Dog and door bells | Stop a dog from marking | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q & A #506

this one's from John Snow Hey John what
is the difference between aggressive and reactive dogs
life and death and vet bills aggressive is intent to harm the humans a humongous
difference most people see a reactive dog and they call it aggressive no a lot
of aggressive dogs are not reactive reactive means it's reactive like the
dog at the end of the leash that's barking its head off that's a reactive
dog doesn't mean it's gonna bite it's just being reactive though the the the
the most intense dog reactive dog I ever worked with was a 90 pound Rottweiler
who when it saw another dog you went to the end of its leash knocked over its
owner dragged her across the streets but when I held him is like you thought it
was a protection dog guess what the dog went to doggy daycare every day it was
great with dogs it loved dogs he wanted to go see the dogs and he couldn't so
that's what it did that's why I don't think so that's it needed to be trained
but there wasn't aggressive and then we've got dogs that are aggressive that
are silence they just they just attack other dogs next I have to back this up like the Hot Mess Express
I know back that up a little bit back it up baby back it up hey everybody how are
you and is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training with the What Would Jeff Do? dog
training show Monday Monday night it's 8:30 p.m.

Eastern Standard Time
this could be an interesting week cause I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do a
show because I gotta head out to to Austin Texas on a consulting gig for a
couple of days so we're trying to do trying to set up a remote show we tested
it today it didn't really work out so we're trying to figure something out at
least for Wednesday's show but anyway if you're brand new to my world I've got a
Training Center up in Providence Rhode Island we specialize in aggression rehab
behavior modification meaning we stop a lot of unwanted behaviors we work with a
lot of challenging dogs also we do basic obedience on leash and off leash
obedience the gist of the show though is people tune into the show and I
personally travel the world doing dog training seminars I'm doing 20 of them
in 2019 Jeff Gelman Jeff Gillman
seminars .com and people who do these seminars and what they do is they want
me to stop their dog's unwanted behavior people tune into the show and I'll ask
questions how to stop a certain behavior so if you're brand new to this world
you're gonna start seeing that and you'll start hearing me say the word
punishments a lot punishment is actually how you stop and want to behavior
we don't talk science here positive reinforcement and all that stuff but we
that's how we train dogs to do what we want but nobody's really asking me that
here that's relatively simple to do just just about any video out there and we'll
show you how to train an obedience command stopping stuff not too many
people actually know how to do it or do it or talk about how to do it so the
answers are quick and they're efficient obviously there's a lot more information
that needs to be put out there about the answer every answer sort of needs like
an hour or a three-week board and train but I want at least get people on the
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questions Linda let's start it out alright Todd says good evening hey Todd
what's up alright Dan hi Jeff still early days on prong collar but I've
noticed a real change in my dog's attitude in and out of the house much
calmer and respectful still a lot of a lot to work on but feel like we turned a
corner big thanks nice our some breeds more difficult to Train than others I
know Malinois and Huskies are infamous I have a staff Staffordshire American
Bulldog cross still some assholery on leash in-house training he's one so
bully breeds more stubborn in general or quite receptive or do you think this is
more of an age it's probably a little bit of everything it also is your skill
set right it's the human so it's also the skill set so what has to do with it
sure the drive in the dog you hit definitely
of a genetic component which breed is not as important as the genetic
component I think in the drive in the dog how well your skill set is what your
motivator what's your Punisher what you're trying
to train the dog to do so there's and then age yes age matters when it
comes to usually duration distraction things like that so there's old there's
a lot of different variables and also training is sort of forever and how long
you been working on it I mean it takes thousands of repetitions to master
something so just glad you're making progress next this one's from Deborah hi
guys just I just received a sport dog bark collar upon your suggestion working
wonders despite the fact my dog is not a Barker but quite a howler however now
she shakes quite severely when I put the collar on and ask her to crate up
I figure she will get over this but I wanted to be sure I am doing the right
thing and that I should carry on I am putting the collar on her
just to wear without putting her in the crate or leaving the house as well as
for good association I also recommend that just have a dog where the collar a
lot also make sure your levels are proper
also do tons of fun stuff does the dog like chuck it great collar on Chuck it
so don't just put it on when you leave which you're not doing so absolutely the
shaking why well this is the thing the dog knows that if it barks or howls it's
gonna get a correction but it's either that or you have a barking barking dog
so will the dog get over it yes it will how do you do it help it out by also
doing some fun stuff with it if you if you if you have to but worst-case
scenario for all we know the shaking goes away once you leave the house so
but you're on the right path next next is from Mike first session with long
line and remote collar for off leash training went well today I still receive
reactive when another dog was near but small progress is good also went to a
dog friendly patio at a bar and grill after the training and she tried to
growl at waitress after high corrections she was good rest of the meal good
number one Mike you did a one right you did you did one session with a dog so we
do hundreds of sessions with dogs minimum hundreds hundreds of sessions
with a dog so it's dog training it's a skill set
it's not magic so a little bit of progress great but sometimes you don't
make much progress at all your first time you're still working on your timing
still working on your cadence still working on a lot of stuff think about
the nuances figure out your levels things like that you know and we we work
a dog usually three four five days before we take them out in public we
want them to learn we want them to learn in a sterile environment first so
growling gets a consequence absolutely good for you and then the dog stops so
say no and then always say no before your Punisher if you can that ideally
and then correct high absolutely that's what growling gets good for you Oh
couple of top chats there 9.99 hold on dog training can't wait to see you at
the fortwo seminar coming up so excited thanks for sharing your knowledge that's
the wonderful host thank you so much working spots are sold out we still have
audit spots you can still learn Jeff Gellman seminars .com my only Florida
date in 2019 David Smith hey guys thought Rocky was house-trained
today pissed next to me in the bedroom back door was open what the fuck was
that am I missing something love ya I don't
know I mean my dogs well my dogs will piss in the training room once in a
while they know to go outside every once in a while like you know I'll have a dog
that'll take it take a piss somewhere but it's an that's why it's called an
accident so what what is it see if there's a
pattern hopefully there's not maybe you weren't paying attention the back door
was open but the dog doesn't think that way the dogs like Oh David's hanging on
in bed I want to hang out around David but I gotta go pee and boom it happens
it happens dog ownership $10 top chat Allie
Chace one size doesn't fit all thank you for stimulating my brain to think
outside of the box even more 16 month old German Shepherd dog a Skype in order
someday thank you oh you're welcome yeah but we we have to get really creative
with dogs like we we use the same tools we use clicker food leash longline prong
collar remote collar and skill set but we have to be really creative with dogs
really creative with dogs so absolutely I mean but this sort of is a formula on
