Dog hates walks | Stop dog from fence jumping | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #434

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I'm just imagining it's negative two all right so now is a good time to ask your
Dog Training questions if you're brand new to my show welcome my name is Jeff
Gellman of Solid K9 Training and I have got a dog training facility up in
Providence Rhode Island we specialize in aggression rehab behavior
modification so we deal with some really intense behaviors we're really good at
stopping unwanted behaviors but obviously we also teach dogs you know
how to do basic commands advanced commands we do a lot of on leash and off
leash but you've got to hear me talk about excuse me I'm sucking a lot of air
for some reason tonight go ahead say something just say it you're
full hot air already or I don't know so you're imagining what what so what
happened is you will hear me talk about punishment a lot because everybody wants
to Jeff how do I stop and then fill in the blank how do I stop and then jumping
barking biting anxiety the only way to stop a behavior an unwanted behavior or
actually any behavior is through punishments now now we have to educate
everybody on how to properly punish a dog so we only have two choices reward
and punishments ignoring the behavior falls underneath the reward category
because not saying no is always yes so reward ignore all saying yes and
Punishment saying no now people need to know effective ways to punish to stop
behaviors we know because we've done it thousands of times we're never surprised
by a new behavior from a dog listen Linda what do we got for those like Jake
Jamal how you doing buddy I do call him on a shit Jamal okay Jake
the best way to properly introduce to dogs when I bring my dog over to a
friend's house should we take them outside or one dog in a kennel etc Jake
really great question buddy thanks for tuning in first of all so there's a lot
of variables so if I know my dogs I know their behavior I'd be a little bit
nervous about them meeting other dogs though because I don't know anything
about the other dog but if you want to start out is the least impact the lowest
stress on you and the dogs go for a walk go for a walk get to learn the other dog
is the dog being leash reactive is the dog out of control on the walk and then
I'll ask your buddy what's up with your dog does your dog
play with other dogs is your dog pushy is it afraid dog your dog snap at other
dogs does your dog like it when another dog gets into his face so it's
almost like dating so you guys have to like figure out are they compatible
before they even meet for the date then when they meet for the date take it slow
don't rip off the freaky this isn't tinder this is more like you don't ripoff their freaking clothes and bang away you don't even
though the freakin person's name yet this is you go on a couple of
dates before you even kiss alright next next one is Joshua uh
that does not say Joshua it says Joseu oh so sorry Joseu sorry um
I went to TGD first I session went great the trainer said it was hard to teach
him to heel on the e-collar because he wouldn't break his heel and thus
couldn't correct haha his prong heel ya um is awesome thanks to you in your video yeah
yeah so you could let him know let let the folks at TGD I'm not sure if you're at the LA one or New Orleans ones if your New Orleans you're probably working with Shelby maybe working
with Sean Moore you're working over with the LA crew Anri or Tara or maybe
Sean but anyway super proud of you awesome
next Jon Snow what is the best way to introduce yourself to a new dog ignore
it ignore the dog literally ignore the dog it's like how many times do people
like I'm a dog lover dogs love me CHOMP this is the best thing to do literally
ignore the dog it's a big mind fuck for the dog as well they're like hold on
here why are you not paying attention to me I guess you might be important and
I'm serious with that and I'm serious what you're doing is you're carrying
yourself and you're showing a presence that the dog goes hold on here should I
be paying attention to you because you're ignoring me it's a fantastic way
to do it next um Cara hi Cara hey Cara uh hello my dog hates walks she
runs and hides when she sees her leash and is miserable the entire walk we use
a prong collar and the E collar should we keep forcing her to go for walks so
Cara looks first of all let's make sure you know it's it's not a tool thing a
lot of folks are gonna turn that around to be like well if you used a gentle
leader or front clip harness I don't know if you ever did that I I got an
assumption that you didn't go right to the prong and the remote but even if you
did so do we it's possible what you have to do with it with a dog that's it's
possibly about a fearful nervous dog start off with a prong collar and you know make walks fun a lot of people tell you that but it's like but the dogs
might not be having fun so what I would do is you want to just walk the dog walk
the dog even the most fearful nervous dogs that hate walks we do really well
with them why it sounds cold and uncaring don't think with this think
with this it's a walk let me give you a good example if you have a fenced-in
backyard and if you release the dog out of your backyard would it run around and
if it does but hold on here put a leash on the dog and ask it to heel its
miserable whoa it just isn't like being put into a
structured environment that happens a lot now is it possible that using the
tools wrong it could be but we rarely see that why people are afraid of using
the tools wrong so much that they don't use the tools wrong that's the big
misconception out there that people like oh you need a trained professional no
you don't like the question right above here someone just said how well the dog
walks on a prong because of watching free videos so what I would do is be a little
bit more calculating not as heart not as heart centered more head centered
prong collar on the dog start the walk and go keep the dog in a proper heel and
if they don't like it go through the process we've had dogs that have been
miserable for the first week of a board and train and they do fine give
that a shot next Holly says loved Providence and
logged about 40,000 steps during T3 holy shit good for you Holly awesome hope things are better back in not better hope things are good in Arizona
it's hot she says yeah I know next we know that John Snow I like
saying that because it's like Game of Thrones right uh-huh
should a dog ever be off leash in public John yes but asterisks I'm not a big fan
of walking dogs off leash in crowded public places so if that's what you mean
by like like city centers farmers markets flee markets crowded areas I'm not a
big fan of it why number one all it takes is one mistake and we can all get
into the whole legalities of leash issues but still my opinion is if you've
got your dog underneath really good voice control but the problem is what
happens if there's always that what happens if you could always lose your dog but public places I mean I take my dogs to park that are public property and I run
them off leash all the time I take my dogs to the beach which is a public
beach there's nobody usually not a lot of
people there and I run my dogs all the time so I would say it also depends on
