Dog Training- How To Teach Your Labrador Dog NAMASTE / SALUTE / SIT PRETTY (Hindi)

If you want to train your dog and You want Proper Guidance then click on the subscribe button below and Don't forget to click bell icon Hello Friends, i hope from my last videos By seeing them, You can now easily train your dog Come back with the same hope With a command – "NAMASTE" OR "SALUTE". While learning This Command, Some urgent Preconditions you need to keep in mind i am going to tell you, First one is TREAT i.e how you are offering treat to your dog. Second thing you need to keep in your mind is Patience more & more patience is required in this command. Bc this command takes long time It may take your 15 to 20 days. Now, without taking more time lets Start this command. So, The very first step is ''BALANCING''. Keep one hand on his neck, second on back then you have to balance your dog.

You have to do it daily 15 to 20 mins. Guys, You have to do this balancing exercise for 3 to 4 days Body Balancing will come to your dog. When dog is perfect in balancing go for step 2, in second step what you have to do is Balancing dog using legs and the face .. will be on the front Keep dog in salute position by support of legs as much as time you can And hand that have treat should be above and you have to treat continuously and balancing your dog at the same time for this exercise atleast you need to do it daily for 10 to 15 mins.

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For least 5 to 6 days. Guys, Both these exercises will take 10 to 12 days but your dog now much more perfect in balancing. Now move on to the 3rd step and i.e By saying Salute step ahead one leg and then start balancing your dog on your knees you have to treat your dog and balancing him at the same time and try to take back your step slowly After all these exercises now your dog is balancing more perfectly when you will say Salute or Namaste to dog the dog will start to sit like this pose Whenever dog tries to sit in salute position treat your dog and in case of imbalance use your hand for balancing your dog again and treat your dog with practice on this command you will notice balancing time is increasing and you have to increase balancing time slowly slowly now treat then wait little longer then again treat ,that helps in increasing time of balancing then he will be perfect in SALUTE

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