how to train a dog to do certain things like there's only so many ways to train
down sit place recall probably a little bit more ways you know so there's
absolutely absolutely next hmm all right Roxy hello been using the
bonker on our puppy he's started barking at it and me is this normal Roxy
I have no idea how you're using it what your skill set is and what you're using
it for so I don't know it's is it normal no but it happens probably a lot so
maybe that makes it normal you know so it does happen I have no idea how you're
using it what your timing is like if you're underwhelming your dog which you
might be which you might be doing remember the bonker is a stealth training
tool the dog shouldn't be afraid of a bonker like right now nobody can see
this but I've got three dogs next to me and I'm holding up a ounker I'm actually
waving the bonker like this and my dogs can care less and they've all been
bonked so if they barked at it I would correct them for it next next Garrett
using prong collar and teaching down command watched your video and one dog
does it great our other dog starts flailing around screaming what can we do
thanks for your help what you can do is you can use food at what you can use a
food lure food lure and consistent slow pressure and work the dog through it we
that happens to us as well and guys just about everything that happens to you
happens to a professional trainer and also remember we do things hundreds and
hundreds and hundreds of times and even then sometimes it doesn't look all that
great so we're struggling just like you guys are struggling how long does it
take you to learn a foreign language how long does it take you to learn a new
skill how long did it take you to get to who you know are you shooting guns how
long did it take you to go from not being able to shoot a gun to become
proficient at five yards seven yards ten yards
how long so it's it's training there's a lot of a lot of components to it a lot
of components to it all I know is that it shouldn't take you a year to do
something basic that's for sure so having tools and then the knowledge is
what will dramatically help you but we live in a culture now where everything
we want everything quick and our videos can show that things will appear to be
quick but we also like right now I'm telling you we do hundreds of reps so it
didn't just happen on the first time next this one's from Abigail hey there
my 1 year old GSD was chased around Thanksgiving by another dog and now it's
scared to walk past other dogs on a walk how do I fix this thank you
I like Abigail let's go back a little bit don't ever let that happen again
that's why like Thanksgiving I can't tell you how many people local to us who
are our clients board their dogs with us and they're not going out of town
they're actually staying at home but their dogs come to us why it's too crazy
it's too crazy at the house so what do you do train the dog train the dog what
does that mean I what which is what your tools are you using I use the dog out of
fat buckle collar martingale or our harness you're going to struggle we
don't use we don't use head halters but if you want to use one you'll definitely
have more control over your dog we use prong collars remote collars now you have
to teach the dogs how to walk properly on those tools without an environmental
distraction then you have to be trained that dog how to walk past them with an
environmental distraction so I got no idea if you're doing that or not
so first train the basics with no distractions then add the distractions
next okay this one's from Mike hey guys just wanted to say looking forward to
Providence in March can't wait to see the master in action live cool I'll also
be there as well we'll both watch thanks thanks Mike
Beverly friends newly adopted adult dog is chasing the cat with bad intentions
there you have a prong collar but no e collar I have an e collar is the e
collar set to suck level the only way to stop this you could need a high which is
not by the way that's for all the folks that are new that's the highest level
for three seconds you can also bonk the dog bonkers are powerful no boom bonk
really hard absolutely absolutely that's that's but what I'm using the
remote collar or tell them to get their own and if they don't of the money for
it tell them to cut down on their expenses okay so no going out to eat
make all your own food don't go out for coffee give up alcohol for a month give
up cigarettes for life you know cut down on dinner dinners out do something else
and all that money in 30 days we'll buy your remote our next milligan hey Jeff I
have a board and train that is really whiny we are on week two with him and I
can't seem to crack the code I've bonked tapped high and low on the remote but
haven't been able to stop it I know welcome oh
there's more hold on yeah he obviously didn't have much structure prior to
coming for training so he just lays on place and will whine when you guys get a
major whiner and do you just up the duration work and find that helps so we
up the duration work we try to be creative with how to stop it we correct
hard we any any any even the slightest whimper we correct sometimes we do it
low sometimes we do it high it sucks we absolutely have dogs that have whined
for longer than two weeks no matter what we do and we're really really good it's
not been whining but there's always going to be that dog and whenever you do
any type of volume of dogs you're always gonna have those dogs who are really
really challenging don't forget guys if you like this thumbs up also if you're
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a notification as well but the big one is when I go live next Josh says happy
Monday Monday's way thank you so much Melissa
says good evening Jeff and Mrs.

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Gellman know you Melissa Michelle says hi Jeff
and Linda hey Michelle she also has a question Franklin pitmix puppy was
taught to ring door chime to go outside to pee and two months lately he's
ringing it and just gives me a look and walks away how do I stop this without
discouraging the ringing Bell that's why I'm not a big fan of those fucking
doorbells for dogs to take a piss you become the servant of the dog learn the
dog schedule me personally I'd eliminate it altogether I'd eliminate it
altogether because I don't know how to stop bad I just I never start it so I
don't know so you'd have to you have to punish the dog for doing it but what
happens if it if it has to piss so instead pay attention to the how old's the
dog five months old dog shouldn't have freedom anyway the dog should the dog
shouldn't have freedom that means it's free roaming that means you've got a
five month old dog that's free roaming but instead you should have a dog that
you actually put on a schedule my dogs don't ask to go to the bathroom they go
out when I tell them to go out can they learn to hold it
so next brownie brown dog knows commands and follows them but in her own time
very slowly what can I do to correct this so the dog is responding to the
command immediate compulsion so now you could do high-value reward but that's
how we train dogs you could if you wanted to but then the dog is only going
to do it for the high-value reward most likely that's going to happen take that
away you're back to slow so then what do you so what you do introduce the concept
of a Punisher for lack of compliance to a known command and that's the mat
that's what's the wonderful thing about either a good leash pop on a prong or a
remote collar but you have to condition the dog to the remote first before you
use it for punishments for obedience so it's a process where a leash pop don't
have to condition at all just know pop and then the dog what do they do they do
avoidance training which is like oh I better do this command before I get
corrected yes you should so the concept to have having a hey a
stubborn dog or a selective hearing dog its lack of punishment and when I use
the word punishment guys don't freak out oh you're saying hit the dog I didn't
say to hit the dog kick the dog I didn't say to kick to dog yell at the dog you
just hear me say yell at the dog no be mean to the dog didn't say being mean
dog saying fuck you dogs literally sitting there saying fuck you lie down
fuck you lie down fuck you put it with the
conversation is so give me a break roof over your head food in your ball go to
the go to the vet you know climate controlled you know living quarters
I'm not asking for much come on let's go it's a two-way street here next