the if your dog is off leash trained or not meaning under voice control under
voice control with the back up of the remote collar that's even better next
all right Laurie how can you tell if a dog is
leash reactive towards other dogs or aggressive so the question is Laurie you
stated it but how do you know the dog how do you know it's not an aggressive dog it's
just least reactive which is sort of what you said the only way to know is
you got to take you got to drop the leash that's it yeah so we one of the
one of the most intense leash reactive dogs that I ever worked with went to
doggy daycare every day it was this 90-pound Rottie
went to doggy daycare played with all the dogs never got into a fight you put
it on a leash it saw a dog it was like holding on for dear life
dog reared up barking its head off you would think it's the most aggressive dog
now can the dog display aggressive tendencies and even be aggressive
meaning bite or start a fight on a leash when it's fine off of leash yes it can
absolutely absolutely but the only way to really know is you have to have the
dog off leash don't try that with someone else's dog and don't try that
unless you know that break up a dog fight don't try that in so you can really
leave the dogs so that's usually the difference next Oh Holly thanks Holly I
love my shirt too I think Holly might be my long-distance pen pal very nice yeah
yeah I need a BFF from AZ yeah she's like my spirit animal Joseu AZBFF
Arizona best friend forever AZBFF but I don't like the AZ it's AZ I
know but the problem is you think of ass I'm thinking of it how my grandfather
used to say you're an asshole oh so no no okay brings back bad
memories okay it's just not appropriate next Joseu
it's Josh Josue so it is Josh Oh awesome or Joshua you weren't wrong Jeff oh I
worked with Tara everyone calls me Josh okay I will call you Josh too okay I'm
gonna call you Josue next that's disrespectful Siobhan hey Jeff and Linda
for the most part I see dogs on two point two five millimeter prongs I saw on
an older video you might start dogs on three point zero what is the reason for
this and how do you know when to move down sizes thank you Siobhan that's a
really good question um usually I think we use more two point two fives now than
we used to so that's a fact why I think the more
skilled you become as a trainer you can usually use a smaller prong I think we
add the remote collar quicker so you can add that you can you then do the two
to five usually dog 45 pounds and under it's going to be on the two two five
unless you got yourself like one of these pocket pities or like these you
can easily have a 45 pound bully breed it's like short and thick low to the
ground that dog might need a 3 millimeter to start out with but a lot
of these times you can graduate them to a two two five next uh Holly how do you
explain to a client while why you are not petting loving on their dog when you
first meet them because Holly that's the best way to get bit that's why pets so
this is the thing number one what I always do is this you got an
out-of-control dog you're there for obedience training or
even behavior mod you asked them so how long you been petting your dog for Oh
geeze I've been petting since I got it how is that working out for you right how is
that working out for you you say just like that so how's that working out for
you so this is the thing petting can hurt as well as help it's a
great way to get bit it's a great way to put too much pressure on a dog last time
I got bit I was delivering a food reward at a seminar it's been a long time dog
was muzzled up good thing I was I was literally coming in from underneath
with a food reward dog went after my hand think about it so oftentimes a pet
can trigger a bite also you can also instill fear in the dog and because why
they could be head shy also you don't know anything about it also you can pet
the dog and it gets all ramped up and it jumps up on you and now you have to
correct / punished so you know you're you're it's imagine you know any
of my teachers out there it's like you don't smile before Christmas and you're
not nice to the class before Christmas you're really structured right establish
establish the hierarchy of the class establish the rules the consequences get
everybody in line then come Christmas smile be a little bit nicer or else
we're gonna manipulate the hell out of you that's why next I don't know what
you mean by that Christmas thing it's just December so they go to school
September October November and everything is really firm and structured
then comes December and the teacher warms up a little bit go Jason hey
Jason what should I do if my dog doesn't always want to eat his kibble I want to
make him work for his food like you guys do at your board and train facility but
he's rarely interested in his food so Jason just to let you know that if
you got a dog with low food drive oh well first off only feed it through
training you might go over feeding the dog too so only feed the dog through
training so what you do is is the first couple of days like a dog people
struggle with this concept like I'm just watching National Geographic with you
know the other other other predator animals
is dog can go a couple of weeks without food now we don't do that we don't do
that and we don't withhold food from dogs just to let you know but you work
for your food so we get a lot of nervous and fearful dogs and like there's your
food it's right there and you have to use a motivator so some folks are like
well I want I don't want to do that I want to let them eat out of the food
bowl but you need to find motivation and food is a powerful motivation if you
don't have food you might have to use more compulsion compulsion is
technically force so to me I'd rather get a dog motivated any way I can
because we only have a certain time to get them at least going so don't feed the
dog out of a bowl only feed them through food and if they don't want to take it
that day don't give it to them at the end of the day they'll be fine just make
sure dogs need water they need water they'll live with it they can live
with half portions for a while quarter portions for a while I mean most
dogs are overweight but you know most dogs that we get they'll do food if
they're really nervous about taking food from your hand you can always put the
food like on the ground in front of them so after you give your marker for what
you want you can put it on the ground some dogs are just little bit nervous
taking from your hand next uh spin a spur I have a senior dog and I'm getting
an eight week old puppy soon any tips oh cool yeah ton ton tons of tips where'd
you go hold on tons of tips number one when you're you got your puppy might
piss off your dog that's what a bottom line is the puppy's gonna be really
playful it's gonna get into this the other dog's face
ideally the dog just goes rrrhhh like get the F out of here you little puppy you
know and then the puppy goes oh my gosh so the worst thing in the world and they
run off but they'll come back don't worry you do have to watch out that your
older dog doesn't harm the dog that could happen but you know when you get
older you don't want to be bothered usually you don't want to be bothered so
but what I would do is massive structure just structure structure structure be
