Dog gear guide. 2 in 1 (bite wedge+sleeve) review from professional dog trainer

[Music] [Music] the following byte sleep I'd like to show you is actually a hard bite wedge we wanted to improve and expand its functionality therefore we turn it into a short bite sleep this size and this area here matches up to the size of a professional by sleep it's very comfortable to wear the gear can be used in various kinds of training like barking and frontal attack it's very sandy and much lighter than a regular by sleep given that it's also easy for a doctor parent the helper may take and pull it then again where they give to walk with a dog and give it back again there are two different protective covers for this gear jute and French linen if you need to change your cover or replace it with a new one it's very easy to do it's equipped with welker fasteners the cover is very easy to unstrap here you may see vocals as well they hold the cover very firmly what is another great feature of this equipment for primary training you will need a soft reg and for further training sessions a hard one so this sleeve has a compartment which contains two inserts for bite bar regulation if you need to make a bite wedge harder and one insert when you feel that your dog has developed a strong grip and you need a hard asleep slide one more insert in like this to Odetta standard size by sleep which is hard enough for advanced training the gear itself is pretty durable and very comfortable I've been working with white sleeves of the current for four years already they are very popular among trainers because it's a bite wedge and the by sleeve 2 gives in 1 you don't have to buy these two items separately again it's very handy and comfortable to use the equipment will not take much space in your bag if you need to take it to a training session somewhere away the item is in witters portable and great to use you [Music] [Music]

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