Dog reacts to bicycles | When to start using an e collar | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #437

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you it's Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training this is my actually twice a week this is
a Saturday special a special show and using this microphone in here so you
talk louder than this one here yeah and this is my Q&A and I do a I try to
do at least a Monday Q&A and then I always try to do a one more it all
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Facebook at 9 o'clock that's my wife hey Brooklyn's toy review how are you if
you're in Brooklyn New York I love Brooklyn New York love it love it love it love it
I could I could absolutely live there actually I had a place in Park Slope I
had a tiny little office in Park Slope before because I do a ton of business in
New York there's so much so much business so
oh great no Swansea Oh Brooklyn maybe that's your name Brooklyn's in the house
got it's got it okay I got it but we got lady T's from Brooklyn I get it I get
it Swansea is nice so anyway anyway so this is what we're gonna do Josu says
hello well I call him Josu you can call him Josh it was opposite you
were calling him Josh and I was saying Jo soo and then it's Josh all right so
that's the name anyways okay anyway there's a great bakery in Brooklyn in
Park Slope that I went to and I forgot that I forgot the name of it I forgot
the name of it but anyway here we go if you brand new to
my show my name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training and I've got a dog training
facility up in Providence Rhode Island and we specialize in aggression rehab
and behavior modification we obviously train all your on leash and off leash
obedience as well but we specialize in a lot of hardcore anxiety fear nervousness
anxiousness aggression issues with dogs thanks honey and uh we're good at stopping unwanted behaviors I think you have to remember that most dog trainers this is not a
diss to dog trainers they're they train certain commands which is fine every dog
needs to learn those commands I mean everybody should learn them not a lot of
dog trainers though stop unwanted behaviors and even fewer stop
reactivity and aggression they just don't have the skill set which is not a
diss on them it just takes a lot of practice a lot of experience with lots
of you know aggressive you know aggressive dogs so if you're a brand new
to my world you'll hear me talk a lot about punishment on this show the reason
why we talk about punishments so much punishment is not abused punishment is
is part of the spectrum of dog training we've got rewards which motivates dogs to
do more of what you want and then you've got punishment which stops dogs from
doing what you don't want that's the only way to stop an unwanted behavior is
through a Punisher if someone wants to say no you could only do reward only you
can talk to you're blue in the face but you will just be blue in the face and
most of us that have done that know that it has limitations 90% of my day is
based on rewards because we want to train dogs all kinds of wonderful things
but when it comes to stopping things that's where punishment comes in so and
then you need to learn how to properly punish a dog in a helpful way that is
also going to work and that's the magic of learning proper punishment so Linda
let's get going this one's from Jake hey Jake when
passers-by on bicycles ride up behind us and my dog doesn't hear them coming
she will break heel and jump out of the way as they pass is this common how hard
do I correct for this response on well so number one yeah your dog is your dog is
startled I mean if they're riding right up your
dog's ass I mean I'd like to think they would make you know leeway what you
could do is I like to heel my dogs on the left but if my dog was in the middle
of a passing lane or a bike lane I would actually switch the sides of my
dog why god forbid a bicyclists didn't see my dog right and my dog got hit so
you know I I would I wouldn't want to be that now but if we're talking about if a
bike goes within you know two meters like two meters away from your dog
that's another that's another story and that's just by reinforcing the heel
command and proofing it around lots of bicycles so next next
this one's from Debbie my Aussie is just a year old how do you get him to take
treat out of your hand he grabs like he's never eaten before
okay so Debbie number one so the way you do it is number one is first of all if
your dog is gonna do that stop giving him treats right because every time your
dog I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna give the answer but I just want also people
to understand like my you know training philosophy in general every time you
allow your dog to successfully get away with that you are reinforcing the
command so theoretically and I know you don't want to but that's the point
whether you want to or not if the dog is doing it you are actually
training the dog to do it so this is what you do number one you can have the
food in your hand and you can keep a closed fist just like that
and then your dog will most likely at some point go oh that doesn't work and
then you can release like this but you would also if you want to you can just
do little tiny morsels or don't let go or you could correct the dog correct the
dog so you know and the way you would correct the dog is I would actually even
bonk the dog which is a towel wrapped up that won't everyone should actually
learn how to use a bonker which is a wrapped up towel and what you would be
doing is you'd be you know technically bonking it on the head and you're not
gonna hurt your dog it's just a towel if anybody struggles with that
like your hands getting bit right so that's what you're gonna do next
next from Kiki thanks for all your information and WWJD love them Oh
awesome Kiki thanks for being a fan next one's from Chevy hi peeps my GSD is
super sensitive to prong corrections sometimes it sends her over the edge and
she gets really hectic a trainer recommended the 4 millimeter prong as
it's more blunt I guess thoughts I mean I've never used more than a three
millimeter prong collar in my life and I've trained up to 200 pound dogs so 80
kilo dogs 85 kilogram dog so you know I've I've I've I just I I can't imagine
using a four millimeter prong collar there's no use for it what you can do is
you could just better condition the dog to the to the prong sometimes you can
add a little a link maybe I just don't want it to slide down dramatically if
it's too super snug on the dog it's it's just for a full clarification if people
are not used to understand prongs first of all they should be blunt if you don't
have a but if you shouldn't have a sharp prong collar so prong collar shouldn't
be sharp so let's get that out of the world way and also prong collars don't
hurt dogs so you know I would just better condition your dog to the to the
prong the last thing you want to do the prong collar is put it on your dog and
start popping it most some dogs can handle that a lot of dogs cannot so you
want a better collar condition your dog I've got a video on my youtube channel