ready for not a lot of sleep raising a puppy is really hard next Josh yes but here's my question my four
month old GSD pit mix jumps fences however she only does it if she sees my
girlfriend leave I guess she's trying to go with her
I shouldn't E Collar her yet right she's just turned four months old well what
I would do though is you're gonna have to cuz your dog can run away and hit by
a car so I would or I put a leash on the dog let it get to the end of the leash
but I would rather use a remote collar and you know we don't use remote collars
on higher levels for obedience at that age but for a dog trying to jump a fence
you have to you have to you have to make it suck to jump fences or theoretically
I would never have a 16 week old dog off leash that it could do that I'd have
always I'd always have it out of a long line I would never give I would never
give a 16 week old dog that much freedom next to this one's from Ryan hey Ryan
hi you guys are awesome thank you do you guys know any dog trainers in Northern
California I have a dog that's leash reactive even with the prong collar he
pulls like crazy at the sight of dogs bummer
you know what I might I mean I don't know and nobody's if anyone puts links
up here I've got to delete them because I don't know anything about these people
they might be great dog trainers but I don't know them so please don't put
links up here because we have to delete all links that get put up on my youtube
live because for all I know you're sending people to a Viagra ad and I'm and
you know I sell those on the side so I don't want you to blow up his spot
don't you blow up my spot but you can give I would I would email Sean the
good dog so email Sean ask him he's out in California I'm sure
he knows some of his colleagues up north next the Zeke hi we have an older dog
and she has had sorry a recent change in behavior she has become highly reactive
to guests even after meeting them she acts like guests is a stranger every
time they enter a room so Z depends on what you mean by older dog your dog
check your dog's eyesight check your dog's hearing it could be an eyesight
thing either way though if your dog is blind or deaf no free passes so the best
way to stop that is to yes obviously how do you stop a
dog from reacting to guests you got to do it through punishment so what I would
do is I would do a two-fold thing number one teach your dog the place command the
place command is go to a dog bed but again we don't want to use obedience to
fix an unwanted behavior but at least now you'll have something to also do we
don't direct redirect we don't say don't bark go over there it's like we say stop
barking and by the way go lie down over there so what we'll do is keep a leash
on the dog ideally remote collar correct to the
remote collar correct with a bonker I don't have a bonker I didn't bring one today but bonker is
a rolled-up towel but you can hear a lot of stuff that a lot of people say oh no
then it'll be afraid of humans no it won't then we get more aggressive
towards humans no it won't that's all this imagined harm anybody
that says that is never done it properly and they probably don't know what
they're doing because we do it all the time and it stops it next okay Kayla
regular Jeff I'm so frustrated with my dog I bought the e-collar and it's been
beneficial but it hasn't fixed reactivity I'm so ready to just buy a
bark collar and take a trip through the town to end it you could do that but a
bark collar only goes off on the reactivity which is fine but if you're
gonna buy a bark collar and you already have an E Collar
you could do the same thing right so bark collars are only good for when
you're not in the room so if you're gonna walk your dog through with a bark
collar you might as well just use the e collar so chances are you're
underwhelming the dog you're underwhelming the dog and you're waiting
till the dog is already aroused you've got to shut down the nonsense at the
intent got it at the intent the sooner you're walking your dog keep your dog in
a proper heel when we're out of the house we're gone maximum five hours
watched and followed your videos on separation anxiety but still she's do
monitor the food and water number one make sure you're not over feeding the
dog number two serve of a better quality food I mean you can I serve
hey I serve you know I'm on the raw diet and and one of my dogs has had
accidents before but it doesn't happen all the time where I can connect it to
me leaving it just like you I missed I missed a signal probably and
they pooped in the crate it might have happened to girl a couple weeks ago you
know but that's just like you know shame on me I just wasn't paying attention but
then again I wasn't there so what I would do is also for anxiety practice a
lot of down stays in the crate even when you are there and and down stays in the
crate with a door open when you are there with the door closed and then also
do lots of obedience drills where you hold your dog accountable outside of the
crate and then inside the crate it's more of a calm it's more of a calming
area also start doing long duration stuff long duration never let your dog
do any OCD or spinning behaviors in the crate next Baker the Hut
hey Baker adopted a five month old two weeks ago have been using the prong
collar to teach leash manners when would you advise testing walking through her
public to her through public places such as Bass Pro to see how she does oh no
Bass Pro can can be a mess not not mess dogs up wrong choice of words it's
slip the floor of like these big box stores can make dogs really really
nervous what I would do is I would see how your dog does on exterior
environmental first exterior environmentals are going to be more like
crowds so how well does your dog do in the crown but this is the thing walk in a
Bass Pro spend 30 seconds walk out see how it goes there you go next Jamal
Linda I don't know how you're not laughing at this guy Jamal we've been
together for 18 years I know all his shenanigans I know all his shenanigans
that's all I'm saying keep it real Jamal every time I take my
clothes off she laughs her ass off that's funny so don't worry there's
plenty of laughter that comes from her next what …

Marks hackles up or his head
low and hackles up the collar makes a huge …but boy for a Punisher it's it's
it's well-timed its firm you can adjust your levels we like to E Collar
technology one just go and buy them on Amazon you buy it from us you know but
they're usually cheaper on Amazon but if you appreciate what I'm doing
oh by the way there's a little dollar sign at the bottom here every once in a
while someone will throw some cash our way for these freakin shows because they
appreciate the stuff becomes a super chat your question gets answered at the
top of the line but I would get yourself a remote collar next um Kurt
when using E Collar correction with mini educator at level 30 dog audibles
and stops behavior every time but doesn't deter him from doing it again do
I need to turn up on the level so here's a good question audibles can be
deceiving I've had dogs that like will make it like Kyra is very vocal she'll
make a yip and she's also got like she's very sensitive dog meanwhile she can hit
a tree bounce off of it and keep chasing the ball so it's she's an
