Dog Training Perfect Recall! Have Your Dog Come To You Every Time

Puppy Training Should Start As Soon As Possible!

Don’t be one of those owners that procrastinates the puppy training process – it’s a mistake that is easy to make, but oh boy is there a price to pay! Puppies are so cute and entertaining that it can be hard to shake the goofy smile and get down to business. Dogs are born with a healthy sense of curiosity, and the young ones are more than happy to explore and learn with their new owners.

Find Out More About Golden Retriever Characteristics

Such amazing Golden Retriever characteristics make it a superb companion and a very easily trainable dog. They are very easy to be kept happy and so are greatly known for their companionship with young children. These dogs can get really close to your family and its obedience skills will make it a valued pet.

Understanding Dog Behavior and Language

Childhood fears, I had many. Most of them were easy for me to get rid of: vampires, witches, bats, the stranger. But getting rid of my fear for dogs was never easy.

Types Of Grass That Are Resilient To Nitrogen Burn

In a previous article I went over the reasons why dog urine is so detrimental to the lawn. If your yard is suffering from your dogs bathroom breaks, the reason is the nitrogen in your dogs urine burns the grass. An easy way to counteract nitrogen burn is by diluting the urine. You can do this by pouring some water on the grass right after your dog goes to the bathroom. Either use a large cup or turn on the hose if it’s within easy reach. This will double by watering the grass and helping it grow faster despite the nitrogen in the urine.

The Problem With Urine Stains In The Yard

I have two wonderful dogs, two loving Rottweilers whose favorite foods include blueberry muffins and pretzels. They both love fetch, they both love road trips, and they both love to urinate in the exact same place in the backyard, every time. Right after the steps and to the left, is a special, 4 square foot area, where they answer natures call, day or night.

Grooming And Exercise – The Two Most Overlooked Responsibilities Of The Typical Dog Owner

Dogs, just like every mammal on earth, (That includes you) needs exercise. Puppies in particular need lots of exercise, exercise they probably aren’t getting if you have to leave them at home for long periods of time. Duties like work, school, e.t.c. mean you can’t always have the time to take your pup out as much as he needs.

House Breaking a Difficult Puppy

The 2 hour schedule is right on track for a training a puppy, you must remember that puppies can’t hold their functions for long and when they want to go they will go. Give the puppy time to explore her surroundings while outside as they will want to do this: smell the grass, chew on twigs, chase a bug, if you don’t have the time then have a quick play session (something I don’t normally recommend because we want to make the puppy learn that outside is to do her business just for now) anyhow have the play session with the puppy outside, maybe a game of tug of war and or some sort of go fetch something, when the puppy is tired she will go for sure.

Quieting Down The Nightly Whine Of A New Puppy

Puppies first steps are cute, puppies first encounter with baths are adorable, and when they first learn to bark, it can be deafening. A lot of new dog owners are simply not prepared for the yipping and yelping from a baby dog, but I say it’s better than the incessant crying of a baby human. If your puppy doesn’t quiet down even at night, and you don’t know what to do, don’t stress out because there are training methods that exist for such situations. Training methods that insure you won’t have to purchase a lifelong supply of ear plugs.

Six Products Needed For New Puppy Include a Dog Poop Bags Holder

We must plan and prepare for the arrival of our new puppy. There are 6 items that we must definitely have for our new friend. The least expensive of these items, the dog poop bags holder, is the one purchase that will last for the lifetime of our dog.

Tips On Quieting Down That Loud Bark When You Want To Take Your Dog On The Road

Ever heard some loud mouthed dog bark his head off for an entire road trip? Ever wonder why your Dog feels the incessant need to bark at anything that goes by, from a girl pushing a stroller to a Mercedes Benz? Incessant barking can cause incessant irritation for the owner. The first step is to understand what it is they feel the need to bark so much for! If your dog is barking at every person, car, or garden gnome it’s a sign that your dog is responding extremely territorially. Extremely Territorial dogs almost always bark excessively.

Throwing A Backyard Party For Humans And Dogs Alike

The next time you throw a wild backyard party complete with barbecue, kiddie pools, and beer Kegs, try to consider your dogs feelings and not just your fun loving guests. You want a friendly environment that encourages other guests to bring their own dogs! Too many friend and family gatherings don’t take into consideration the furry members of the family.

The Availability of Australian Shepherds for Adoption

Is your heart set out on an adorable Australian shepherd for adoption? Confused whether you can devote the right amount of time and attention? It is better that you opt for adopting an Australian shepherd instead of buying it. This article will tell you why.

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