that shows that next also there's there's a little dollar sign right there
when you click on that you become a super chatter and it's a donation and
the money then your question goes to the top and it automatically gets what gets
first in line next Brooklyn toy review yeah I've been using your advice on
leash pop and E collar to stop the dog my dog from barking at other dogs on walks and it is working out wonderfully awesome Brooklyn thanks that's I only
recommend what works too so if you're brand new to my world I keep seeing as
we get new fans every day is all my advice works
because we've done it thousands of times I only give advice on things that I know
about that I've proven that we've done in our training center hundreds if not
thousands of times if I don't know something I will tell you I don't know
something but when it comes to dog training I don't know everything but
when it comes to pet dogs there's only so much there's only there's not a
million things to learn next um Josh no wait I saw two um when can I
start using an e-collar on a dog she's really calm in temperament by the way I
finally got her to stop jumping over the fence
I ended using the e-collar on her at very low level she's so shy a 5 ok so
the 5 isn't the shyness is this is the thing no for jumping over the fence I
never really care about the level you can start using so remote collars shock
collars they're not last resorts for dogs they're not for if nothing else
works they're not for mean dogs are not for
stubborn dogs they're not for for for aggressive dogs they're for all dogs you
know we start dogs on remote collars because what it does is it allows you to
communicate with your dog up to a mile away on some of them very clear
communication once the dog is trained on it with high levels of distraction and
there's nothing else out there that can do it as effectively they're just
they're just isn't for your average pet dog owner who doesn't spend eight hours
a day training their dog so you can start immediately next mmm Maria my
soon-to-be 4 month old GSD whimpers cries whines barks if I am out of her
lives what sorry line of sight leave the room
how can I correct okay so you've got a dog that's 16 weeks old
it absolutely is acting normal the best thing you can start doing a start
teaching being separate from you and being alone and not allowing that dog to
follow you around definitely not be picking up that dog remember your dog is
small now but it's going to be huge which should be on the floor what you
can do is if it put the dogs in a crate because if you leave the room a 16 week
old dog should be in a crate and if it makes noise you can go up to
it and you can say quiet and you can hit the top of the crate you can hit the
front of the crate and a lot of people trust me I'm very aware of the
conversation out there guys some people wanna be like that's me to do you'll
make the dog afraid no you won't that's a called
imagined harm and you don't make the dog afraid because we do it all the time and
we've never made a dog afraid because of that you won't ruin the trust in the dog
why because we do it all the time and dogs are fine and the bottom line is 16
week old dog when you leave the room if you don't stop the whimpering it will
always do it they don't grow out of it what they do is they're human pops back
in the room and then they're like see my whimpering works now if you wait to the
whimpering is over like a lot of people suggest I'd be like and how long is that
an hour two hours three hours four hours 15 minutes so instead quiet pop the dog
is whimpering by choice historically if it has to go out to the bathroom which
is an option but I'm assuming that you've already understood its bathroom
routine and it just went out to the bathroom if not obviously it could be
the bathroom but historically your dog is just acting like a 16 week old dog
does which is whimper when owners leave the room next um Josh says on the
e-collar was enough I don't want to use on her again until it's safe to do so
okay it's safe it's safe you can mess up a dog with a clicker we use clickers we
do food training you can mess up a dog with food training you can mess up a dog
with an inconsistent schedule you can mess up the dog with family members not
being on the same page you can mess up the dog with praise that's how we teach
biting dogs by the way guys you know those dogs that like run after the bad
people and bite them the first 90% of their training is 100%
praise based literally reward-based training with the mostly physical touch
in toys next toy review with pressure on pressure off works absolutely perfect
awesome thanks this one's from Susan I'm trying to start my own dog
business but I have a fear that clients won't see results because they don't put
in time or effort do you have any tips to get over this yes Susan they want
your your your first of all your fear is not unfounded but there's gonna that's
that's one of probably a thousand fears you're gonna have you're gonna have a
ton of fears how about this how about if nobody hires you how about if you post
up a video of your work and 1000 people tell you that you suck how about if
people say you're mean and abusive and you don't know what you're doing how
about if people say you're ugly you're overweight they make fun of your
ethnicity how about if people say you know I'll give you a million what if people
call you a dirty Jew how about if people call you the n-word how about if people
call you a c-word how about if people say that you you know you shouldn't be
dog training go back to where whatever you used to be doing how about it's like
name it name it name it name it it is all going to happen to you all of these
things will happen to you what happens when you get a death threat when should
what happens when someone threatens you with sexual harm it will all happen to
you especially if you make videos so I do consulting that's actually how I make
a living and some people might be like oh jeez you're being a little bit
extreme no talk to any of my colleagues especially my female colleagues it's
horrific out there in the dog training world it's literally the Wild West so I
would suggest you join my patreon page will you type it in and if you join that you can ask questions get very
detailed answers as well as you can also get skype consulting from me but I help
people build businesses that's what I do and that's sort of my career other than
you know that's you know what I do so so but start your own business but that's
only the one of many fears and that will happen but if you prequalify clients
that happens less next from Jamal hey Jamal yeah he's on my patreon page next
hello Gellmans curious to know if you recommend us putting up jumping
Corrections on our social media or just YouTube um you can put up both Jamal
put them up on both but just be prepared be prepared especially if you're using a
Punisher to stop which is how you stop jumping
be prepared for the backlash so we can talk about it Jamal on on your on your
Jamal gets monthly skypes from me so he's a small business owner that's on a
monthly plan with me he gets monthly skypes and we talked