interesting dog but don't let the audible fool you obviously none of us
want to harm our dogs and I'm at the top of the list but if your dog keeps
repeating it either they don't understand what you want which is
possible but or it's not it's not firm enough it's not firm enough I mean you
know you got to figure out what the motivator is and if you're trying to
stop certain unwanted behaviors discomfort an intolerable an
intolerable situation can stop it especially on some leash reactivity
jumping counter surfing you know obviously aggression so that could be it
or your dog might not know what you want which is possible so I'd have to look
more about your at your training program to see what you're exactly doing
next Jason are there effective ways to train a recall without food reward tons
remote collar training you don't need to use food I didn't use I didn't use food for
probably the first eight years of my training career listen to my old shows I
was against food because I was never shown how to properly do it so my ego is
so big that I was I was I wasn't I wasn't interested in learning I got a
lot of hate from a lot of food trainers and I was getting good results with just
using compulsion and and then I finally found someone that actually does food
training that was I respected and that was nice so but a lot of times
I don't use food I don't use food to train recall I don't use food to train
my dogs they like the ball but you can just use yep just use you can just use a
remote collar remote collar and praise next Lisa
hey Lisa really hoping to make it out to Seattle for your training weekend I
looked up the information but I was hoping you could tell a bit more about
how it goes for example are these eight-hour days
yes so Lisa actually there are two eight-hour days and even if you don't
bring a dog you'll learn a ton and I have no agenda I talk for well I talk the
whole time but I've pretty much given opening speech for ten minutes
and then I start working dogs that's it literally that's what I do and I work
dogs and i don't stop till they're all done
the first day is a lot of one-on-one the second day is group because I need to
know about the dogs you'll see dogs of all different you know and you won't
have the worst dog if you think you've got the worst dog you won't have the
worst dog what I do is I everything I teach one dog will apply to you and your
dog like it's all you know it's all universal so yes it's there's an hour
for there's an hour break for lunch foods included lunch and snacks are
included and they're there they're long days they're long days but I don't stop
I literally I don't stop so they're a lot of fun a lot of fun next they're
great so see you out in Seattle it's gonna be a good one we're almost selling out I think there's a couple tickets left next
this one's from Nathan hi Jeff and Linda my dog's body language is tense around
other dogs when they invade his space he snaps how would I relax his body
language E Collar correction if so mid…

Fitter away from the situation you got
to teach your dog how to move away from the pressure it's pressure so hackles go up
dog shows its teeth dog snaps why they want to push the pressure away from you
you need to teach the dog hey whoa whoa whoa whoa
we got other ways to do this come on over here and what'd you do
remote collar leash pressure next I don't know what's
up with that accent 6 foot fence yeah all right it's time to it's time to
correct that dog next hey Missy Mae hey Missy Mae
hi guys clients took a long time effort into desensitization and even had Shiba
at firework display on the 4th on the way home super loud and close fireworks
sent dog into a shaking fit yeah now every night repeats so what you're doing
so what's happening is if I read it right the dog was sort of doing a great job
being desensitized from the from the from the fireworks and then on the way
home it freaked out again it could have been it could have been it felt it was
contained I don't know I wasn't there it could have been that the dog was I was
in motion maybe so it wasn't thinking about it they had it doing other things
so it's mine was moved off to the side doing something else so there could be a
lot a lot of different variables a lot of different variables so next Grant hey
Grant how do I ask Jeff a question Grant you just did and you put a question mark
after it buddy so Grant just type it in your thing but
we but we got a lot of questions below you so just might take me a little
bit to get there all right well yeah you just you just did you just asked me a
question next this one's from Philippe hey Philippe hi
I have two seven-month-old schnauzers when I walk them separately everything
goes well but when they are together it's a mess they bark at people and try
to chase every dog they see ain't that funny how that happens sort of like kids
right so seven-month-old dogs you got your
work cut out for you it sounds like you might have got him from the same litter
I know what's done is done but that's what's gonna happen two dogs equals six
dogs so one dog by itself when dog by itself is one in one put them together
it's six and it's a shit show so what I would do is I would tighten up your
individual heeling tighten up your individual heeling then what you need to
do is they're there they're there they're entered they're working off each
other energy it just let you know it's a very
common issue you are not alone by the way nobody's alone nobody's alone here
like I haven't seen any new questions yet it's the same stuff over and over
which I love don't get me wrong but I'm just saying though all this stuff is
typical all this stuff is typical that's why I'm sort of matter-of-fact in how I
how I answer my questions because we've seen it so many times so what you do is
tighten up your heel even better so I don't want your dogs if they're walking
one by one with you I don't even want them scanning got it
no scanning at all no pulling at all no arousal at all because then when you
walk two of them what you got to do is you got to find whoever it's there's
always only one that's gonna be worse than the other there's always one that's
a little bit like trying to get ahead nobody's ahead train them to follow you
which means they're walking a little bit behind you
next hmm Zeke says thanks for the suggestion I will give it a shot oh
you're welcome Nathan hi guys when I give a command to
my dog he gets overexcited by going through a cycle of tricks E Collar
correction if so working or fishing level if not how do I proof okay so your
dog actually doesn't understand the command the dogs working for the reward
most likely your dog's working for the reward so which you can do if you're
doing like clicker food training and you want to teach your dog new stuff you're
just like you live like wait till they do something you want this is what I
would do I would do okay you know you don't do fishing for that fishing is a
whole nother category fishing is not used usually to stop an unwanted
behavior in the moment because it takes a little bit of time to do it
we mostly do fishing for crate nonsense when we're trying to figure out what
levels to work them at but if your dog is going through all this stuff keep a
leash on the dog so this is the thing just cuz you're using a remote collar at
