E collars for counter surfing | Fearful dog tips | What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #429

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and that's Melissa right there so Melissa Linda's gonna need more guidance
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really really long answers alright okay here we go hey guys long time follower
first time Live with you hi Michael okay Jake
hey guys hope you well have you seen the post floating
around about the person picking up pitbulls off Craigslist and turning them
into be euthanized just wondering your thoughts on that so Jake this is the
thing I don't comment on a lot of this nonsense that first of all if it's on
the internet that doesn't mean it's true you know obviously I think it's
obviously I think it's ridiculous that it's happening whether it's true or not
I don't know I think the bigger issues out there I normally don't comment on
stuff like this because it's not because I don't care it's because it's just all
silliness of course it's horrific I'm against it so next what would you say to
a trainer in England if this proposed E collar ban is approved so this is the thing
about England and in Scotland I actually sat before Scottish Parliament and
actually talked with them about their E Collar issues and we actually put
together a plan of action Scotland's gonna legislate it even
though I voiced my opinion saying that you know you know I don't think they
should be legislating it but this is the thing what you're gonna do is there's a
lot of ways to stop unwanted behaviors through punishment it doesn't have to be
through a remote collar but what you need to do is the problem with England is
people waited too long people waited too long there's so much hatefulness in the
UK in general it is incredible I get more hate from the UK than anywhere else
in the world combined combined so so do all of my colleagues what what dog
owners need to do is stand up and fight so dog owners could stand up and fight
for their rights but if you are gonna be there's gonna be a ban on it you have to
learn other ways to to punish a dog the issue is once this happens a lot of dogs
are going to be killed because a lot of owners are gonna be left
struggling and what you could also do is just use a bandana next question okay
I'm just gonna say hi to some people yeah smart dog school Randi hi how are
you let's see what would you say to a trainer in England if
sorry I'm looking at the next one sorry hi guys from Julie
hello everyone Missy okay paper addict hey Jeff thanks for doing this just
bought a remote collar and hopefully some counter surfing and high chair
jumping what are you what's your number one tip to get started so the thing about remote
collars is remote collars are fantastic for stopping unwanted behaviors and what
you can do is if you want to start by punishment right off the bat you can
counter surfing the best thing to do is to set it up you put the remote collar on
the dog I would prefer if you did some work with the dog first on obedience
but you do not have to you don't have to do that at all you can go right to
punishment if you want to again if you're brand new to my show and if
you've never heard the word punishment punishment is not abuse punishment is
how you stop unwanted behaviors it's the adding and subtracting of something
to decrease the behavior that's fact so what you're going to do is you have
something on the counter that the dog wants to get you leave the room you look
through a video camera or look through something and when the dog goes up and
gets it you are on a high level for three seconds you should not enjoy doing
it it's gonna hurt the dog and and it's not gonna be pretty but we're talking
dogs can die from getting on the counter dogs can die so the big thing is if
anybody struggles with this I get it yep I just said it's gonna be uncomfortable
and hurt the dog but my question is how do you stop it unwanted behavior today
right now immediately any good dog trainer should be able to stop unwanted
behaviors immediately next question okay hi Heather here's another question from
Michael long question if you can answer I got a dog from a fake trainer dog is a
German / Malinois mix and he was beaten by the fake trainer I spent my savings
to get her which left no money for training her how do I help her get over the
scaredness well this is the thing number one let's forget about the old
story whether it's true or not please stop telling that story stop telling the
story about the fake trainer stop telling about that the dog was beaten
you know what I mean because number one you might not know if it's true or not
normally it's not true it's our assumption
it could be just a genetic issue where the dog is really really nervous and
fearful so please understand that either way it doesn't change anything the best
thing you can do with any fear dog is this is is lots of structure
lots of obedience lots of consequences and hold off on affection right now but
that dog is meant to work so work the dog and then start exposing that dog to
environmentals in structured ways but don't baby the dog the problem is
you're gonna be you're gonna be compensating for the supposed harm