every month and we worked through the issues and but um you know you you you
might be ready for that or you might not be but let's but if you're gonna do it
put him on both next is questions from Robin hey Robin
how would your dogs react if someone entered your property um depending which
dog so Mac lives outside will bark and my other dogs will ignore them and I
have a dog that will do what is asked of her if need be done but she's a very
social dog so she will only do something if there's a direct threat to me or my
family or on command but she if somebody just walks in she is social because
she's a family she's a family protection dog that's what they're supposed to be
like they're not supposed to just bite everything that moves so but then I have
a dog do I have another dog that just like is is not so trained but he'll bite
because that's what I but that's a different situation
so all right but the dogs you see me with Kyra and Girl are very social next
another question from Robin your arousal question follow up to patreon when I
when correcting arousal do I correct for arousal which leads to reaction or even
if the dog's ears perk up just looking at something yes if you've got a
reactive dog you you you you you eliminate the arousal at the beginning
of the sequence which would be the perk up next Jimmy oh my god or OMG actually
I can finally join this chat hey Jimmy how are you buddy glad you made it
thanks Kyler yep when I correct my seven month old when walked aka removing him
from a situation from when he is misbehaving he cries all the way back
home how to correct so that's not a correction so don't remove your dog from
a situation address the issue immediately
and then move on address the issue immediately move on so I'm not quite
sure specifically what it is but removing it from a situation where he's misbehaving we
don't do that we correct the misbehaving in the moment and then we continue on
with the walk so I don't do timeouts I don't do oh you're a bad dog you're
going home I don't do you know go to your corner all right I don't do any of
that stuff I don't yell and I don't scream it's
like that was wrong let's keep moving on so train your dog how to properly walk I
don't know how your walk your dog I don't know the training tools you're
using things like that but the whining is just arousal the whining is arousal
next Kayla can you stop or fix reactivity and aggression or does
training only help better manage it or in other words lower the threshold this
discussion came up with a couple of my trainer buds so you can stop it you can
stop it you know there's always management in life first of all if you
only management if you only managed it it's not that bad right but yes you can
stop it there are those of us out there who stop it now
can you permanently stop aggression you wouldn't know until the dog was dead can
you permanently stop any obedience can you permantly stop anything
forever only death does that only death does that so we only know when the dog
actually dies and we look backwards if we stopped it but when you've got
reactivity and you can go a year three years without it and say it cropped up
again address it again it's no big deal I mean do we stay physically fit do we
stay physically fit our whole lives so I don't smoke I don't drink I don't do
drugs all right it's been a long time close to 30 years smoking I've never
smoked I've been sober from alcohol and drugs for 27 years I know for a fact I'm
never gonna drink alcohol I know for a fact I'm never gonna do drugs again I
know that for a fact but I'm a human being and I can look
into the future dogs can't right but am I gonna always
make the right food choices hell no am i always gonna be like certain things so
with our dogs the big thing is if you had to manage something it's not the
worst thing in the world but yes there are behaviors out there extreme ones
that can be stopped Ronin my turkish Kangol attacked humans and dogs she bit
me every day I fixed that six years ago it has never creeped up in six years
ever not even close to it other dogs nope didn't work why the wild
animals that we've domesticated then are genetically just you know disposed to do
certain things killing things is one of them being reactive is another we've
domesticated them so you know it could be a challenge sometimes you some dogs
next um oh Kyler says seven-month GSD um Holly Holly
howdy from AZ Arizona Jeff and lovely Linda hi it's cooling down there a bit
was only a hundred and one here today right
we had it nice and cool next Maria how do you pop the leash when correcting I'm
hard you pop it for it you pop it firmly so I got videos on that I mean a
pop is not just a pull it's a pop and release but also it's got to be with a
tool so a prong collar you can also use a remote collar would be a pop so the leash
connected the prong collar when the popping goes so you want to always
you always want to correct the beginning of the sequence of the bad behavior but
a pop is if I mean it's a classic leash pop pop it's a very classic move it's a
textbook move in dog training and it's we show it all the time I've got videos
to show our work I don't know if I've had any slow motion how-to videos that
show like step-by-step how to pop because it's such a natural thing but
just watch you some of our videos and you can see us how we pop and maybe I'll
do like I'll have Joelle demonstrated how to pop a leash she's my intern I'll
have her do a video on how to pop a leash all right next Jimmy answer that question
my dog keeps biting the leash when I train her how can I get her to stop and
focus okay forget about the focus part how do you get your dog to stop biting a
leash get yourself a pet convincer through a Punisher number one you just
have a pet convincer pet convincer is compressed air it's
a little thing of compressed air I don't have it here called a pet correcter a
pet convincer dog bites the leash and then you would just spray that spray
that compressed air somewhere in the head area like that and the dog will be
startled and will let go of the leash which can also do is an old dog training trick
is you have somebody walk behind you with a dressage whip and a stockyard
whip some peopling struggle with this concept you're whipping the dog it's
like no you're not whipping the dog this is the bog dog bites leash they get a
SWAT on the opposite ass cheek and they let go of it that that literally fixes
it instantly next this one's from Stephanie yes OMG why is
my GSD eat poop um well Stephanie obvious so how the question is how does
your dog it doesn't matter why how about that you're not gonna hear me talk about
the wh because why cuz dogs eat shit that's why dogs eat animals dogs eat
shit they eat cat shit the baby poop cuz they're dogs so the question is how do I
stop my dog from eating poop because there's a lot every every every dog
expert out there will give you some reason why and my response is always
like okay great thanks wonderful now I'm more educated how do I stop it all we
really care about is how to stop something right and you don't need to
know the why to know that not to know the how you just need to know the how
