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Helping Your Kids Take Care of a Puppy

Kids simply love puppies and puppies love kids! As parents you want to make sure that your kids treat the puppy right so that he can grow up into the perfect dog companion for your children. Kids benefit greatly from a dog in the house.

Funny Dog Story – The Dog Who Loves Diamonds

The fact that dogs are always good for a surprise was demonstrated by a small member of the species some time ago. The dog I am talking about belongs to a jeweler who takes him along to the shop every day where the little dog sits patiently on the counter whilst his master does what jewelers do. One day the jeweler inspected a couple of diamond rings which he left on the counter upon leaving the room.

Discover 7 Tips For Air Travel With A Dog That Must Be Checked As Baggage

Dogs traveling on airplanes, especially those dogs that are traveling as baggage, can present a number of problems for the owner. Even though there are many things to think about and consider, airline travel with dogs doesn’t have to be a nightmare or even extremely stressful. Learning some of the basic rules and regulations, following the guidelines and tips will make the trip successful for you and comfortable for your dog.

Dog’s Well-Being Improves With Exercise, and So Will Yours

Are you a dog owner concerned with your dog’s health and safety? Owners can improve and maintain dog well-being with these tips for daily exercise, while improving their own health too.

Bad Dog Behaviour

Don’t let your pup learn bad habits! Most behavioural problems are caused by boredom and isolation. This is why it is essential to spend time every day with your pup and have him with you in the house or in the yard while you’re home.

Hand Signals for Dogs The Easy Way!

Teaching your dog hand signals can be much easier than you may think. Here are some very useful pointers to get you started off the right way.

Dogs Traveling By Plane Can Be In The Airplane Cabin With You During Flight And TSA Allows This

Traveling with dogs on an airline can be one of those experiences that is wonderful or the worst nightmare of your life. Do you get stressed out when you are thinking about air travel with your dog? Many dog owners that have to travel by airplane are concerned that the airline they are traveling on, won’t take their dog or security might stop them from getting on board. If you do some planning and check the airline regulations, the experience will be wonderful. If you don’t bother with the details, your trip can be ruined and your dog may suffer. Do it right, check things out, learn all you can about dog travel on airlines. Your dog will love you for it.

How to Cure Your Dog’s Fear of Thunder

Most dog owners know their dogs are afraid of thunder, fireworks, loud ‘clangs’ even in the kitchen, and other environmental sounds that we often don’t notice as much. As owners we should not be angry at our dogs for being frightened. Instead, we need to help them overcome their fear of environmental sounds, such as thunder, fireworks, and the likes.

Equipment to Help You Resolve Dog Barking Problems

In dog training it is very important to consider all the possible tools that will help you in making your pet act better. There are certain dogs that usually bark too much that it often becomes a neighbourhood nuisance.

How to Tame Aggressive Dogs

Taming aggressive dogs through dog training is not that very simple. This will take a lot of patience and hard work for you to master. But if you are able to successfully control your beloved pet, you will soon enjoy any fun activity with them without worrying that they might hurt you or some other people that will interrupt your fun.

The Pitbull – 6 Myths You Ought to Know

Myth No1. Pitbulls are typically mean not to mention aggressive in the direction of human beings; This really is ridiculous, any dog could be trained to be mean. Pitbulls have been carefully bred to become warm and friendly to humans, but are hostile towards other animals. Most Pitbulls can be extremely out going and pleasant towards people, even people they don’t know, for this reason they`re not generally great as guard dogs.

Why You Need Dog Collars for Dog Training

There is still an ongoing debate on whether the use of electronic dog collars in dog training is a good thing or a bad one. There are still a lot of dog lovers that don’t agree that they need to hurt their pets even if it’s for their own good.

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