this one's from Carol tomorrow we'll be ember and Loki's first birthday I came
here six months ago because they were reactive fearful monsters today they are
gentlemen thanks to your advice and free content thank you hey Carol happy
birthday to the dogs I'm not going to talk to the fucking dogs what happened
you tell them happy birthday for me all right I'll send
little card in a balloon and congratulations because you did all the
hard work you did all the hard work so that's beyond awesome beyond awesome
next this one's from Kaylee hey Jeff and
Linda it's been a month of my dog barely whining since adding doubled down and
it's amazing I finally been able to start very slowly adding affection back
in and he's doing great Kaylee J kudos to you for having impulse
control going a mouse a mouse a month without it I can't go a month without
anything and you know what I'm talking about next
this one's from Josh how's the one digit temp and how do you deal with it like my
team love it shut up for a minute don't interrupt sorry I might be moving
to Portland Maine for school next year I live in California really think about
another school I agree or go there or do this summer do the summer program I mean
you just have to dress properly my biggest issue is I couldn't get me to my
truck this morning my biggest issue is I hate dressing properly yeah I don't I
like I love what I love winter gear I love winter gear next Laura hey Jeff and
Linda having a little trouble with the longline slash prong and E collar combo for pressure on pressure off recall any tips should I just work one
at a time yeah I do one at a time first and then if you have to if you have to
put the dog on a martingale in a remote and do don't don't do long line laura
mastered it six feet first master it's may be the wrong word get really good at
it and get the dog really good at it at 6 feet before you do long line so you've
got the mechanics in the timing down next this was from Dede neutered dog
marketing inside no medical issues marking started after adding second
spayed female dogs sounds about right yep the neutering is not intact an
intact dog issue so dogs marking you gotta catch you dude this is this one
this one a lot of people say not well a lot of this time I say people say not to
do but this one even my colleagues will say not to do um dogs dog marks inside
you got to catch it in the act correct I know bonker no remote collar some people
say well then the dog will never want to piss in front of you
yeah chance I'll take I can't have dog pissing in my pissing on my furniture
next Kira what is the fishing technique and dog currently walks with front
front leg in line with my leg how can I get her more in follow mode leash
Corrections not helping she comes right back so fishing is not used for that
fishing is a whole nother different protocol look up a guy named Lou Castle
Lou castle he describes fishing pretty well it's too hard to get into right now
but as far as that make make a bunch of 90-degree turns got it
90-degree turns dog is a little bit ahead of you boom 90 degrees so I get
soda better have you boom 90 degrees dog then you boom 90 degrees then do my 180
move to try it out a bunch of times a bunch meaning what dozens and dozens and
dozens of times alright also you can take your left foot
whenever whatever side the dog is healing on take your left foot do a foot
heel tap he'll tell right there sternum very strong part of the dog you're not
gonna hurt the dog so you do a heel tap next this one's from Robert our year old
doberman growls at people inside our house these are people that he has
previously met and has been fine with inside of our home one day he's fine the
next he's growling at my mother-in-law who he spends a lot of time with how
would I go about correcting this it's usually on the initial meeting and he
eventually warms up she's one years old dogs in transition but the big thing is
do you like your mother-in-law or not you run around in the house want her to
stop coming over I'll make it worse you want me they get worse I'll teach the
damn dog to bite her she'll never fucking show
what for all we know Roberts like I you know I don't want this but let's assume
you like the mother-in-law let's assume you're like one of a million out there
all right so what you do is you've got it you've got to tell the dog no and you
have to apply a Punisher why is it dog doing it now it's changing is is the
mother-in-law coming in all excited happy to see the dog reaching out you'd
think the dog would be receptive to that for some reason the dog might just be
going like this is freaking me out I'm uncomfortable or is the dog talking
I don't know cuz dogs do you're wrong I don't know so there's a couple different
variables bottom line is it is have your mother-in-law come in ignore the dog try
that for a little bit and then and then see what happens exist with the dog
first then see how that goes but bottom line is any growling you got
to stop $8.00 top chat from Carrie just to thank you for all your wisdom have a
great date night love being part of family patreon is next awesome thank you
then we use the money for date night Linda and I don't super chat money next
rugged canine training says hi Jeff she says hey that's from Mel hello I've been
almost seven month old who is very food motivated he will snatch food and things
he thinks is food we use a prong collar and leash
in the house okay so that's not food motivated that's a damn thief okay a
little bit different food no food mate well maybe this dog is bought but so
many food motivated means the dog is will work for food but your dogs just a
damn thief so what do you do my counter surfing protocols you need to get a get
yourself a good shock collar okay what shock collars do you use E Collar
technology and dogtra are two of my favorites don't get the cheap ones they
suck and what do you do put food up on the table it's ready to be snatched let
the dog loose you go hide set up a video camera and a nanny cam so you know
FaceTime you know you know yourself or someone else's phone or whatever I look
through in a window when the dog goes up on the counter three seconds on the
highest level does is it painful damn right it's painful of course it's
painful it sucks it should suck the dog should not be
going up on the counter stealing anything or going on the tables and
stealing anything because it could die one day and also what happens if you
kept the dog in the act and try to get the food out of the dog's mouth you can
get bit next this is from John Snow hey John what is the difference between
aggressive and reactive dogs life and death and vet bills aggressive is intent
to harm humans a humongous difference most people see a reactive dog and they
call it aggressive no a lot of aggressive dogs are not
reactive reactive means it's reactive like the dog on the end of the leash
that's barking its head off that's a reactive dog doesn't mean it's gonna
bite it's just being reactive though the the the the most intense dog reactive
dog I ever worked with was a 90 pound Rottweiler who when it saw another dog
you went to the end of its leash knocked over its owner dragged her across the
streets but when I held him is like you thought it was a protection dog guess
what the dog went to doggy daycare every day it was great with dogs it loved dogs
they wanted to go see the dogs and it couldn't so that's what it did that's
why I don't so that's you know it needed to be trained but it wasn't aggressive
and then we've got dogs that are aggressive than our silence they just
they just attack other dogs next ATC 210 tips on potty training my new Akita what
are your thoughts on the breed my thoughts on the breed are it's not a
first time dog dog Akitas can be really challenging they need very firm owners
as far as potty training goes google it just good it's so much easier to google
it just just just do that because that'll that's the whole protocol here
it'll take too long I'd rather just say google it because then you're gonna
print it out so someone's got a PDF file or a white paper on potty training a dog
do that but it's all based on scheduling and crate training as far as I've owned
an Akita and just know what they were bred for understand what they were bred
for very powerful dogs and if it goes if it doesn't go well that's a death
sentence for the dog because they're so powerful so just just definitely find
yourself a good balance trainer out there that understands power breeds and
can help you do all your beginning stages of training and then take you all