the way you stop it is with a remote collar yep a shock collar and it's on the
dog and make sure you get a good quality one like E Collar technology Dogtra
Garmin we don't like to train on sport dogs but you can train on a sport
dog for that because it's gonna be high and hard and uncomfortable and the dog
goes down to eat the poop and you yep you stimulate shock the dog it's a
Punisher and it hurts and the dog stops eating the poop next but I've read
every you know all this other stuff about putting additives in and doing all
this other stuff and it's like no next this one's from Hailey hey roommate doesn't discipline her dogs is it fair to correct mine for doing
things that others are doing barking out windows etc it's so tough it is buy new
roommates next Rebecca I have a two-year-old dog and now got a new puppy
the two-year-old likes to graze with his food throughout the day and the puppy
loves to shovel his meal how do I keep them from fighting over food okay so for
Rebecca number one immediately you should be crating a puppy should be in
a crate both dogs should be in a crate but a puppy especially should be in a
crate don't allow your dog to free graze so this is how this is how my food
protocol works also your puppy can be using its food for daily kibble okay you
can be using the dog's food to train that's what we do we train with the dogs
daily food so but what you do is don't allow your dog to graze anymore it's not
a buffet your dog gets ten minutes like most dogs eat in three minutes or less
most dogs that are a good weight will eat in three to five minutes and if they
don't eat then you take away their food and then you give it back to them at
dinner so you find out what your daily food is if it's two cups a day they get
one cup for breakfast one cup for dinner if they don't need it in 15 minutes it
disappears your puppy as well make sure you get in the habit of structured
eating especially where there's puppy or I assure you you'll be calling me in 6 months saying you're having massive dog fights and I don't know what to do so start
doing that next mmm Hayley by tough I mean the arousal
caused by the other dogs tough to keep mine in check yeah I agree 100% so you have a
discussion with your roommate or you move out next Meghan Meghan love you dog will be in a nice heel but if we are passing a dog with certain energy she
will hesitate and/or try to avoid okay or work through it see so I'm glad that your
dog tries to avoid that conflict that's that's good
hesitates that's not the worst thing just you lead your dog and walk past
give your dog a little bit of space as well your dog is saying man I'm
uncomfortable saying thanks for letting me know you don't say that that's a non
verbal communication and just move along next
knock'em I saying it right Russ says Susan go to T3 you can go to T3 as well
next Keith could physical touch and too much affection become a problem my dog
is 7 months old and I'm home 6 to 7 hours a day so I want to make sure being
available for my dog isn't going to become an issue yes it's a major problem
Keith I would say that that over touching dogs creates massive amounts of
anxiety you can also train your dog to be you can reinforce aggression with
physical touch gentle physical touch not abusing not hitting your dog yes you get
a dog that's so reliant on you it can't be alone and it becomes a pain in the
ass to be around so what your dog will be fine your dog will be fine like you
know interact with your dog but you don't have to always constantly be
touching your dog so too much physical touch absolutely can mess up your dog
next ah Stephanie when I put my E collar on my dog she's really good like
she knows she has to be then when taking off she goes back to being bad what do I
do um train your dog do a better job
training your dog and make sure dogs not collar conditioned so number 1 how long
have you been E Collar training it's no it's no different than food training it's no
different than food training if you always rely on food and and then you finally
get off of food they don't listen it's the same thing it's the same thing
so with remote collar training you want to make sure you've done lots of reps
tons of reps you want to make sure that you don't just put that collar on when
you're training it's all part of life you wake up in the morning you put the
collar on you rotate it every 4 to 6 hours you go to bed at night you take
the you take the collar off your charge you charge it up overnight and
boom you start it all over again you want to make sure during the day that
you work your dog a lot ask a lot of your dog you also want to make sure you
get up to punishment or correction mode which is means you're not prompting
anymore you stop prompting your dog the dog is only hears the word no and then a
Punisher for non-compliance and you the lack of a Punisher for non-compliance of
a known command in any training philosophy no matter what your tools of
choice are is the downfall is the downfall of a trained dog but if you
haven't been training your dog for a good solid year on a remote collar
consistently it doesn't take a year to do it but dogs get collar wise next uh
Jose is it bad to keep E collar on all day I'm just switching every forty six
hours the dog can get pressure sores next Caitlyn hey Jeff I found the twenty
hours in the crate rule with my eight week old puppy home now she's eighteen
weeks and goes in wonderfully at night and for naps how many hours should they
be in at five to six months at five to six months well by five to six first of all
congratulations so for five to six months whenever you're not working the
dog so whenever you're not walking the dog interacting sort of playing with a
dog or actively training the dog or doing duration so right now my dogs are
next to me on a place bed so if you're dog and at five or six months your dog's
able to do place for a couple of hours right then the dog doesn't have to be in
the crate as much but whenever you're not home and whenever the dogs
unsupervised it should be crated next one same person Caitlyn when do they get
to the point where they should have more freedom in the house she's housebroken
but definitely still wants to chew and find things to get into let's Caitlin call it
years don't that's not to me that's not the master plan the master plan of my
dogs are not to not to let them just walk around my house randomly under I
get it most families do that's what they want I should be more like helpful to
most families I guess but I also have seen it work out horrific so my idea is
this why can't your dog be in the same general area as you went off to the side
and you always know where it is and you always know where it is so you know but
at five or six months or up until a year old I wouldn't let a dog walk free and
destruction is destruction they could die next Jimmy should I start using
prong collar on my eleven and twelve week dog no wait wait a few more weeks
next Jose seven month GSD bad recall knows her commands but just started her
E collar and listens with it on but once off won't no is it okay to leave
