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hello folks I'm miked abruzzo and I'm we're all done and we're the dog training guys with this video is going to be about today is going to be about natural canine behavior and how it's going to relate to our domesticated dogs and about understanding your individual dog's behavioral problems and also how to get the most out of your dog by no one wouldn't what is natural to them there's a there's a movie out there it's been out for a very long time so a lot of times very good if you haven't seen it it's called weird science have you have you seen yours I love it love it great movie you got to see it right up there Karate Kid and Goonies but anyway in the movie there's these two teenage kids and they get on a computer and they stick bras on their head and they used some computer program and they create the perfect woman by enhancing and supress of different characteristics to suit with their their personal needs anyway they press a button smoke appears in their bathroom and and a woman comes out oh how how that works but but it happened in the movie but anyway I'm getting off track here domestication of dogs was sort of like that except for without the bras on people's heads and without the computers well most likely or maybe you would I don't know well know where I'm going at this anyway I was gonna go on the board and show us something alright and this is gonna make things a little clearer than my stupid examples all right okay so in this chart basically we have here is the full spectrum of most canine natural behaviors what we're gonna have down on this end is gonna be more flight based stuff where the dogs trying to avoid being killed down on this end of the spectrum we're going to be talking with more like predatory behaviors or actually doing the killing there's going to be a lot of things that fall on each one of these categories we this major category into some subcategories down here there's tons of subcategories but we tried to focus on some of the majority of the major ones the more common ones this system or this continuum should help you classify and understand your individual dog it's for example let's take some typical breeds of dogs and we can get an idea of how they've been sort of manipulated to serve to serve a function let's take a pointer for example hunters they selectively bred or chose for chose chose pointers well they're quite without a bra on top of their head and computer by selecting pointers that had a strong instincts to actually search now start search for search for birds you took them outside right away they started searching and the strong desire to stalk and I which is Wednesday actually finally would they do they get it they kind of point but from there kind of this predatory instinct sort of kind of it's not very enhanced at that point they didn't want them they wouldn't wanted a pointer that goes around is then chasing after chasing after the birds and tearing them apart and you're killing a shaken them doc dissecting them so you can see URLs take a little red marker there and showing how they're suppressed so green obviously represents enhance red represents suppress now let's take another breed just to show you how a little bit of manipulation can make the dog for a whole nother purpose let's take a copy which was bred right for your Shepherds would use them to sort of keep keep the sheep in line and control them and and eyeball them and chase them around and keep keep them on one spot so the world in here is what he's going to do with you they didn't really have to have enhanced ability to search but they did have a good ability they wanted the the stalk and I instincts could be very strong to control those sheep and move them all over the place and to chase them around but the good didn't want to grab it and bite in the sheep and kill us and shaking them and dissecting that would be very very bad now you can take you know a type of like herding type read that's a little bit different like maybe a healer which had to use which had the you know control much larger like livestock and winter old is he erase the suppression on the grab and bite so they are probably allowed to dip a little bit more have them at the cattles heel to keep on moving around so a little bit of manipulation you got a dog that serve different purpose now let's go more towards these hunting dogs and we take something like a catch dog which could be one of these old southern bulldogs they use a catch wild boar when they go hunting and these hunters use them to go after the board found the gred and hold on to these boards so they have to have a very enhanced grab and bite you know in instinctive that at that point and so that made that dog better for that purpose and they actually probably if we you know if we look at this probably not a very strong stalk and I they probably just went right to the chase and grabbed it you know and grabbed on to it you see this isn't an exact science now they something like a terrier terriers are they bred for it go and kill all the rats come on kill the rats in the barn even if it's way more than you would ever need to be able to actually eat they still want to keep doing it so they usually have a pretty enhanced predatory instinct almost across the board so you can see how different manipulations make breeds of dogs that serve different purposes in the beginning now we want to go completely across you know something completely opposite of these we could take some of these flock Rd breeds that weren't chasing anything they're actually guarding some of these some of these animals that you know some of the other you know you know farmers dogs were chasing around and they may actually have all these predatory instincts you know suppressed you know to the point where they don't really want to chase after I need a sheep but they had a really strong or enhanced instinct to actually defend so that could be you know simple a simple example of something completely different so you can plug all kinds of breeds and get a general idea for with most breeds how they've been manipulated for a purpose like a German Shepherd is a good example of something without even having to play around with the board where we're gonna have lots of enhancements across the board because they were you know used you know to be you know protective and to also do a lot of stuff you know police work and herding them involves a lot of the predatory instinct sort of stuff now from you know from a behavioral problem point of view you'll see nowadays that not a lot of dogs are really bred for work and purposes anymore they still are but you actually get a lot of dogs that are bred for puppy mills are breeding them to make money your backyard breeders are breeding them just to breed them so what happens is this stuff doesn't become so important anymore and sometimes your problems are in best-case scenarios or just you have a dog that's actually acting normal for their particular breed that is don't have an outlet for it but sometimes someone may get a dog and it doesn't even do what the breed standard said it's supposed to do so here's way out on this end over here we have flight avoidance which is most domesticated dogs is actually normally suppressed a lot you know if you could compare it to you know wolf or a coyote you run these wild canines are usually pretty flaky you're not going to stick around the stuff they'd be pretty fearful with different things so ones breeders stop paying attention so suppress in this it's very possible to get dogs it really don't have much of a suppress plate avoidance behavior you can also get dogs that were meant to be lap dogs originally be very friendly with kids and sit on your lap all day and have no problems that originally have very suppressed instincts to be defensive or to be socially competitive now suddenly no one's paying attention to this stuff anymore and we have dogs that they're much more likely to be defensive or socially or socially competitive so we can go all day long using this chart and plot not only different breeds but individual case is that go against the norm of the actual breeze into here so hopefully with this chart it'll help to teach you how to troubleshoot wood is normal for this dogwood you can expect it's going to be normal from this dog and also to understand what's really not normal for this dog that we're gonna have to work with and make make the most of which is ultimately going to help you and moving along this system to training your dog through the right way anything that Earl don't think that's it yeah kind of a lot here but I hope that it's a pretty important video alright so until next time I'm like the bruise oh and I'm we're all done and we're the dog training guys

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