the dog got with human emotion that's gonna work against you that's gonna work
against you so I want you to stop telling that story I literally never
want you to tell that story again if you do you'll probably make it you're
probably won't be successful so it sucks it is what it is next this question is
from Haley I have an anxious dog that I'm working with and following your
protocols one of my roommates dogs is also anxious and they keep getting into
fights they're currently at the vet actually okay so this is what I want you
to do Haley so those dogs can't be together right
now until you get professional help and what I mean by professional help is
somebody that actually works with dog aggression it is a specialty I would say
that 90% plus of dog trainers out there don't work with aggressive dogs they
don't most people just do obedience even far less do behavior modification and
even far far less do aggressive aggression rehab so what you're going to
need to do is you need to right now is do management until you can sit down and
talk to somebody so what are you gonna do make sure both dogs are crated and
you're gonna have to keep them away from each other which is not the answer but
it's gonna be the answer you're gonna get on a quick Youtube Live again hold them
accountable both dogs should be remote collar trained nobody should be babying
these dogs nobody should be allowing these dogs to be jealous jealous and be
really careful about permitting by reinforcing unwanted behaviors which
happens all the next Jeff we are on day three of using a
prong collar on our GSD what a difference thank you very much for your
guidance and videos Mark it's Mark awesome proud of you buddy fist bump to you next
my dog walks very politely on a prong collar but completely ignores me how do
I get her to pay attention to me when she's not doing anything technically wrong so
Sharon you know this is the thing I don't want dogs so we are pet we're family
pet dog trainers so in our in our training facility but what what what I
don't want you to do is think you've got to do a competition obedience heel where
the dogs always looking but the best thing to do is start becoming valuable
to your dog I've got a video called a 180 move on YouTube in my search box
just type in 180 and you'll be able to find it and when you do that when you do
that what you can do is you'll be able to start getting your dog to focus more
on you do a lot of quick turns get the dog to walk behind you remote collar heel
the dog so that's how you gonna get it also I just found out about this thing
for um super chat there's a little dollar sign down at the bottom here
these people just started donating money to my my to my YouTube Lives the
other day and I'm like how did that happen so a couple of people have been
asking me there's a little dollar sign at the bottom there if you click on that
you could actually um donate money which I think is pretty cool right if you
appreciate all the help that we give you next I have nothing to ask because my
dog is amazing thanks to Jeff awesome proud of you thanks for tuning in
Melissa thank you I just need to get into that email so we'll see Missy I'm
not I'm not getting anything since it's waiting for Solid K9 am I doing
something wrong the fact that you asked that question you should be able to see
us try rebooting try rebooting the fact that you asked that question I think
that you can see us or else you wouldn't be able to make a comment so try to
reboot your computer or get out of Youtube and go back in next unless she's
seen like a black yeah I don't know still able to comment yeah my border collie is good
at obedience place sit heel create etcetera but he's selective on obeying
my commands I'm introing E Collar and he vocalizes
then acts sullen how do I push through this um sullen okay so so sullen this is what
you're gonna do so Heather so this always sounds cold
and uncaring you get over it right you get over it this is the thing the only way to proof a
dog is through punishment it's just the only way so dogs get selective listening
and stubborn behavior because of lack of consequences for a known behavior known
so if your dog has done 500 sits 500 downs 500 places heels like a superstar and then
decides to be selective when it does it that's because you haven't proofed it
through punishment that's it the sullen is you humanizing the dog possibly being
calm or you interpreting the dog the dogs resistance to your information so
it's like this though it's a roller coaster ride it's a roller coaster ride
the dog doesn't like that you have said to it you have to do it you have to do
it it's no different than me telling Angelo he I'll humanize this shit all
day long guys it's no different than me telling Angelo Angelo you can't do that
and you know what he does he he hunches his shoulders puts his head down
like this and he walks out of the room now
I mean it's like clockwork it's choreographed he does that every single
time any time you don't want to do something he does this little sullen
dance we call it we don't but I just made it up but that's what he does
so what do we do we don't laugh at him obviously but I sure as hell don't feel
bad for the kid he's got a good life your dog has a good life so keep doing