it on all day until she gets used to it yeah so I would never take off at
or if you did food training we do food training and even at seven months old
they're not gonna listen without the food either usually recall you need to
do hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of times and you need to proof
it dog training is it's like it's like sort of going to the gym for a month and
expecting to be physically fit it takes lots of repetitions there's not too many
seven month old dogs that have got incredible recall now can I show you
some of course we've produced some but your average family pet and we're dog
trainers big deal right so but your average family pet with your average
family they need to work on it for a while for a while so your dogs not gonna
listen so don't expect it don't expect it and always keep that collar on when
you're doing recall or else you're gonna have you're gonna have these fails and
every time it fails and you have no way to eat your dog back to you you're
reinforcing your dog to not come back next
this one's from Angela my one year GSD is still fearful of fireworks Thunder
and loud noises try recordings of the sounds doesn't bother here's here's
it when outside tries to run inside help please
so what you can do Angela number one is a lot of dogs you have to keep
desensitizing the dog Thunder is hard to duplicate because of the barometric
pressure but fireworks you've got to play really
really loud in your house but also there's pressure in the air especially a
lot of these fireworks that the dog makes noise
keep the dog on a leash number one no dog should be off leash outside during
the fourth of July you'll lose your dog dogs will jump dogs will jump over
fences so but what you're gonna start doing is you can start doing training
during thunderstorms doing training during fireworks doing some you know
play tug doing obedience work doing food stuff but if your dog is that fearful
have them go to a dog bed and lie down or put them in a crate and lie down next
Holly Jeff thank you for your PSA on using your phone and driving your car
and correlating it to proper and meaningful punishment really needed that
reminder your welcome Holly Robin my dog will growl and bark at neighbors when
they get close to our backyard should I allow this or does it take away
from my leadership role um they're your neighbors and they're
going to your backyard and they're your neighbors
I would tell your dog to shut up next Stephanie says sorry I should have said
that differently Stephie I'm not sure what you're referring to but if you said
something inappropriate I would have banned it so you didn't say anything
inappropriately and if I ever seem mad I'm never mad guys guys I'm not mad at
all I'm intense I'm not mad at any of you
you know no this is this is also like it's also a frickin show know what I mean
the content is good the content is accurate the content is proven but there
is some banter that goes back and forth on some of this stuff too because it is
a podcast it is a show it's a live show and then it's recorded and then it's on
Spotify and SoundCloud and iTunes so there's some entertainment out there
value but it's Stephanie if you're the one that was asking about the the dog
you're being a new dog trainer you didn't say anything wrong at all you're
you're you're you're 100% right with your concern 100% right that's a very
accurate question that you gave and I wasn't mad at all I was just like I used
I'm using my platform to get a bigger message out there and I use your
question to sort of put a little lever in my soapbox next week Philippe Pamela Pamela sorry go Philippe my puppy six months barks when one comes home I bonked him and it helps for the
moment when I don't have the bonker in my hands he keeps barking so you shouldn't
need the bonker in your hands so what you need to do is you need to say no and
then bonk and you bonk hard and then the word no has value but you might have
to do it again you would possibly a couple times but I would also remote
collar train your dog at six months it's at six months but if you just bonk
once and it just interrupted the dog instead of punish the dog it might not
have stuck next I hope I pronounced this right Lou Neera yeah what is your
opinion on what is that pile oh right if that that's a term I'm not familiar with
because it's too smart of a term for me so next we finished the question though
my dog will get hackles when passing by another dog but he is not a reactive dog
he is very social though I do correct the arousal always business what is that
so hey Mero why don't you just say that from the beginning don't so guys don't
throw fancy words at me I'm a simple man I'm a simple man all right so I'm not
mad at you either by the way so the thing is is like like hackles up just
it's hackles up hackles up is called arousal it's excitement so if it doesn't
lead to anything who gives a shit right who cares if your dog is not
reactive then then leave it alone then leave it alone so if your dog
thought it reactive if he's not aggressive if he's just mind his own
business it's just a little bit of arousal but it
doesn't lead anywhere you leave it alone or you can correct it but my dog's
hackles go up when they're when they see the ocean because they know they're
gonna go swimming when they see a field because they know they're gonna running
on the way home from work they get they get their hackles go up so don't worry
about it next Meghan says love you guys Stephanie I've watched a ton of your dog
walking videos and I tried them with a prong collar on mine and she's so
stubborn and only does alligator rolls and acts like she's dying
I've been E Collar training about one month okay so it's so we do get dogs at that
alligator role as well and that's all drama and that's just an indicator of
who your dog is it's not a prong collar it's not a prong collar thing I see dogs
do that on slip leads on martingales and buckle collars they've done it on
head halters I've seen dogs do that on chest harnesses I've seen dogs do that
on every single tool out there that's your dog that's a relatively simple
you know 5-minute process to work your dog through it's also possibly there's
other relationship issues that are going on as well but that's I don't have any
videos on how to get a dog through crocodile rolls other than we see we do
see it you know on a lot of dogs next Pamela Jeff you are so right I have had
people come to me for training and give positive trainer
for the training because people don't want anyone to know they went to a
trainer that uses punishment yep Kayla hey Kayla my reactive dog has
been better since I've been really firm on e collar Corrections now when he sees
people he will think for a second to growl oh and then look away and begin to
whine how do I react stop the whining I'm glad your dog is getting better okay
click on that see what happens yo so Chevy Chevy for your 5 dollars what do you
got best way to keep off leash dogs with useless owners away from my fear
aggressive dog we only go on leash areas but people are people to beep beep people yeah
stupid f$@#s so this is the so this is the thing Chevy thanks for the $5 thanks for