the way through to make sure it's an adult two years old next enlightened
canine perspective any chance a working spot could become available for the
proudest seminars um historically not see if there's a
working audit spot combo let me take a look how many people signed up I know it
working single working sponsor sold out but somebody just bought a working audit
spot combo it's day two humans one dog those still might be available and if
they are I can possibly switch something around let me just see next no but I'm
sorry but but nobody usually cancels because their final sale like an airline
ticket your final sale next rescues and focus no Melly Mel Mel Mel I've asked my
trainer about the e-collar but she doesn't feel he is ready for one
wouldn't it so I don't know it I don't know how old your dog is and I don't
want to know your trainer is because I never talk about other trainers at all
but I'm like I don't quite understand what that means ready our dog is ready
for a remote collar depending on the skill set of the owner I mean an end of
the trainer at 14 weeks old you can introduce a remote counter to a dog at
14 weeks old it all depends on what you're gonna use it for all it is is a
communication tool that's all it is so I've no I have no idea I have no idea
what that means next rescues and focused dog training hello I love the pictures
in the background my dog isn't very affectionate and just kind of minds her
own business so weird her recall is okay but I want to improve I do recall with
her kibble there's more what else can I do to improve her focus should I
increase affection towards her I didn't because well I did not want to do to the
too much affection thing thank you and Linda love the hair okay thank you so
this is the thing I've owned dogs that have not been affectionate what do I do
I leave them alone because that's the best way to get bit is by pushing your
agenda on them as far as when it comes to affection as far as recall
food-motivated it's great good keep doing it the best
way to but not the best way a very effective way to speed up recall is by
applying pressure to the dog how do you apply pressure or remote collar is a
fantastic way to do that because you can stay neutral but the dog is motivated by
the remote collar oh you're going slow I can speed you up
you don't want to come over right now I can have you come over right now and you
can still use your food with it but you can also are using the food only for
recall like that's how the dog eats every day is through recall training
more affection that won't work because the dog doesn't look to that as a plus the
dogs not looking that as a plus next man want to work on dogs social skills
sometimes walk with friends 8 month female Rottweiler so a lot of play but
also walk with five year old female GSD and he's a bit pushy so she doesn't want
to play so much do we let other dogs correct or keep close eye on them no you
correct don't this concept of letting dogs figure things out is bullshit best
way to end up with a dead dog injured dog you're getting bit breaking up a dog
fight we correct we correct next Gina or China hi Jeff instead of using a clicker
to mark the good behavior can I just say good I want to have both hands-free for
treats and remote yes you can but you can also you can also before use the remote
you can train the behavior with just clicker clicker food but that's up to
you if you want to mark it with good or yes absolutely you can next this is from
Josh dollar 99 nice dollar dollar make you hollar and then another one thing
waiting for my WWJD gear to arrive can't What Would Jeff do .com What Would Jeff do .com at a minimum get yourself a fucking coffee cup next
fucking coffee cup Nicole trying to increase the amount of time my dog stays
in place any advice on how to increase time frames example five minutes for one
week ten minutes the next week no no no maybe the first time depends on the age
of the dog number one I don't know how old your dog is but any dog over six
months of age can easily do a 2-hour place command within one week what else
is your dog doing if you only do it for five minutes in ten minutes then where
then where does the dog go walk around walk around your house when it can be
doing no absolutely not it's a lifestyle right now my dogs are
next to me it's not because I'm a dog trainer it's not because they're trained
if I had a client's dog next to me so like which they often are in the office
there's no reason why a dog after one week of training can not
to a one hour place command and it doesn't have to be tired guys this
concept of Oh get the dog tired then train it why would you want to do that
that doesn't make sense to me no learn how to train a dog that's not tired so
how do you get a dog to stay there once it knows the understood when it has an
understanding of place it goes to place by voice control how do you keep it
there I did a I did a tip of the day on this you do through correction through
punishments it already knows it it's deciding to leave no correct consequence
so now the dog goes oh I don't want to leave and then the conversation out
there of the of other folks are like oh so the dogs were listening because it's
afraid of being corrected okay sounds like a good idea to me that's why I love
that's why I love traffic cameras so much a huge fan of traffic cameras out
there for people I'm a huge fan of traffic light cameras two speeding
cameras traffic light cameras huge fan of those don't break the fucking law you
won't get a ticket right so we all change our behavior with a fear of
punishments or the fear of consequences welcome to the world next this one's
from Shana do any of your kids want to be a trainer I doubt it
next Roberto I don't I doubt it next I'm not I know for sure they don't yeah I
mean I'm a business owner I'm a business owner
so you know Angelo wants to be youtuber Romi I mean we have seven kids so
there's three everyone sees three cuz they're in the house but if you go back
far enough yeah actually no you don't even go back far they've been out of the
house way too long I don't we done since what for 14 years
I've been on YouTube so but in clover we're not sure what she's gonna do maybe
she'll get into music maybe should get into writing
Romi she'll probably get into dance some some of them one of the performing
arts she's in it yeah but Angela's gonna be a youtuber Angelo's YouTube channel
will be we're gonna get Angelo a channel really soon really soon next Roberto how
can I correct my dog from eating their poop there's times at night when I go to
take him out and poops and go straight to eat it
that's gross a remote collar are shock collar you
to catch him in the act hidden for three seconds on the highest level bottom line
is should make it suck to eat poop so you're gonna need a lot of internet to
internet information that says add pumpkin okay add this powder add that
powder no how about this add punishment and that pumpkin poop would tastes good
yeah I I'd probably fucking eat it I think you have yeah you
get a little bit of you sort of like pumpkin pie because it's you have to
crusty from the poop and then you got the pumpkin which is a soft filling take
it fucking put in the oven at 350 for 35 minutes BAM
it's a fucking snack next disgusting Shayna asks Jeff what made you want to
become a trainer who taught you I learned on my own what made me want to
have a trainer as well I shouldn't say that I learned most of the stuff on my
own I had a really I've told this story many many times this is what are you
writing a fucking article on me Shana come on I got I got questions the answer
here I had a really challenging dog like a lot of young dog trainers that start
out with this I didn't know what the fuck I was doing I wasn't a trainer I
was an owner didn't know what I was doing everybody told me to kill the dog
and somebody help me up in Boston straighten him out he's not in business
anymore he's got a business for a long time he moved on to other things and he
he taught me how to work my dog and then I took it from there next this is a
question from someone with name and a different they're Jewish I mean they're
speaking Hebrew next to questions do you look at each caller as a last resort
no way and if my dog's supposed to have the e-collar on 24 no it's not and I've
got so much information out there that says that it's said that so you're well
you're brand new to my show each hour is not the last resort at all e collar is is
one of the best training tools out there you don't have to use one but it's
