Dog Training Fundamentals! Transforming Out Of Control Dog To PERFECT Dog!

My Dog Has Diarrhea – What Should I Do?

When your dog has diarrhea, what should you do? When should you go to the vet? This article explains common causes for diarrhea, steps you can take at home to treat it, and when it is time to visit the vet.

Inbreeding – A Double Edged Sword For Breeders

Inbreeding and selective breeding are tools that breeders will use to correct minor faults in a breed or to produce a more favorable type. Excessive or irresponsible inbreeding will lead to a loss of vigor and reduced fertility in the breed. Find out what inbreeding is about and how it is used in animal husbandry.

Travel Tips for Dog Owners

Summer means vacation time. Bringing Fido along on vacation can sometimes be more of a challenge than people expect. From deciding whether to take the family road trip or to be jet-setters, making plans for your canine companion is part of many people’s vacation planning. There are several options for your pets while you are taking a vacation, anywhere from leaving them at home to bringing them along.

Make Sure That the Dog Training Collar Fits

There may be no doubts as to the usefulness of training collars for the dog species. However, the appropriate dog training collar must be used correctly for it to be safe and functional. Make sure that the device is fastened around the neck well. It must not be too tight or loose. This is not a form of chastisement but simply a reminder.

Stop Training That Makes Dogs Bark More

Dog training is intended not to encourage uncontrolled barking but to limit it. Today’s generation of pet owners is lucky because there is a tool like the adaptable barking dog collar. However, before you start using the bark collar, learn the fundamental reminders in dog training. Do not show your frustration or scream at the dog since it will assume that you are also barking.

A Tale of Two (Thousand) Fleas

An infestation of fleas in the home is a terrible thing that no one deserves. This article describes how a flea infestation can take place, the consequences thereof and the methods used to get rid of the parasites that have taken over a home. I’m sure a lot of people will recognize what happens in this story.

Pet Grooming at Home Like a Professional!

There are some tricks of the pet grooming trade that will assist you in making your at home grooming endeavors look like the professionals. Unless you are very experienced with grooming, grooming your pet at home is not the same as having your pet groomed at the groomer’s salon.

Obesity in Pets: It’s Not Just a People Problem

Obesity in dogs is on the rise. Veterinarians say that over half the dogs they see are overweight. The statistics could be worse since veterinarians don’t see all dogs. Some dogs are not fortunate enough to have regular visits with the local veterinarian who would monitor weight gains and off solutions. But the problem of obesity can be managed with diet and exercise. Sound familiar?

Discipline Your Dog the Positive Way

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings. Many fortunate dog owners can live their lives without ever having to discipline, punish or reprimand their beloved, well-behaved bowwow.

Summer Is Here, Dogs Just Want to Play – Beware of Heat Stroke or Dehydration in Your Dog!

Love coming home from work in the summer and grabbing one of the dog chew toys, going outside and playing catch with your pup? Make sure you know what heat stroke means for your dog.

What to Do If Your Dog Is Lost

We recently moved to a new house, so when I take my dog out for a walk I am try to remember to keep a tight hold on his leash. A few days ago I took the larger of my two dogs, a 35 pound Shetland Sheepdog, for his evening walk and this is what happened…

Why Puppies Need To Be Massaged

Puppy Massage is all about prevention as it… ‘starts right (and) at the beginning’… Prevention from unnecessary Stress, Strain and Injury – for young dogs aged 4 months and over.

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