being a for just click down there yep thanks for being a super a super chatter
what I would I would do is this is you carry a walking stick with you carry
bear spray carrying extra leash and you can hit the dog with the leash if
anybody's brand new to this world or to our worlds of the worlds to the world of off leash dogs dogs are being killed by off leash dogs being rushed
could you imagine you take your dog out for a walk and you come back with no dog or
you're at the emergency room within 10 minutes or you're breaking up a dog
fight and you're you're getting bit as well so you have been you have to
advocate for your dog you've got a neutralize the threats I don't care if
the owner says it's a friendly dog get out of my space we're and we're in and
we are in a leashed area and your dog is off leash control your dog it's not
your god-given right for your dog to come up to my dog let alone me so carry
a walking stick you can try doing that next okay did we we didn't answer Kayla
so did we reactive dog yes we did oh and I sure know if you said no okay
Jay hi guys Jeff if a dog is blown through high stem
on a mini would you double would you do double receiver oh go Sport Dog um you can get it you can say I need more information buddy but you is check fit
number one but I would go with the 800 to the 800 which is the boss
try the you should have an you should have an 800 on you
so do an 800 next Keith most of the time 17 inside 22 outside is what my dog
needs to stop unwanted behavior sometimes she's so stubborn and even if
I used 40 she won't stop until I use it a couple times what's your option it
goes okay Keith it goes to a hundred don't worry about the number got
it don't worry about the number next Jose how tight should the
E Collar be so it's your the the E Collar comes with an owner's manual and it
tells you also I've got videos that tells you very specifically the remote
collar has to be sitting very snug on the dog's neck so the contact points are
making skin contact and stay in one spot and that it doesn't move around if the
collar box moves around like this it's too loose you should take the collar box
and if you try to move it it doesn't move if you don't have that you have
improper fit then therefore you're not using the equipment properly next this
one's from Rebecca hey Rebecca mm-hmm I want to start E collar training
my two dogs how do you best go about training them together I work full-time
so there's only so much time in the day I have to separate them you have to
train one at a time and then you train them together so start with one at a
time next this one's from Megan do you care
what kind of crate we use at your seminars I have a collapsible portable
soft crate just want to be sure that's acceptable she does not try to escape to
crates Megan as long as you bring me a cup of coffee in the morning okay I want
I prefer to be just a dark coffee with espresso no sugar no sweetener no milk
you can bring any crate you want okay I'll see you there
bye hey Jose says thank you appreciate the tip yeah next one is from Grant what
are your thoughts on the keeper collar by Lear Burke hashtag hidden prong I've
never I've never used one I've never used one I have no no problem just
using a regular prong I'm not a big of hiding collars just use a bandana
what what any cover I'm not opposed to people using covers but the cover of a
prong collar what it usually does is it impedes the actual the the proper
popping of the collar so people use it because they don't want to get bashed by
the public that's why people use a cover which is fine I'd rather you put a
bandanna on the dog though so the collar can actually work as its supposed to
next Havia what is what kind of protocol do i start for aggression my German
Shepherd will snap at other dogs when they get near her on the one number one
is if your dogs on a leash this is a this is a very long answer to this the
bottom line is this is you need to advocate for your dog so I'm not quite
sure what the situation is if it's an off-leash situation if it's an on leash
situation if these are dogs you know or don't know but your dog is uncomfortable
so if my dogs aren't at least walking next to me and a dog got into my space
it's not going to be good I mean my dogs will yield to me but at some point it's
like Jeff do something so it's my job to keep other dogs away from my dogs that's
that's the gist of it that's it gist of it next James I have a nine-month-old
GSP is that too young to use an E Collar James you can start them at 14 weeks old
the way we train which is with food we start them on low-level stem you can
train a 14 week old puppy on one you're not correcting the dog but it's all
being it's all done on food training but a nine month old gosh yeah absolutely next I just love it when you say that um Robin have you ever considered opening multiple training
centers across different states never I will never do that and I can actually
say never it's not my interest I don't I have zero interest in that I have zero
interest in having multiple training centers I tour the world doing seminars
that I've got a huge interest in but running multiple locations hell no
that's a ton of freaking work a ton of work next Jake thanks for asking
Jake says Linda has done so many of these I'm sure she can
answer some of these questions at this point she can answer probably most of
these in fact most of my fans can answer most of these next maybe I should be a dog trainer grant how do I give uh how do you give away free dog training
without giving away too much where they don't need to hire you grant don't worry
about it don't worry about it I give away
everything I know I give away tons of free dog training I give away free
tickets to my seminars I do a hundred thousand dollars in pro bono
work every single year that I don't usually talk about nobody like nobody
knows I give away tons of q and A's I do tons of videos I give away so more
than half my day I give away for free creating free content don't worry about
it don't worry about it okay that's how you do it just do it next
this one's from Maria yeah Jeff rocks he's intense
love you guys thanks Colorado girl how do you stop dog on
dog aggression with the E Collar okay that's a that's a very long there's a that's a
bit first of all yes use an E Collar I can't answer that on this because it is
a very long answer but I do talk about it all the time I'm not trying to hide
or avoid this question yes an E Collar is gonna be in it muzzles are gonna
be in it high Level E Collar Corrections are gonna
be in it dominant dogs are gonna be in it a leash is gonna be in it but a
highly skilled handler is going to be the most important thing that
understands what the dogs are thinking what the dogs are doing and how to stop
it and then how to motivate them to not do it anymore
it is a but if you're struggling dog on dog aggression right now if they're your
own dogs keep them apart muzzle train them and crate them but
what I don't want people to be doing is your dogs about to get into a dog fights
and you just blast your dog or a yank your dog because those things do get
done but I don't want just anybody to do that because there's a lot of variables
