Ditched my UGLY Wire Crate for THIS!!! 🤯

Shih Tzu Rescues – A Special Way to Gain a Pet!

When looking to adopt a Shih Tzu pet, please don’t overlook the option of Shih Tzu rescues! If you are an animal lover and have some special care and time to give, this is such a special way to get a pet. Just picture a sweet little Shih Tzu doggie spending nights in a cold cage or even in some strange woods before being rescued. Yes, some of these dogs have been through a lot and they need a chance!

7 Dog Park Rules, Tips and Etiquette Standards

It’s important to understand that there are dog park rules and etiquette standards that people are expected to follow. The dog park is a place for dogs and their owners to have fun and socialize, be prepared and become a dog park lifer!

Lyme Disease in Your Dog

Lyme disease is a nasty tick-borne disease found in dogs and is growing at an alarming rate. Learn the classic signs and symptoms as well as the diagnosis, treatment and most importantly the prevention of this debilitating disease in your dog.

10 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Kids

There are a plethora of dog breeds to choose from if you are thinking about bringing a furry member into your family. This decision of what kind of dog to get becomes more complex if you have kids in the home, you want to keep them safe and make sure your dog can become a part of the family. Plenty of dogs work out with kids, but here is a list we compiled of 10 known dog breeds that are good with kids.

Puppy Vaccinations – Diseases, Reactions and Reducing Stress

Just like with human vacations, puppy vaccinations will be given a small dose of the actual disease itself. Learn more about the diseases immunizations are given for, reactions and how to help your puppy stay calm.

Learning How to Cope With Dogs in the Winter Months

Recently my husband was sick and had to be admitted to the hospital, that makes it difficult for me because we have no family or friends we can count on to watch our two dogs, one being 1 year and the other 13 years old. The biggest problem is they are use to being inside and putting them in a kennel would be a change they would not appreciate. The younger one is so spoiled because of me, she was only six weeks old when we got here and of course it was in the winter.

Bearded Collies As Show Dogs, Herders and Pets! Will This Be the Breed of Your Top Dog?

The magnificent Bearded Collie, a Scottish breed of herding dog, makes an excellent pet or show dog. Acquiring the right breed and the right dog for you and your lifestyle should be a research project. If you are attracted to the “Beardie,” then learn what you can to make your purchase and your experience the best one possible. To begin your research, here’s a brief guide to the characteristics, the history and the support organizations for the Bearded Collie breed.

Organic Dog Treats – Why They Are So Good

Your dog is your best friend loyal to the core and he deserves the very best treats. Why would you ever feed him those cardboard smelling treats from a box when you can feed him healthy organic dog food? There are many benefits to feeding your dog organic food.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds – also known as Aussies, are a medium sized, robust, well-balanced, rustic dog. Australian Shepherds are easy-going, and believe-it- or- not they remain puppy-like even in their adult years! Aussies are courageous so they make good watchdog for the home. They also love to play that’s why they are excellent even for active children. Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and easy to train.

Are All Dog Kennels the Same?

People who will put their dogs outside at any time will know that providing them with a kennel is the norm. A dog must be able to shelter from the weather in its kennel which means that dog kennels need to be durable and tough enough to be weather proof. As kennels are kept outside most people will assume that they are all pretty much the same as each other, but is this the case?

Is Your Dog a Wheelchair Candidate?

Is your dog or pet a wheelchair candidate? Many of us ask this when we have a disabled dog. First, is your dog in unmanageable pain? I feel this is the most important question.

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over – A Question Not So Easy to Answer

It’s not always that easy to learn how to teach a dog to roll over or do any other trick that you want. The success of your teachings often depend of the specific specimen. The worst thing is that dogs are not like people, they do not understand the human language.

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