the beginning if your dog doesn't know what you're talking about
keep a leash on the dog got it leash on the dog say you tell the dog to down say
you tell the dog to sit and it lies down you can say no and pop it up right next
Holly says RV seminar so worth it heather says Lisa singer I've been to
multiples of his RV seminar and they are great worth every hour and
dollar awesome cool Josh how young can you board and train a pug can't wait to
see you in San Diego max might be issue free by then who said that Josh green but you skipped a bunch that's why then no I didn't yeah no I didn't okay anyway so I
actually had to cancel the last five the last five oh no how young do you boarded
me justice I'm sorry wrong one um actually I had to cancel the last
five seminars of the year not because of ticket sales because I can't get away
from Providence so I can't get away from Providence this winter I can't
something something happened that I can't get away so I'll be on the my last
seminar is I'll be in Seattle because I'm flying to it and then I'm gonna be
doing you can see my go to my RV trainer now but I had to cancel Texas Arizona
Denver California and Las Vegas and it's in it's I've never had to do such a
broad cancelization but I literally can't get away so I've got to stay at my
company for the next year solid and then stay home for the next year solid
there'll be some that I might be flying to so I might be able to reschedule some
stuff but right now I just had to ASAP as soon as I found out I had it to stop it
so I won't be there and I apologize next okay dog pays no attention to prong go
to e-collar or you could even Beverly Beverly yeah
you definitely can Bev but also you might be using it wrong but if your dog
is totally blowing off a prong you can bonk the dog to get its attention a
bonker's a towel it's gonna be it's a Punisher just to get the dog to be like
whoa I better pay attention to my owner but a lot of times dogs get so aroused
that like nothing matters so a remote collar E Collar shock collar same
thing can over can overpower that next okay Jay Fontaine you're funny Josh
can't that one sorry Jays Fontaine one my dog keeps trying to give me from burglarizing
my neighbor's how do I keep him from being so persuasive let him know what
they let him know that if you're caught you'll end up in jail and nobody will
feed him that should change his mind next or you'll break in the wrong
person's house and you won't make it home and no one's feeding the dog next okay
this says can't wait see you in San Diego but it's a different question got
it max my one and a half year old GSD is
almost perfect now thanks to your videos however I still want to attend the
seminar awesome I'm not gonna be there well plus he gave us a dollar 99 where I didn't see that stuff down below thank you someone just hit that dollar sign dollar 99 I'll take that mama needs shoes that's more than I've paid for some lap dances next oh nice a toy review hey Jeff nine
months GSD 81 81 pounder loves to bark at dogs on walks should I try to
look away no correct it with a remote tell him
knock it off correct it with a prong knock it off got it don't redirect
punish it's gonna get worse seven-month-old they got a big get a big
dog they're at 81 pounds at seven months old so make sure like first of all let's
make sure that dogs not overweight there are some larger GSD is out there it
might not be but a lot of folks have got German Shepherd dogs will let him get a
little bit on the heavy side so be super super careful about that
it's not good for their hips not good for their you know a lot of the a lot of
the lot of their health but what I want you to do is this teach the dog NO
with a remote next this is Sasha Elvira oh wow cool it is there a
way to stop my dog pulling I trained my puppy to come how do I stop my dog oh
that's easy get yourself a prong collar prong collar
if you're brand new to my world I have never seen your name before so if you're
bad into my world if you're brand new to balance training some of the tools we
use our prong collars remote collars we also use food and clickers but a prong collar
could be the easiest way to start your journey onto the not pulling dog if
you're if you've never seen one they do look barbaric
but they don't harm a dog I've never seen a dog harm I've trained over 4,000
dogs on prongs they've never been harmed before and that's gonna give you a lot
of leverage so I've got videos on how to size it how to start using it and that's
that's how you're gonna do it that's one of the ways it's the simplest way next
um this one's from Josh I got max from my local shelter by the way he was so
bad thank you thank you next the photo god hey photo god I have to scroll down having trouble with heeling even after prong and E Collar Corrections how do I
become more interesting to my dog so he'll follow me instead of out front
scanning um the photo god what I want you to do is go to my YouTube channel in
my YouTube box search look for just type in 1 8 0 and it's a it's a video with a
Rottweiler I think the 180 move and it's it's I get
a lot of shit for it because it's a lot of pressure on a dog but guess what
works like a charm works like a charm next also teach
about remote collar heel which is a different protocol but the 180 move is a
great way to boom get that dog to walk behind you next this one's from Nathan hey Nathan hi Jeff and Linda my dog gets overexcited with
high-pitched whines when going to my parents house they know to ignore and I
have dog in place any time I E correct everybody keeps asking me how do I stop
how do I stop how do I stop so if you're brand new to my world you know we use a

pexels photo 5749780

And I don't like to quote science because most people don't get it right
we use a lot of positive reward based training when we want to train wanted
behaviors but in order to stop an unwanted behavior you have to use
punishments if you don't use punishment in your training program your dog is
gonna actually struggle it'll struggle with duration it'll
struggle with stopping unwanted behaviors so 90% of our day our
training center is rewards 10% though is the most important which is
stopping the unwanted behavior so what I would do is I would use a bonker a
bonker is a towel wrapped up you would say no bonk take the arousal out of the
dog next ok this one's from Chevy I always get so excited when I see the red
live bitton me too ECollar pressure sores but not on longer than six hours too tight
or allergy possibly allergic reaction get the nickel free ones or get the
comfort pads next Aiya girl my seven month old OES what's that Old English
Sheepdog I love how you know on these please I don't know them all I'm like
whatever plays but sometimes will accidentally bite my kids while playing
so you got yourself a big dog there what you're gonna do is your dog was
likely it's over aroused he's also seven months old so he needs
to have an on/off switch let's make sure we get this under control right now
what's happening is you know your dogs are probably between the dogs and that
your dogs and your kids your dog and your kids probably get them all worked up
and excited that's what kids do with dogs right your dog this is not a handle
it uses his mouth inappropriately which they do so what you need to do is