there's a lot of variables and it's not that you're gonna make it worse because
there are a dog fight already is worse it's that there's a huge amount of stuff
so to me what I would tell people to do is it a minimum join my patreon page
it's five bucks a month it's not like I'm getting rich guys and I'm not trying
to get money but like I do offer that and I also offer private one-on-one
Skype sessions but what you can do is forget about the aggression part for now
watch all my videos and do everything that I teach everything literally how I
set up houses the routine of a dog the tools that I use literally watched our
work watch our daily work we work with fighting dogs in our training center
every day watch the work we're doing because it's not just one thing next
okay we got to finish the show though Robin can I correct arousal only in situations
I know my dog is reactive to and not correct in arousal situation they know
she's not reactive to will she get confused by this I have to go
okay sure go ahead so so Robin you can if you want I prefer that if you
corrected all arousal though all right Jamal Jamal says thanks I'll wait for
our Skype I do three demonstrations of Corrections for jumping today with the
rescues dogs in a box store with no backlash I won't push it the three demos
we're probably enough yeah definitely yeah I'm I'm proud of you though Jamal
for getting out of your comfort zone doing that Stephanie I completely am with you
on using prong collars and E Collars I think my dog is just dramatic and very
stubborn I find myself yelling at her because I'm so aggravated so so
Stephanie yeah if you're yelling at your dog which is normal I mean it's whatever
we all yell at our dogs in but anybody that says they've never yelled at their dog is
like okay well alright but I mean but if you're but if you're do we have a
frustration that's one thing we don't do that's why we love tools you don't get
frustrated with it so if you're getting frustrated
take a step back stop working your dog grant um Stephanie anyway to break
through the stubbornness and make her do what I want expect from her should I raise
the level of the E Collar you can raise the level of the e-collar yes um grant you how to
become a super fan won't let me pay you keep saying my comment is too long then
tries to charge me $25 I have no control over the money but your comment
too long is because you're probably writing too long of a comment so I know
what happens is I know what happens sometimes is when people write too long
of a comments then um YouTube that's their platform they don't allow it as
far as the fee people have donated I think a dollar ninety-nine here I have
no idea how that works all I know is there's a little dollar sign there I
don't control any of that next Megan says done bye great love you Megan we'll
see you soon um Jamal Stephanie patreon you'll get longer and
better answers be more stubborn less dramatic and less aggravated great
thanks Jamal yeah Jamal's a big big fan next Nathan
hi guys when I tell my dog to come with an e-collar and or clicker she takes
her time getting to me meanwhile when I use break she runs with full force how
do I get a quick recall so first clarification you shouldn't be using a
clicker to get a dog to recall a clicker is used to mark recall just want to full
for full clarification we clicker trained dogs guys I use clickers all my staff use
clickers so we're actually food trainers as well like we'd be food training but a
clicker is a marker that's used after the dog has recalled not to get the dog
to recall so a remote collar on a clicker are sort of semi opposites so
the remote collar actually turns off when the dog has done something the
clicker actually turns on when the dog has done something just for full
clarification on how the actual how the actual tools are used so what I
would do is if your dog is not motivated food is a powerful motivator keep the
dog on a leash you can use a little bit of leash pressure and you can also up
your stem a little bit but I would do a combination of use food for training not
out of a bowl in a combination with the remote for recall training next James
yep nine-week-old gsp not nine month old that's a big freaking yes that's a
big difference 14 weeks old you can start next Kiki yeah super reactive when
time to bathe dog will attack hose to get water done lots of impulse control
work with it and still will blow through 100 on collar I'm at a loss so what I
would do Kiki is I would bonk your dog bonker is a towel bonker is a towel just
look it up all right how to use a bonker and as soon as the first sight of the
hose and if your dog gets aroused what I would do is say no and you bonk and
you bonk the dog once the dog is already aroused you're right your dog can blow
through 100 next grant the keeper collar makes it so it won't fall off and you
don't need to use a carabiner seems to be a perfect solution for weak and
elderly oh ok so it sounded like a prong collar cover to me like I said I don't
use them I've just seen collar covers so so grant there's
it here is it if you like it use it it doesn't matter what I think grant do I
mean it doesn't matter but it sounded like you were describing a prong prong
collar cover which I see I've seen a lot of it I don't like them but if you like
it and it works for you and it works for your clients that's all that matters
it doesn't matter what I think it doesn't matter what I think
because here you are saying it works for me it's great that's all that matters
buddy so just keep doing it just keep doing it next Missy Mei says hi guys
you're the best hey Thank You Jamal grant its grant just three free videos
are enough to really run a business I still pay for services why because he's
valuable be valuable and enough people will still come to you there you go oh
thank you um Xavier my dog's obedience is very good with obedience I took her
to a dog park to test her on her social skills and she will snap at them when
they would sniffer yep so just remember no matter how well your dog's obedience
is it has nothing to do with your dog's behavior especially first of all please
don't go to a dog park please please please don't go to a dog park it's one
of the most toxic places in the world you know nothing about the other dogs so
your dog just sounds like sniffing now can that be can that be made better
absolutely 100% but not at a dog park next Maria yep just wanted to share some
success using your advice videos etc my seven-year-old son can stand next to my
GSD puppy girl without her jumping all over him awesome good job Maria thank
you jumping just letting people know jumping can be stopped in three seconds
I stopped jumping we stopped jumping quicker than we it takes to teach sit
that's how effective jumping is to stop it next James my nine-week-old GSP is
peeing a lot I have tried to limit water intake and took her to the vet too to
make sure she didn't have a UTI but she continues to pee a lot in the house what
would you suggest um so James better so first of all you
already did the UTI you can get another sample in but I would just be care I