absolutely not the last resort it's a fantastic training tool the earlier you
used to teach your dog on it the better it allows off leash freedom in high
levels of distraction possible and you can't have it on for 24/7 and if you if
you've listened to all my content I tell people to rotate it every four to six
hours the dog will get pressure sores they shouldn't have them flat
collar on 24/7 should have a harness on 24/7 so you gotta let the let
it breathe but anything that's not like that you want to take off next John snow
says what does a bungee collar do on an e-collar
are they better than the normal collar yeah they are because I bungee you know the way the
bungee works is it's you know it stretches out but then it wants that it
wants to go back to its its original shape so it up so it's constantly I'm
trying to get snug on the dog's neck you usually get a better fit with a bungee
collar because dogs neck expand and contract next this one's from Devon my
four month GSD doesn't paid much attention to treats I'm unable to train
him and he is growing with very bad habits please help me okay so number one
we don't use treats we and I'm not against treats we use the dog daily food
we're food trainers so I mean we do food training I should say so number one four
month old dog six week old dog should be hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry and
if it's not take it to the vets but don't let their dog eat out of a food
bowl all right use the dogs daily kibble if you're not on Raw usually dogs daily
kibble put it in a food pouch so if the dogs eating what two cups a day one and
a half cups a day put it in the food pouch that's that that's how you train
your dog um daily as far as the growling the growing or growing very bad habits stop them follow all my content start
following all my contetnt I've got free videos next this one's from turf
should I correct my dog when he gruffs at strangers
what's a gruff what what's a gruff I don't want the fucking weight whether
it's a gruff I don't know yeah I don't yeah so you know growling yeah roughing
I don't guess I don't know a gruff is good brownie
do we use prong collar and a collar oh we do use prong collar and a collar and
dog is conditioned to both so we will go ahead and up correction for the dog not
immediately complying to commands thank you you're welcome
so time uz unfortunately or did your comments were deleted because you're
sort of rude but I'll read one this dude this dude's
name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training this is I've done you know
thousands of videos sounds like he's on cocaine high-energy okay but just to let
you know I'm drug and alcohol free and I don't do any drugs whatsoever I've got
high energy damn right I fucking do that way I can help more people for free than
just talking in a really slow cadence okay so I'm gonna join my show try being
nice you'll go a long way just try being nice to people
got it next yes this was from Caitlyn my GSD is about to get spayed in a couple
days how can I make her as calm as possible because she is scared of new
people and she doesn't like to be touched by new people so the vets can do
what they want without her freaking out Caitlyn
she'll be knocked unconscious they put the dog under Caitlyn maybe she's
worried about drop off drop off let him do what they got to do just let them do
what they have to do they do what they have to do you give it a hand the dog
over to them let them do what they have to do alright next Yesenia
mmm my five month old on a small trail off leash a collar on a lot of people
impress how well-behaved recalls like a pro and doesn't get distracted bicycles
runners other dogs thank you holy shit so congratulations man you're rocking it
you're killing it BAM five months old though if five months old just to let
you know keep going got it keep your eye out for any nonsense OK that middle
finger might come up got it so be careful of that next Roberto says
our dogs bark when someone comes to the door but they don't know how to stop
barking well you have to teach them how to stop barking but number one do you
need them to bark I'm not opposed to barking what one bark two barks quiet what
do you do well remote collar is gonna be was going to be your easiest quickest
most effective option but you can also take a bonker say no boom
throw the bonker yeah barking is one of the easiest things to stop just apply a
Punisher to it next this was from Abigail I have to come on something
earlier you posted a video about dogs in the same house that will simply not get
along I gave it today actually next earlier yeah I have a 1 year old female
GSD who is very social and I have wanted to get her a companion since she was
young how do I predict whether a new puppy would work out or is it just kind
of luck in a sense we have a trainer now who has very similar methods as you so
we have a lot of obedience under our belt with okay we have with prong and e collar and we'll eventually do IPO but I'm fairly new to working dogs right
our dog has a great and trustworthy temperament with the medium-high drive
but I can't predict her future as with the puppy well if you could don't get a
puppy invest in the stock market right like nobody can predict it they can go
we can go well these are dogs that fight so the example that I gave you are dogs
adult dogs fighting with each other that that does it's a whole different story
so some dogs though don't like puppies so what do you do is there's there's a
ton of stuff you can do but I don't know you can't predict it though you can't
worry about it you can't predict it all you do is you advocate for both dogs I
don't know if you raise those other dog is a puppy but raise the other dog as
well get a dog that's good genetically do your best and don't get them to fall
in love get them to exist with each other but I don't know your skill set no
matter how good your trainer is your skill set has to be good too because
you're living with the dog 24/7 the more structure the better so both dogs should
be crated and you should be advocating for both dogs Oh $300 top chat carry GST
lover oops and that disappeared it probably meant
to put 30 bucks in newbee $20 thank you for all you do
newbie 2015 thank you so much Stephanie my dog is almost 1 year old and very
nervous doesn't do well with loud noises scared of car backs away from and growls
at strangers that try to approach him advice we just started with mini
education okay number 1 Stephanie don't allow strangers to approach your dog got
it just don't I don't allow strangers to I
don't know you a stranger can pet my dog people can walk up to my dogs and pet
them I just don't allow them to because I'm trying to change the world so you
know just don't do it I'm trying to set a good example for everybody and
practice what I preach you know most of the time some things I don't mean to do
that I suggest to other people but don't let people approach your dog most people
don't know how to approach a dog most people don't listen to you anyway next
thing you know they're kissing the dog and I'm being 100% serious last thing we
need as far as the dog being nervous it's one years old shit changes what do
you do I don't know how you're walking your dog if you're walking your dog with
purpose walking your dog with guidance walking your dog with your leadership
skills keeping your dog in a proper heel don't let it worry about the
environmental and only concentrate on you and I'm not looking for it I'm not
saying about competition heel I'm not talking about that at all actually
that's not good for the dogs they need chiropractic adjustments if they do it
for too long and it's not practical to be doing it on
city streets so what I want you to do is when your dog gets nervous about
something use your you can just heal don't let it you can actually correct
the nervousness what I mean by that is if it's in an obedience command and it
gets distracted you can correct the distraction next Stephanie also said I
just found you by the way loving everything so far awesome Stephanie I'm
sure there'll be some shit that pisses you off so don't be surprised
next Diane says hi Jeff and Linda is new RV going to be ready for the Florida
semiar no it's no it's not it's going to be no yeah well I shouldn't say that
it will but I can't go get it it's gonna be New Orleans I'm not picking up this
that the the the I'll be posting some photos up of it it's coming out of paint
booth it's coming out of the paint booth this week
and it's going to be then going to the dealership and then they have to prep it
