Do You Have A Dog Breed That LOVES To Jump?

Are You Walking Your Dog Safely?

We’ve already established just how important regular walks are for your dog, but as with most things in life, there’s often a good, better, and best way to do something. So what then, is the best way to walk your dog? What might seem like a silly question is actually not as quite simple as we may first think.

Keeping Your Pit Bull Safe!

In today’s society as well as every society since the beginning of man, you have to protect your family. Today, that is no exception. If you live in or near the woods, you may have an issue with deer, or rabbits or even neighbor dogs due to a lack of barrier control for your dog.

Help! My Dog Is In Heat!

For the typical female dog, love is in the air about twice a year. When that happens, there is only one thing on her mind!

Purebred or Mixed Breed?

Having difficulty deciding between a purebred and a mixed breed? This article tells you the pros and cons of both purebreds and mixed breeds so that it will help make your decision easier.

Getting a Personalized Dog Collar

Each pet dog has a special space in the heart of its owner. They will be willing to do as many things to display their love towards their pets. One of the best ways to show your care for your pet is by getting a personalized collar for your dog.

Pet Grooming Supplies That Every Dog Owner Should Have

When you have a pet at home and you want to make sure that your pet is properly groomed, then you need to have the right pet grooming supplies. This is if you do not want to have the pet shops take care of grooming your dogs. Here are some of the things that you should consider when grooming your pet dog.

How to Find the Right Pet Gate

Pet gates are some of the most versatile, yet useful pieces of pet furniture. When shopping for one, here are a few points to consider to make sure you find one that suits yours and your pet’s specific needs.

Warning Signs Of Your Dog’s Health That Should Not Be Ignored

How well do you know your puppy or dog? Can you identify subtle changes in their habits and behaviors that may be indications of a more serious problem?

Find The Perfect Shampoo for Your Pooch

Keeping a well groomed pet is an important part of any dog owner’s routine, but when it comes to choosing the best type of shampoo for your dog, do you know what’s available? This article explains how to make sure you’re using the right soap for a happy dog.

Pet Friendly Travel: How to Familiarize Your Pet With a Travel Carrier

Whether you’re planning a move with your pet, planning a getaway to a pet friendly hotel, or just taking Spot or Fluffy with you to run errands around town, making sure they are properly secured in your vehicle is essential. One of the best ways to ensure that your precious pet stays safe in your vehicle is to have him travel in a pet travel carrier…

A Guide To Heated Dog Beds

Dog beds provide comfort for your dog during cold winter months. Here are some options when it comes to heated dog beds. You can purchase a dog bed that functions via electricity and you can purchase a self heated one. Both dog bed types will have a temperature cut off which provides safety for your dog. Heated dogs are a perfect treatment option for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Keep Your Pets Safe: Choose the Best Car Harness

A lot of drivers have found that they can become distracted and accidents usually occurs by having their dogs in the car. Choosing the right car harness for dogs may seem like a difficult task but if you consider some straight forward planning factors the buying process can be made far easier. Using the right harness for your dog while inside the car, can make them more likely to remain calm while in the car.

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