would monitor the dog's water I would monitor the dog's water and what
I would do is put your dog on a schedule the dog shouldn't be peeing in the house
as far as like randomly anywhere because your dog should be crated on a slip
lead with you and it should be on a routine set up an Excel spreadsheet of
the times of the day and the days of the week and put and start documenting all
the work starts documenting all the work right next I'm also says I'm working on
crate training now only being able to hold her bladder for Maxie
yep so that's normal keep that step that's that's normal because it's nine
weeks old so everything is normal remember nine week old puppy buddy I
love you but it's a lot of work four hours that sounds normal you're not
gonna get much sleep next get a good puppy raising book like get the monks of
new skete get the monks of new skete puppy raising book you know whether
you're a fan of Cesar or not he's got a decent puppy raising book next I'm sure
there's plenty of other ones out there but you got your work cut out for you
next this one's from Laurie yes grant they
are great for great elderly because many people have problems with putting on and
off prongs awesome so there you go Graham one more person that uses them that
thinks they're great so again doesn't matter what I think we use for all of
our if that's what the issue is for elderly people what we use is will use
double a little not they're not carabiners
clasps so we'll take off the chain and we'll put little clasps on there so that
it's almost like unhooking a leash so it's the same thing as unhooking a leash
so even folks with dexterity issues they can still usually do that but if you've
got a collar out there that works for people with manual dexterity issues
definitely want to do it oh we got a chat and then the message was retracted
how that works next Nathan must know what is GSP and GSD GS piece German
Shorthaired Pointer and German Shepard dog which is so redundant huh yeah well it's different dogs um Xavier yep last question Jeff how can I make it
better for her to stop and snapping at her dogs what what does the protocol
look like thank you so if your w everyone with dog park
she snapping at the dogs – she's uncomfortable but this is the thing we
do socialization at work we show how we do socialization I would not allow a
strange dog to come up to my dog that's the thing because you don't know about
those dogs you don't know anything about those dogs you have no idea if those
dogs are going to your say your dog snapped which is normal it's not
accepted but it's normal and all of a sudden that don't attack your dog
literally attacked it so and then you have a dog fight now in the middle of a
dog fight in a dog park and then depending on the breed of your dog
because we are like people you know we just like we have racial
profiling we've got breed profiling so even if
even if your dog is the bully breed or the aggressive type dog and the other
dog is a lab like your dog's guilty it's just the way it is so what you do is you
have to start getting about used to other dogs and the way you do that is we
show it in our socialization videos we've got socialization videos we show
at our training centre how we introduce dogs to other dogs and we start the dog
on a slip lead we use a dressage whip and we keep dogs away from our dog while
we walk our dogs amongst other dogs by keeping other dogs away you can't do
that in a dog park you can't tell people – oh keep your dog away from mine it's
like what do you do here so you need to do it in a
structured environment next Laurie sent us some hearts thanks Laurie um Aaron my
12 week old puppy is scared of adult dogs I think because one time I tied to
a tree outside the home and I was doing work with pitbull I can't understand get
close to him okay so first of all please don't ever tie your any dog up to a tree
I'm not against like you know we're not talking about chained I'll just not like
now I know why you did it you did it because you didn't want your dog to run
away I understand why you did it the problem is a loose dog came up to
your dog that's the bigger and it's not because it was a pitbull like guys most
of my businesses pit bulls like I'm not anti pitbull at all but the point is but
but the point is is that when I if you're trying to keep your dog somewhere
it should be in a crate it should be in a crate or it could be it could have
been on a leash tied to your wrist right so if your outdoor doing chores and
stuff heaven have a little yellow leash next to you or put it in a crate you
know underneath the shade somewhere and have it with you but definitely don't
want to tie it out somewhere why because of because of just stuff happening the
world happening and off leash dog can run into your yard somebody walking by
your house with a leash dog can run up to your dog a couple of neighborhood
kids can just be like Oh puppy they can run in and crowd your dog all right next
nice Dooley yeah hi guys my two-year-old dogs
keeps dog keeps lunging at cars on walks how do I stop this without an E Collar oh you
can stop it without an E Collar you can fully train a dog without an E Collar I
mean they've been doing it for thousands of years right they've been doing it for
thousands of years you don't have to use a pinch collar they've been doing that
for thousands of years you know you can train your dog with a slip lead a slip
lead a towel and a bag of treats that's literally how you can train your dog but
well why don't you do that Jeff why because it takes a lot of time and most
owners aren't going to do it you know most owners aren't going to do it so
what you can do is is start first of all at least a minimum of they'll have a
prong collar on your dog makes training easier so it makes
training a lot easier and then what you're gonna do is have your dog and as
soon as you start seeing a car come if you see any arousal in the dog if you
see any arousal and the dog what I want you to do what I want you to do is then
you're going to move your dog away move your dog away from uh the the car
meaning pop it don't walk away just pop it next okay we have grant grant and
then we got to stop because we're in an hour next what can I tell clients to
make sure their dogs do not run away at the sight of prong collar
aside from counter conditioning should I be telling my clients to put the prong
on and off randomly um yeah I mean tell them to tell them to put a sleep lead on
their dog tell them to put a slip lead on their dog and then train the collar
train the collar on and off the dog and if it's also if you make it a food
protocol the dog should be excited about the prong it's not just a prong we have
dogs that run away from every collar so but do that put a slip lead on the dog
so you put a slipping on the dog and then literally like train the tower
command collar on you can click give a treat tell her off click give a treat or
the dog's daily food and you can do that all right so we got to go thank you so
much for tuning in guys Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training madly in love with
you and take care

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