I can't get it though until the end of February when I've got five days off
because I'm gonna fly down there and drive it back up so next um this one is
from maxsa Cena at first I thought this was like some Helen Keller joke didn't
Helen Keller have Akitas is that I do not know um oh shoot
real capital greeting from Honduras sorry I didn't know you got it I'm trying to keep the cadence of the show lacks maniac any tips on dealing with anxiety and
panic during a thunderstorm my coonhound freaks out and won't listen to anything
I said I know so don't tell your dog anything you know what do you do put him
in a crate have him lie down having be calm
check out CBD oil if you want to you know I mean I mean it's like there's not
much you can do what we do is we correct any manic behavior we correct so what we
do and I often say don't use obedience to correct and I want to behavior okay
but this is a case where fireworks thunderstorms things like that
what do you do tell the dog to go into a crate lie down tell the dog to go on a
place and lie down if the dog want keeps breaking that you correct and then what
does it do it learns how to deal with it you can also experiment with CBD oil if
you want to so that's what I would start doing now the thing is you can't really
play you could start by playing sound cracks of thunderstorms the problem is
they're also affected by the barometric pressure that changes yeah I don't think
you can duplicate that unless you have like bought something at auction from
Michael Jackson's Jackson's estate next right $5 top chats Carrie do we know okay got it will do next okay this one's
from Paul yep hi Jeff thanks for all the great info I have an e-collar for my dog
and has been amazing with trip has been amazing with training I plan on getting
another dog and want to be prepared do you recommend buying an e-collar with
one remote for both dogs or using separate remote e collar for each dog is
it strictly preference or are the big pros and cons for once
or the other thanks again you guys are amazing you can do okay you think you
can add so in other words if you bought a 300 meaning the if you want the 300
which is the basic mini educator comes with one neck piece one handset you can
add another neck piece to it so you've got now the one dog unit was turned into
a two dog unit and you can also buy another handset if you wanted to and you
can have the handset control the other hands that control them both or control
just one of them so you can decide what you want so the
technology now is really good out there next this is from faux wood most dogs
ask abused avoid interaction if prong and remote collars and bonkers are
misused critics say human dog bond is damaged by using these tools for dogs I
know don't seem to act damaged okay well that's so number one is this that's the
biggest line of unethical fucking bullshit that I've ever heard and I
probably say there's at least once per show the human bond is damaged because
of a shock collar or a prong collar really well these people number one have never
used the tools and if they use them they did it wrong so it's their fault they
fucked up the dog not the tools but they've never used them okay anytime
anything is a cut and paste sound bites which means it's not an original thought
which means they don't know they're repeating something they heard but they
actually don't know they haven't done the research you're smart enough to say
that doesn't make sense because I've seen it worked really
really well all I can say is this all all day long with
people around the world whether it's in person at my training center in person
and we're talking about between seminars and we're talking to over 7,000 dogs now
that's a lot of humans as well and then I've got humans that I work
with it don't even have dogs because they come to the seminars without a dog
and then there's almost skypes that I do and then there's all the comments on my
forums I mean on my Facebook page that I did I read all I know is this most
people before they meet me have crappy fucking relationships with their dogs
they're not using any of the tools they're not using any of the training
philosophies at all and the relationship sucks so let's talk about that a little
bit longer then what you do is you teach people how to start having a
conversation with their dog whether it's with a tool or without a tool and then
all of a sudden things get better all I know is that 95 plus percent of the
people that we work with end up having a better relationship with their dog after
it comes to us look at all the people on this page so it's a lie you're being
lied to and the only reason why I'm so stoked about it is because people are
banning these tools and everybody's dancing and celebrating but guess what's
next the same people that want them banned
and then are financing this follow the money trail guys they don't want you to
own a dog keep that in mind so don't dance to what much next Melissa put up a
link to the merch thank you thanks Melissa
hey thank you for everything my 1 year old girl go Crosse was getting to be a
problem and through all of your videos I got him a prong mini educator and I'm
picking up a treadmill tomorrow love you from Austin Texas so whoever asked the
question before the comment before was obviously a fan there you go Kate had a
crappy relationship then found my free content and did what I told her to do
and now she's having relationship and now I'll be in Austin
tomorrow but Kate I'm not gonna see you Thanks tomorrow Wednesday am i totally
clueless no I have a 6am flight okay rescues and focus I'm only using
the food for recall breakfast and lunch and I have only been using the e-collar
for heel and counter surfing barking yeah yeah
so rescues them to focus excellent so you're halfway there start using the
remote collar to motivate some better recall Mel I have an almost seven month
old Rottweiler he is about 80 pounds is the dogtra e collar good will it help
with nipping that's another issue I have with him besides taking food
so yeah the the mini educator is fine for most dogs I mean some dogs you need
more but it's yes great for nipping but you can also use a bonker for nipping
too anyway you can apply a Punisher next Michelle love my hug your dogs train
your dog t-shirt have to admit it feels better than Sean's don't judge me by my
preacher hello well Michelle I'm not even gonna respond I had nothing to do
with that at all Michelle sure okay all right um rescues from dog rescues in
focus pumpkin poop LMFAO you guys are
hilarious I'm going to play your podcast when I volunteer at the shelter haha
they are balanced training yeah friendly absolutely put it through the whole sound
system next I Anita how do you keep sanity dealing with crybaby clients
with fear of correcting a dog and always wanted everything for free I got that
going on all the time with my training Anita it's your fault
Anita alright if you hired me for $250 an hour for business consulting because
that's my that's my fee the first thing I would say to you is who let them in
the door you did it's your fault now if you work for a training facility and you
can't control the clients who comes to you that's a different story
but if you're if you are letting people hire you that are crybabies
it's your fault if you are worried just keep that in mind listen to what
you do you don't have to let people hire you
you can pre-screen them so I'm not dealing with those issues and if it
ever came up we straighten it out real quick or we let a client go which rarely
has to happen because we pre-screen less than 50 percent of the people that
contact me we end up and they want some people want to a lot of these people
want on us to hire they want us to work with them but I don't think that
their the right fit it would be unethical for me to have them come in if I know
they're not going to be the right fit and then I'll be in the position you're
in right now so just keep that in mind just think about that take a hundred
percent responsibility for what's going on
most people that complain about their clients it's their fault so take
it to just take it to heart I'm not attacking you next zombie yep how do we
introduce our seven month pit bull terrier mix to the dog park
zombie never ever ever ever ever ever ever go to a dog park I can't tell you
how to do it cuz I'm highly against them next um Korie I'm training my dogs to
walk beside me on walks so I'm not sure if I should let them sniff spots when
they want when they do when beside me I okay do I let them
Korie no when you're training your dog to walk properly on a leash next to you