it keep doing it next adult female pity who is reactive to loud noises even a
sneeze she has started going after my Yorkie at any unexpected loud noise
knock on door E Collar correct high she is muzzle conditioned now so what I would
do Miss M is a couple of things I
would absolutely first of all that dog could kill your not because of the breed
but because of the size that dog could kill your Yorkie all right so what I
would do is let's think about this logically who the Frank Sinatra does your
dog think it can do by taking its impulse control out on that Yorkie so
what I would do is muzzle condition this dog teach it place what I would also do
is put it on a tie back as soon as that and I went to role play this role play
this that dog should have a bomb-proof place around all distractions so I want
this dog to have a bomb-proof place around all noises so you proof it with
what noises so you could knock on the door they have your cell phone ring
you can download sounds from the internet everything it's an impulse control issue
the dog doesn't know how to deal with it it's also an arousal issue so when the
dog gets aroused it does stupid stuff so when your dog gets aroused it's doing
stupid things so what I want you to do is you've got to let it know yes it's
gonna be a high correction on a remote the fact that it's going after your
other dog it gets a high correction now a lot of people are gonna go well
that'll make the dog more aggressive hold on here your dogs attacking your
other dog before I came into the picture before you started using this advice it
won't make your dog more aggressive at all
next how to make recall more reliable dog understands here without
distractions but out on a trail when told here we'll stop and stare until
command is repeated a few times okay again so Jake here we go again not with
you but here we go again about punishments and again this is the thing
the way we train recall is through a reward based system when we do rewards and a long line absolutely the way we train every single command is through rewards the
way we stop every unwanted behavior is through punishments the way we get dogs
to stop refusing known commands is through punishment and I'll tell you why
no amount of high-level reward is gonna get your dog to come back to you if it
wants to go after a dear right so what I want you to do is this long line on the
dog 30 foot long line I want you to go out I
want you to make sure that dog understands remote collar recall so let
it go out five feet boom call it back send it back out let
it go out ten feet call it back and then I want you to be able to proof that dog
on a punisher with a long line so when that dog refuses to come back to you the
first time listen I don't mind saying here a couple of times but proof it you
say here the dog stops and looks at you hold onto the leash say the word no
remote collar correction the reason why you hold the end of the leash because the
remote collar is not directional make sure that dog comes back to you so then the
dog will understand there's a consequence for non-compliance of a
known command it's really important that we understand that when it comes to
obedience training you punish only when the dog knows the
command if you're trying to stop an unwanted behavior you can punish right
off the bat so Punishers can be used in multiple different ways next ok Missy
May I don't know if you can see this or not but it says if you can see comments
but not the video try closing YouTube and reopen and select the video again
nice thanks Melissa ok adoptive dog four to five years old just learned how to fetch is
now obsessed eyes change like a fiend won't let go
accidentally bitten hands it's like he has it's like he has like epilepsy and
his jaws are spasming so R Pierce I want you to teach that
dog the out command all this is based is based on arousal cool that the dog likes
fetch I get that dog into nose work all right get that dog into nose work
because you're going to use the ball as the reward so have some fun with nose
work so you can do it just just look it up look for an online class a
real world class get a get a get a DVD or a streaming video what you're going
to do though is teach that dog the out command and I've got a video on that and
I demonstrate that at all my seminars all my seminars I demonstrate out
it's done with a remote collar and it's very important if you're teaching a dog
to grab something that's part 1 part 2 is you've got to
teach that dog to release it or else if you deal with the dog that's strong it's
gonna be the situation where you have now all right so it's a great command
for every dog to learn it's also how we stop resource guarding next I was on
your last live and said my chihuahua is very least reactive against humans
and dogs you said to use a bonker do I just throw it at her while she's lunging
or do I hit her with it so what you gonna do Angelica I want you to
recognize arousal arousal in your dog so this is what I want you to do I want you
to take your dog out for a walk all right and I want that dog to be healing
next to you so let's make sure the dog is in the proper position if you've got
a dog that's leash reactive and you're allowing it two feet to 20 feet in front