start giving your dog an on/off switch and make sure that the kids also know
right now don't get the dogs so excited until the dog learns better impulse
control the thing is I don't want the children necessarily to be punishing the
dog so the punishment for biting has to be
sort of in the moment when it's happening I know I wouldn't want them to
do it I want an adult to do that so what you can do is you can start getting him
riled up if you want to he puts his mouth on you you can use a Punisher
which could be a bonker but what now it's like you sort of have to like
advocate for the dog and teach it about boundaries
next mm this one's from Beverly is there a particular temperament dog that will
react badly to being bonked guess it makes me uneasy so Bev the only thing we've
ever seen is some ever once and a while a dog will go into defense so with I've
bonked so many dogs and I think maybe there's one dog cuz I bonked him
from the front he was the owner had the leash but if you bonk if you bonk from
the heel position I'm not seeing it all I'm seeing is dogs is just do better
work but remember it's not just one thing there's like a lot of other stuff
you got to do so you can't just go around you can't just let the dog get
away with everything in just bonk it once in a while if you feel like it
you got to be like lots of rules lots of structure hold the dog accountable bonk
for things that are unacceptable next Kayla um lately my pure positive
aunt has been telling me that zoo keepers use clickers so I shouldn't need
my e-collar how do I even explain the difference to
her is that a good point I'm stumped so Kayla you don't explain anything to your aunt at all because they're not
connected so I'd love to see them take their clicker and by the way we use
clickers so for full clarification we use clickers zoo animals are are
captured they're in jail they only eat if they do something got it
try that out in the freaking tundra you'll get killed by the animal so
that's the stupidest comparison in the world
it's like sea animals yeah it's a killer whale in a fish tank
they only eat when they perform I'm not going to even get into the political
aspect if I agree with zoos or agree with aquariums that's not what it's
about what it's about is they only eat if they
do what you want and they're contained animals big effing deal have your aunt
come down to my training center try that out don't have her come down but stop
discussing it with her don't discuss it talk about anything else besides that
next don't have her come down yes okay See M hi See M oh my god you're live
this is amazing love you both thank you for doing that
thanks See M cute Lisa was practicing a sit while interacting with another pet
parent that pet parent then allowed her dog to press into mine mine reacted
growling teeth bounced out of it out of sit should have
corrected my dog since she was pressured yes and no but I would have also kept
the other dog away from yours your dog might not have been ready for it so
advocate for your dog next uh skin ma something yeah skin ma GC Canada how
do I get my 100 pound lab from barking when he is playing he is 2 and has
had the tendency to bark to ask for stuff I do have the remote and a prong
collar but he's still excited and doesn't work so if the prong the prong
collar the dogs playing that means he's probably off leash so the remote
collar is gonna work by stopping the barking so if you use it properly
which is probably remember when the dog is aroused they don't feel low low low
numbers usually so don't worry about the number so if I had a dog that was
barking its head off demanding things of me or like sitting there barking like
come out and like throw the ball or give me the tug or come out play I'd be
like no no it's not on my calendar right now all right what I would do is I
correct the dog would go oh so barking barking sucks right yeah barking sucks
you do that next ah Drew says hey Jeff hey Drew hey next one from another
one from schema I train I train with something for walking and he's really
good but when he wants to play he's just too worked up and the methods don't work
the methods work you just have to adjust them your dog is aroused so the dog is
aroused therefore you've got up your game got it gotta up your game
that's where punishment comes in because the dog is dogs if a dogs being leash
reactive it won't take food you can I'm not
against using food we use food all the time you can use food to heel a dog so
use food to heel a dog but as soon as he gets aroused and reactive the food
doesn't work anymore it's the same thing once the dog is aroused and over
a threshold all the stuff you're doing to teach the behavior is out the window so
what do you have to do punish then you can go back to teaching next so everyone
has to learn how to de-arouse a dog the magic is everyone needs to learn how to
stop an unwanted behavior right now and that's a great question if you're
looking for a dog trainer you can ask them how do you stop un unwanted
behavior immediately they should be able to answer that in one word it's called
punishments so you should be able to answer that in one word punishments so
that's how you stop unwanted behaviors and so your dog is aroused nothing else
is gonna work all your normal motivators won't work for the dog next this one's
from Heather hearts hey Heather hearts my dog is E collar and prong trained he
heels like a pro but she's and heels like a pro sorry but she is scared of
passing trucks and buses and she pancakes how do I fix this
keep moving I've worked with so many dogs that pancake keep moving got it so
let's go or heel move your dog move your dog at the beginning you might want
to try south north east west what I mean by that is you're walking say you're
walking and you don't have to be walking north but it's like we know we all know
what like north south east west is right so say you're walking north the dog
pancakes what I want you to do is go on the other side of the dog walk south see
if the dog gets up if that doesn't work head east that doesn't work head west
get the dog to move once the dog is moving go back into your original
direction next this one's from CM hey CM seven-month-old rescue lab mix
extremely fearful of people best way to counter condition him sounds about right
so you're a nice little stage of your dog's life the best thing I would do cm
is make sure you're using the proper tools what we consider proper tools
remote collar heel your dog remote collars can override so many fear issues and a
lot of times people are like so you're shocking a a fearful dog that
sounds mean no dog can only think of one thing at a time
alright so what the goal is is you're telling the dog and you can use by the
way you can also use fear to rehabilitate fearful dogs how do we know
we do it all the time successfully over and over and over again
so what you're doing is you can't be rational with a fearful dog right so
you've got to take charge and be like let's go so what I would do is if you're
using a prong collar and a remote collar food won't work because if you give the dogs
truly afraid they won't take food by petting the dog verbal praise dog
doesn't hear toy dog doesn't canre remember there's only so many things you
can do in dog training you've got to find the motivator so when it comes down