you're training your dog to walk properly on a leash next to you I'm not
against sniffing but not during the walk the walk is the walk is the walk now you
want your dog to sniff training to be tricky you can you can train it to be an
off-leash trained dog go to an open area and let it drag the leash and have a
little bit of freedom if you want to but the walk is a training exercise no
sniffing next all right Marni cool dog said my dog was eating poop I gave a low
correction and he tried to swallow faster so I dialed up he then had to
regurgitate to spit it out damn right he fucking did I don't even dial I don't
dial up and all that stuff I start out at the highest level and stop it right
from the get-go next good job Marni I'm Josh I'm still having trouble calming my
dogs when I bring out the prongs they get
excited I definitely bonked them I started just putting them on and then
sitting down a few minutes before putting on the leash on them yeah my
older GSD even freaking drools when he sees the prong my girlfriend says he
doesn't even know even do that over a treat I know I know
keep working at it I know all right whoopee yep is it it is it is sad even
balance trainers are bashing each other's we need to unify and take over
purely positive was watching a popular balance trainer bashing act of God for
aggression when it clearly works so I get attacked all the time by by by people
in my industry constantly you'll never hear me bash another trainer ever ever
guys I've seen the videos I've seen the posts I've seen the comments I don't
need to I know exactly word for word what is being said about me I laugh as I
go on tour and sell out my seminars and give away thousands of hours of free
information every year being a balance trainer does it make you a good person be a balance
trainer does not make you a professional be even a balance trainer does not
making a good ethical business owner they were always like that no matter
what a lot of people that are in this pet industry aren't even capable of
having businesses because they don't have a business mind and they're not
capable of not gossiping slandering bullying talking bad about other people
I've seen it all I've heard it all that's fine that's on them nothing to do
with me everybody wants to be the nice shocked our trainers now and everybody
is lying and they're hiding from the truth and they're being unethical
not everybody has a wide paintbrush statement but I'm seeing it too because
they can't put up with the public scrutiny so you want to put your shit on
social media but you can't take the heat so if you're gonna put your shit up on
social media you better learn how to take the heat or
don't put your shit up on social media and you don't frickin go to battle with
people you put your stuff up there and you act like a damn professional so I
teach a class on this next umm bitless equestrian says how you been hey how are
you um Sammy says how rude love your high
energy hi guys Thank You Sammy bitless equestrian when
do you think I should start task training with a service dog when do you
think I should start using prong and E collars and any potty training tips any
training tips now just look up a damn YouTube video depends on the task I mean
you can start shaping a lot of these behaviors I don't know enough about task
training but a lot of behavior to start shaping right from the get-go that you
know that you're gonna be able to need like getting a dog to be able to hold
onto something with its mouth even I don't know what age you can start but
probably can start pretty young because it's all doing it for its food it's
doing it all for its food but I mean a lot of service dogs the first year they
don't do that they just do all their their the obedience and their public
access stuff and then they put a task on them in a year old when they know where
they're going what tests they're gonna need but there's no reason why you can't
start I mean I know trick trainers that start training dogs from puppy hood for
different tricks theoretically a lot of tasks are tricks so I I'd find a good
trick trainer to start start learning some stuff that's what I would do top
chat five dollars super querido hi guys what's up thank you for the five next
Tami you've helped me with more than just my dog thank you for everything
love your energy Thank You Tami Kaylie Jay I noticed that
my dog gets nervous when cars drive up behind us on the walk yeah he doesn't
break heal but whips his head around and will bump into my leg I do purposefully
walk on busier roads to get him used to it I
I'm good when he looks at me instead of whipping his head around and that seems
to help too anything else I could do for him yeah I mean you can always bring a
clicker and food it's a pain in the ass to walk with that but you can can mark it
and do food it's hard to do that during you know when you're when you're when
you're migrating but it's normal for the dog to do that what you can do is when
he whips his head around you actually can correct that you actually can
correct that next you can also start doing focus work
put the dog into a sit or a down do focus work around distractions
equestrian do you think $1,600 is a good price for a lab pup it could be the best
price ever or a total ripoff I need way more information and I'm not the guy
that knows how to pick out puppies especially because you ask the service
dog work as well so I'm not the guy for that I don't know I don't know enough
about it I don't pick out puppies it's not my I get dogs after they've been
after they've been struggling next Nicole move to new house and the
neighbor's dog is such a bad fence Barker mm-hmm right when she starts
barking my dog runs to the fence and barks back but I am able to call my dog
back pretty quickly okay um I don't know anything I can do better for my dog to
completely ignore yes okay you gonna Nicole this is the thing can you control
the neighbor's dog no so what do you do you don't worry about things you can't
control in life like in life just general so knowing that ley's train your
dog how to not respond to that and let's not call the dog back right now let's
punish the act of fence fighting so what do you do
shock collar on the dog dog runs towards the fence make it suck now the dog goes
holy shit that sucked then you go oh come here
got it and everything you read online about like oh the dog will then the dog
will like think it was the other dog that caused its pain and it's come to
you no discomfort whatever says who prove it where's the study how do you
know that happens who says it happens have you seen it happen how many times
how many times have you not seen it happen all we're seeing is dog stop
doing next Devin thank you for the previous
advice my GST also gets excited when I bathe him he runs around and bites me a
lot he is four months yeah that's so just 16 at 16 weeks old so who's that Devin
Devin man you can used to it don't put up with it but it's gonna happen he's 16
weeks old he's excited bath time all soapy yeah it's fun it's all fun so put
a leash on the dog don't let him run around next Kari says totally made
mistake on $300 top chat oh well I'm in trouble
so so Kari let's see Kari Melissa if you're still on which I think you are
can we make sure can we see how we can get that back to her all right cuz
nobody's ever given me 300 bucks and I've kept my clothes on so I don't think
Kerry's going there with that next and the rate for that's 150 so after the
first time she's gonna be want to be with me for the second time so I trust
me not that good of a lover next Evan thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge
oh you're welcome Devin no problem at all kindness matters dog reacts very dramatic recap
wrong tail between legs and you Yelp so even the smallest correction alligator rolls and everything yes working through it
yes we've seen that try with a slip lead try with the martingale see what happens
see what happens yes drama for your mama that's the problem
is it oh my god it's cuz it's hurting the dog no it's not hurting the dog the
dog is just being dramatic we see that too we see that I documented
a case of that with them a bunch of feral dogs down in South Carolina
literally crocodile rolls oh I've seen dogs at my seminars do that absolutely
again they're back and they scream and they're yell and it's like really like
it's like really really so next Patti my dog cannot walk on our
floor for a year no no it's like she's walking on ice and she fears the floor I
