him who's boss just before we go to commercial we'll come back more with jackie chan in just a second

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