to a lot of fearful dogs believe it or not sometimes compulsion force that's
which is not a bad word is what it's going to take you need to work the dog
through it so a lot of times for counter conditioning if you're trying to use
clicker and food is what we use they won't be receptive to it why they're
afraid the best thing to do with that fearful dog around people is …

where am i Jake hello any insight on what you're cooking up for videos I saw
your post on Instagram Jacob ya I'm looking for a part-time leading to full-time video
person in house in house so I want someone to start documenting more of our
work I want somebody to take more video but the biggest thing is edit video I
got so much content that I never get edited I got a lot to say I got a lot to
share I got a lot to teach but it's not edited and then we just have to edit it
for usually time I mean it takes take somebody to take a lot of my clips turn
them into 1 minute clips for Instagram I need to do it in short story form for
Facebook I need to do it in longer story form for YouTube so things like that
next I want to be able to create more I want to be able to create more free
content more free content next Kathy bonkers our amazing painless and quick
yep they sure are cm how do you begin to cap a dog's prey Drive um at the first
sign we don't want to get rid of a dog's prey Drive my dogs have got high high
prey Drive I'm not interested in eliminating it some people will say you
actually can't but that's open for discussion but that's not we're talking
about I'm not interested in eliminating my dog's prey drive I'm interested in
controlling my dog's prey Drive so to me my dogs have incredible
drive so if what they're gonna do is say they want to UM say my dogs want to say
chase of rabbits it the first sign of it punisher with a remote got it and guess
what they'll chase balls just fine or what i
can do is take a ball throw it but make sure that they don't get it until you
release them so if they go get it before I release them I would use a Punisher
and guess what then I would give them the release word and they went run like
hell towards it so I'm not gonna eliminate the prey drive it's more about
controlling it certain things you don't want it chasing chasing things like
squirrels rabbits deer you're on it with a dead dog running into the bush next hi
Melissa how are you tonight hey Melissa um finished fur preparing myself for
puppy best ways to stop puppy biting what I would what I would do that stick
your finger stick your thumb into its throat and push down do that you don't
use a barker Melissa Shannon yep do you have any tips to teach prong collar
collar to older owners who may have some arthritis aka timing as fat um yeah you
do all the training and put it make sure the dogs on punishment mode you do all
the training and so the dogs off of prompt and then if it doesn't listen
they just push a button that's what I would do next
oh um Nathan continuing I don't know where the last part just just just read
it dog's body language is tense around
other dogs is there a way to teach the dog to ignore as opposed to avoiding as
you recommend he avoids the dog however when when followed he snaps does
Boehner's tense form of the dogs is one way to February as opposed to a boy okay
so what I would do is teach the dog better coping skills what I would do is
you got to advocate for the dog so this is a two-pronged thing that's why you
see us with dressage whips we've got just dressage whips and what we do is
your dog you'll guide away the other dog you'll gently move away with yourself
what you're doing is are teaching the dog then to avoid conflict to bend that
you can teach that dog then it can move away from pressure now eventually you
want to introduce that dog but it's stiff its bark but do some gentle
sniffing make sure you got plenty of singles and fives on you please you know
and then what you're going to do is you're going to be able to then have a
dog it goes okay so if I'm uncomfortable I can move away from pressure and you
move the other dog but you're you're you're you're slowly advocating for me
and teaching me how to advocate for it that's what we do as we do in our
socialization next Canada you probably need to get a stronger Remote our next
Louis Saka how do you correct bad behavior when you leave the dog alone in
the house that's that's a really great question
so create the dog crate the dog I mean if there's to me that's the easiest
thing to do is so but if the unwanted behavior is barking you put a bark
collar on it if you don't want to behavior is trying
to get out of the crate you set up a video camera and you have a remote tower
on the dog and then you leave the house your remote collar works up to a half a
mile away you've got your video camera whether it's a nanny cam cam or as a
camera that's on your phone you know security camera and if your dog starts
trying to break out of the crate use the remote power to punish that all the
information here about they're saying oh if you punish your dog in a crate and
I'll hate its crate no it already is it's great no whoa
so those are the two big ones barking too much and trying to get out of a
crate but if you're like Jeff how do you stop a dog from ripping down the blinds
when you're when you leave the house my response would be crate your dog and
that's not avoiding the blind issue it's just smart dog ownership because your
dog could die you're not gonna die next cm how do you teach a two and a half
year old GSD to exit the indoor create calmly when he has been conditioned by
previous owner to exit his outdoor account in a high arousal state ready to
work keep a leash on the dog slow down so slow keep pressure on the
leash dog comes out puttin it down put it in a sit next is that Ernie Bernie
yep dog has no issue with storms loud noises
but fireworks are really bad even when they're very faint to us how do you
introduce noise awareness to get past this that could be a hard one what
you're gonna do is start downloading downloading sounds so since our
downloading sounds from the Internet of all the different environmental that are
out there fireworks being a big one put it in a low setting work the dog you can
do a couple of things you can work the dog while you're playing the noise that
you can probably put in a higher setting and then also teach duration go to a
place bed lie down and be calm so what we do is we will correct / punish your
dog for any sort of neurotic behavior running around the house sitting up OCD
behaviors then what we do is we correct that and then we say hey go do this next
Frank Bush hello Jeff and Linda from British Columbia hey what's up Frank
thanks Melissa for posting that link to the patreon the patreon page there and
when you click on that and join it from 322 MSG next cm says thank you welcome
Heather hearts we're using the Eco to reduce the arousal around buses and
trucks help it's so how would you use it hi stim to bring her down yes next Ernie
dog has extreme separation anxiety destroying crates chewing doorknobs when
he gets out probably helped him to relax when we leave got it so Ernie the best
thing to do is I've got really strict protocols on this so you might have to
get a strong crate they make crates and all different like qualities it's maybe