put rugs out like little breaks all over the house what okay take a bunch of kibble let's try this take a bunch of kibble put it on the floor every
mealtime that's how she's got to get her food next that's how you eat miss M do you
use CBD oil what brand um I don't use it but I'm a big fan of it I don't know
enough about it to give any advice on it because I know there's a lot of
different mixtures a lot of different strains but I'm a huge fan of it because
I because I've talked to people about it and I know somebody very well who who
actually does consulting on it next thank you you're welcome Melissa says Keri GSD lover I'm not sure
we can do about the super chat on our end all I can find right now is this
info for you and she gave a link oh look at that Keri look at that I'm sure it'll
work out yeah Keri worst-case scenario I just send it back to you yeah alright
next tell you what is it I wonder if you is it what's it connected to is it
connected to PayPal or is what's it connected to there's gotta be something
Melissa will help you don't worry Kerry we're gonna help you
next Suze hi Jeff and Linda regarding hound fearful of thunderstorms and
fireworks the homeopathic remedy a can item really helps my dog and I'll leave
that up there thank you so much next see cuz I don't know enough about it
so you know I would absolutely I would absolutely be open to any homeopathic
remedy to CBD oil definitely I just don't want people like giving their dogs
like what benadryl or a puppy Prozac I'm just not a big I'm not I'm not anti
drugs for dogs but I'm just not a big fan of it and I do and I don't think
it's necessary but about homeopathic that stuff really does work I know it
does so but I just don't have the knowledge I just don't have the
knowledge next um Daniel hello Jeff thanks for all the good work what type
of muzzle do you recommend and when to use um well when to use as well I muzzle
my dogs when I go to the vet I also handle my dogs at my vet my vet lets me
handle my own I'm the vet tech technically I like
Baskerville Baskerville muzzles they come from size zero to six they can dogs
can pant breathe eat drink water take food they just can't bite you I mean
they can catch you your finger can get you know they can catch your finger
you got to be careful when you use them we use them for all of our aggressive
dogs and I put them for when we're doing nail trims we use them for nail trims
some dogs use with the beginning of a social to make sure that they're safe
with other dogs so a lot of different times
next Xavier hike up taking my GSD human aggressive to Home Depot as a training
protocol muzzle on no petting and remote collar would that be a good approach I
have great handling skills I just wasn't sure so this is the thing why
Home Depot first because Home Depot floors are slippery yeah they're not
that slippery they've got they they've they've got the cement that some not as
slick like the big box pet stores are so let me take that back a little bit
I'd be super careful I'd be really careful like you're bringing a muzzled
dog into you know Home Depot they might give you a hard time about it
even though a lot of them are dog friendly but the dog friendly for a
reason so we have my colleagues have I've seen clients do it so I don't want
to say don't do it but I'm wondering if there's some public areas that are maybe
outside that you can start out first or you've already done that and this is the
next step so I won't say not to do it I would just say think about big picture
and let's see if your dog can handle pressure
from something maybe not as overwhelming but then again your dog might fucking
rock it and you'll know so try to find non busy aisles
the nice thing about Home Depot and the aisles are wide next Susan let people
know that the mini educator has a really cool light on it for those nighttime
walk Susan you already did yeah you can do a blinky light and then a solid light
and that's just hitting the on-off light button at the back and it's also in your
in your owners manual next Stephanie I'm trying to correct my dog with mini
educator and he just runs in circles or to his crate instead of going to place
command am i doing something wrong do I just continue to increase correction no
don't increase correction Stephanie yes you're doing something wrong
where's the leash where's the leash it's not about your brand new I'll try to be
nice to you what are you fucking nuts Stephanie that was me being nice then
you must be really mean okay really mean
so yes I'm cute you're adorable so Steph where's the leash where is the teaching
your dogs not ready for that you have to teach your dog what the pressure on
pressure off means so how to shut it off then in the next step is you have to
teach your dog how to avoid it but you might be moving too fast too soon
definitely have a leash on definitely don't turn it up that ain't gonna make
it better that'll make it worse the last thing I
want anybody to do is be turning up remote collars without educating
educational moments alright next don't you turn off your notifications
yeah well that's Airbnb that's Airbnb that's that's we just said we got I got
three properties now and I'm looking for another property too so it's right now
we just have a lot of guests coming in next and we had some problems with one
of the doors oh this one's from Corey okay that makes me feel better because I
really did not want him to sniff on walks because it felt like it was
messing up the training thank you yeah I stopped just had to make sure I
was doing right the Korie just think about it like I don't know what your job
is but say you've got a job and you're working any job let's let's make it
simple like you're working in a restaurant and you're a server and it's
busy we're not busy you shouldn't be on your phone right time to lean time to
clean like you're getting paid let's get some work done same thing with the same
thing with the walk it's a job let's do your job to get out tell your dog get
off Facebook next all right this one is gonna be our last one oh shit it's
yeah it's one honey we tried to show our Pitt to use the treadmill but every time
gets on he just walks with his front feet and doesn't want to move the back
feet what can we do yeah well he's got two to the four going you're halfway
there so Lee so is he dragging his back feet
cuz I don't let him dragging his back feet so we use a prong collar on leash
on we stand on the treadmill like we're walking the dog use some leash pressure
and we started at 1 mile per hour well do it at 1 mile per hour and you want to
get you want to get that for 4 paw movement once you get that you score so
what you want to do is I'm gonna sort of think the front paws are moving or the
back paws are doing if they're off the treadmill you got to get him on the
treadmill put his whole body on the treadmill so we went over Linda can only
do the show for an hour on Monday nights it's in her contract so this is what
we're gonna do when then there's a problem I know that's been an hour and twelve I
know well we have to stop the show in trouble stop the show so feel free to
give me a thumbs up make sure you hit subscribe hit your notifications cuz you
never know when I'm gonna go live on the road now I might go live at all
different times because I'm this this this one this Austin I got I'm traveling
by myself so no one's there to document my whole thing Joelle is staying back in
Rhode Island because we're so busy at the training center so this will be
interesting we're gonna figure out I might do the show by myself which I
could do i do my patreon by myself but anyway thanks everybody for joining in I
really really appreciate all of you make sure you jump on our Instagram stories
check out our Instagram stories I'm also you can jump onto our Instagram
stories because there's an AMA you can ask a question on Instagram stories every
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that a lot of good stuff on Facebook obviously you're on youtube you're on
YouTube live I appreciate it check out Jeff Gellman seminars .com
Jeff Gellman seminars .com they're a lot of fun we have a really really good
time Florida is coming up in Seattle's coming up average person drives about
six hours to the seminar so I might not be in your town but there should be
something close by and then that's it and I'm gonna say goodbye and I'll see
everybody tomorrow and I just want you to know that I appreciate you care about
you love you and I just can't wait to get back to
to see you again all right take care everybody everyone be fantastic

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