Doggett Style 7 Elements Online Dog Training Course

Does your dog love you? Like really love you? Are you sure? Bonjour, my name is Evan Doggett My dog loves me. and your dog loves me too! It's not the moustache. Its the method! and the method is called
“Doggett Style”. Doggett Style is awesome! It’s called "Doggett Style". Because I'm Evan Doggett and everyone has fun with
Doggett Style Doggett Style is a balanced
approach to dog training so your dog will actually
listen, but be happy
to do it too. Now, it’s not this type
of training. I said sit! You will sit! hmm Sure Drill Sargent Bob
is very handsome but with an attitude like that Nobody’s gonna listen. Together we are going to 
eliminate your frustrations focus on your goals and track your progress. all you’re gonna need is a leash some food and a dog. “Meow" and even tho I am a family man you can still take me to bed But Doggett Style is not limited to the bedroom You can do it in the shower! and you can do it while driving Bang Tink Bang Don’t… Don’t do it while driving.

Don’t do that! and there is
“Seven Elements”
to this program. so you're going to
learn a lot more than just obedience. NUMBER 1! Health We already established
that you love your dog which means you probably
want them to live a longer, healthier, happier,
less expensive life Me too! were going to talk about
grooming, food and raw feeding and vaccinating, talking to vets
butt care and creams essential oils and you name it! Number 2! Play What do you need to know
about playing with your dog? well, you want it
to be fun for both of you. Number 3! We’re going to train you too. so now that were best friends
I need to borrow a cup of sugar but, I also need to tell you
that you're part of the problem so, its not just about
training the dog… I get to train you too! we're also going to talk
about anxiety and how to deal with
a difficult dog. It’s not always easy
having a dog. AAaaaaaaaaahhhh Number 4 Obedience So now you and your partner can finally stop arguing about how to
train the dog based on what the internet told
you to do.

Just strike that dog! should I tell him he’s
a good boy? Sure would be nice if we could
just get to the root of
the problem. "Doggett Style" might very
well save your marriage. Honey I want "Doggett Style" thump thump thump What you say? Number 5! so whether your raising a puppy or a rescue dog your going to have a lot
of questions no… this isn’t sanitary. Number 6! correcting unwanted behaviours Now we know in a lot of ways your dog is an angel But I’m sure there are
a lot of things you would like
to change too. Number 7 Body Language Now it's really important
that you understand what your dog is trying
to say to another dog and what that dog
is trying to say to your dog.

pexels photo 4498185

So we are going to learn
about body language Do you know what your dog
is trying to say? I LOOOVE YOUUU Yeah… I am gonna bite him Can I lick your face? In 3…2…1 I think they like each other. ♪ Yelping… Angry Barking ♪ so that’s it, that is the program that's training Doggett Style It’s a fun, easy, quick way
to work with your dog so that you can grow and learn
together. and one of the best
parts is that most of the videos are under
<u>10 minutes</u> so if your someone like me that struggles with Attention
Deficit… ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ …Disorder and you won’t
have a problem.

So maybe you have a dog you know somebody with a dog your planning on getting a dog whatever it is "Doggett Style" is for you! it’s quick, it’s fun, it’s dirty! ahh, it’s not that dirty ahh, it’s a little dirty. Here at Doggett Style our goal is to help improve
the relationship between you and your dog. Whether that dog is a puppy adult or even a senior dog you can always continue
to learn and grow together. A big part of our mission is also to help support
charity water Which is an amazing organization that helps bring clean
drinking water to people around the world. So a portion of the
proceeds from this program are going
to go to them. Because people matter too! So click the link below and get some "Doggett Style"

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