a remote collar protocol though it's gonna be a remote power protocol what
you want to do is you want to make this AB is a bunch of stuff you can do hold
the dog accountable I'll tell you what I'm gonna do this is a long answer I'm
gonna do a tip of the day on this buddy crate issues tip of the day because
we're running out of time we're running out of time Ernie I'm going to do a tip
of the day the next two day on this or look out for it it'll be on my Facebook
page next um Shh Missy Mae what's the best way to get
the Shiba through its firework phobia now that every night without fireworks
that becomes very fearful I'm you have to like I just saw Missy I answered that
question about the thunderstorms a little bit earlier you got to get their
dog getting a soundtrack of it and then start counter commissioning protocol but
you correct any nonsense about running around
next please Nathan hi again sorry for all the questions and I appreciate all
the help dog heals beside me doesn't break
however his tail is high up an ear pert should move towards a new neutral tails
and you yeah use the real power for that arousal next Stan hi Jeff I've been
feeding my dog raw chicken mixed with kibble and an egg what do you think
about feeding raw in Europe oh I'm a huge fan get rid of the damn kibble
though you're defeating the purpose Nathan you're defeating the purpose
don't mix wrong with kibble you know Amy I mean it's not the worst thing to do
just go to just go to raw just go to raw you know all kinds of organ meat I'm
lucky I've got a great butcher down the street for me I get all kinds of organ
meats so you want to do organ meat I'm not an expert of nutrition at all I'm
the furthest thing from it I'm a student actually a very young students in the
raw but I would do raw food I'm a huge advocate my dogs eat raw next chubby
Dona what's up buddy next yeah I'm looking thank you Jeff for all your
videos you'd help me you're welcome Kelly Ernie we should
really appreciate the no BS straightforward responses you're awesome
Thank You Ernie look you're welcome life's too short and there's a bunch of
bullshit going on there because everyone's trying to sound like a nice
dog trainer even the ones that are using punishments they want to be the nice
friendly Punishers I'm a nice friendly Punisher too but I'm not gonna pick and
sugarcoat this shit because dogs are freaking dying or in owners are
struggling and dogs are being surrendered because everybody wants to
is afraid of like telling the truth no you won't get that for you're gonna get
that for me is just the truth so that's why I turn off a lot of people it seemed
a gave us a bunch of hearts nice thank you sue me
Oh it's Stephanie who stuff stuff I haven't caught you guys live in
a while I saw Facebook live earlier for the first time in a while so glad to
catch you both tonight thanks for still giving the info awesome staff love you
miss that girl I know I remember that back in the day back in the day it's
like who's date night with her ha ha ha Humira Stephie get married yet no Solly
for a long 3:21 laqad love your channel how do I teach my five month old pug to
obey without food thanks you can start doing I'm easy
you start students start with food and then start doing variable rewards and
then start doing no food rewards and start doing punishment for lack of
compliance only unknown commands unknown commands next Sophia hey Sophia hi Jeff
we have just started using a prone color on our ten month old Rottweiler nice it
has made the world of difference yeah Kendall Roddy and he is now a pleasure
to walk thank you so much Sophia man I don't know what your life was like
before that but I've worked with a lot of rotties I'm glad you figure that one
out I'm really glad you put it that way next Jon Snow gonna be in Southern
California anytime soon it might not be nothing planned I'm usually there for
Thanksgiving this year every year and I do a seminar out that I Drive my RV
across the country and then back I had to cancel that tour just because of few
personal things I might not even make it out there for Thanksgiving this year we
still have to figure that out so I don't know next cm best way to stop a dog from
lunging and barking at skateboarders II call it does nothing the coward high
enough does something so it's possible that your um it's possible that your
underwhelming your dog but also start using distance you start with distance
it's not a b8e protocol b.t protocols take too long and most of the time they
don't work so what I want you to do is but you definitely utilize distance at
first but also it's not a skateboard issue it's an arousal issue its arousal
issue so we've got very specific protocols on how we stop that and it's
done with the remote collar it's absolutely done with punishment but
also then what we do is we you if you diminish the arousal in the
dog when it sees a skateboarder when it sees a skateboarder oh shit it's a bit
of an hour in five minutes we have to we have to sign off on this
we've you seen our um our fifty minutes you ought to diminish the arousal in the
dog and that will make life a lot easier don't make life a lot easier um Jay
Hamlin looking forward to our Skype tomorrow awesome
Holly thank you thank you so much looking forward to patreon Q&A – this
one's from MMB B hi I will wait what's this no do I read this
yeah I'll review this video watch the service that watches my one year old
rescued dog is becoming worse lately he knows the recall command used to come
now he's going further and further and totally ignoring me outside
you don't figuring out that there's better things out there than you it
happens makes your dog normal next all right thanks Melissa for posting that
more V Mike hey Jeff just found out my wife is pregnant what steps should i
take to create a plan for getting my dog ready for the baby that's another one
that's another one hold on I got a baby proofing video go to cool dog tricks com
go to cool dog tricks calm I've got a video for sale it's I'm not trying to
get money out of you but um I got a specific baby proofing streaming video
the biggest thing is take away affection make sure your dog is crate trained
living in a crate at night when you're on home teachers the place command and
hold it accountable and no bed no furniture
that's basics next Evan yep I have a fearful Jack Russell eight years she has
some resource guarding issues to my other terrier
she will guard everything snap any advice teaching her to just exist around
other dogs yeah the way you stop go get my out command go to my video my youtube
channel featured on the out command next stuff he says lol still not married
Geoff alright and that note now you upset me actually maybe you didn't let
me drown the market will help me because I'm a
happily married man can we have a girlfriend I have a girl thing we don't
talk about that online that feels really nice
she's got a good job she's very pretty she's friendly
she might have a crush on me maybe a little weekend love okay all right guys
Jeff Jeff ends up with canine trainee now I'm looking around for something I
can throw normally you just elbow me all right welcome to the neighborhood my
rides here all right guys madly in love with you
Jeff Gelman saw a k9 training we'll talk to you later are you serious

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