of you and then it gets reactive shame on you I'm not shaming you I don't shame
or blame clients but it's an expression shame on you keep the dog and a proper
heel next to you then what I want you to do is this
if your dog walks next to you as soon as that dog starts pulling ahead I want you
to say no and then bonk the dog got it no and then bonk the dog you throw it at
the dog it's a Chihuahua it's got to be released
I have bonked chihuahuas you won't hurt your Chihuahua at all now all of a
sudden your dog goes holy shit what's gonna happen if I get least reactive the
magic of it is the dog understands what no means you have to teach the dog what
no means once the dog is in drive can you do it yes you can but it's a heck of
a lot easier to do it when the dogs not in drive next question Romy you get me
discombobulated eight month old lab mouths when he doesn't want to do
something if he has the prong leash on he bites the leash how do I correct this
what you're gonna do is okay so what you're gonna do is this
you've got a couple of options here sorry Linda so you
dog is objecting so get yourself a pet convincer which is just
compressed air which is empty right now or you can get a bonker let the dogs in let the dogs in please thank you
um so what you're gonna do is you're gonna do compressed air or a bonker dog's
biting the leash no boom all it is is the dog objecting it's the dog saying no
that's exactly what it is exactly what it is next my dog is one year old and I
have a prong collar on him and he bites it how do I stop that oh place it is a
different question um so he bites it it's on his neck though you shouldn't
be able to reach it so I'm a little bit confused by that question next I have
two dogs they do very well in structured walks when I take them individually but
take a while to settle in while I when I walk them together any tips for getting
better walks together hold on place Thank You Romy um yes
what you're gonna do is this right from the get-go set the tone right from the
get-go set the tone just to let everybody know first of all thank you for being on
my Youtube Live it's my first Youtube Live that I've done I've been doing this
for ten years but this is my first Youtube Live for Q&A so thank you so
much to everybody that showed up second of all thank you for all the people that
actually follow through the work because I know you are if you're brand
new though and you haven't heard this information before a lot of times what
we do whenever we're trying to set the tone don't wait until the dogs are out
of control you're in the middle of your walk your dogs are starting to act like
a-holes it's a lot harder to set the tone then you're better off setting the
tone where at the very beginning of the walk so what do you do walk out of the
house firm a leash pop bonker remote collar set the tone right from the
beginning of the walk those dogs will go holy shit
like we barely did anything wrong and we got a Punisher I wonder what's gonna
happen when we act like a fool it's like child-raising guys I'll
humanize this stuff all day long could you imagine if you had a curfew so my
parents could never find a proper Punisher for me all right
I have proper punishes for all my kids so this is the thing could you imagine
if curfew was midnight and your teenager came home at 12:05 and you said to them
what time is it 12:05 what time is curfew midnight were
you late yes I was you can't go out for a month could you imagine what you're
and you follow through by the way you didn't cave after 24 hours like a lot of
parents did and you follow through could you imagine what you've just instilled
in your child that number one rules are rules number two you follow through and number three you better take this shit
seriously same with a dog next five pound Yorkie problem I have is
screaming like a crazy dog when I have company in or out of the crate it's
every time I've turned up E collar to jolt behavior with no results okay so
this is the thing I don't know what kind of remote collar you're using it I don't
know how you're going if your dog's in the crate what I want you to do is this
again if you're brand new to my show which a lot of people are not because
that's a great thing about YouTube YouTube Live most of the time it's it's
a smaller group but it's people that are actually like been following me so they
know my shit it's a punishment so we do this all the time at our Training Center
and we do this all the time at our seminars what's really cool at our
seminars is this I'm about to do a seminar in Kelowna this weekend by the
way brand new location 40 people it's almost sold out in Kelowna it's going to
be incredible anyway dogs come in there's nonsense going on in the crate
I'll walk up to them with a bonker I'll walk up to them with a pet convincer
if they have a remote collar I'll grab the remote collar from the owner I need
to communicate with them to be quiet so what will I do I'll say no and I'll walk
up and I'll most likely hold the towel and hit the top of the crate with it you
want it to be startling you want it to be like holy Sh what that oh my god what was that what the Frank Sinatra I better not be an a-hole anymore
so chances are you're not being firm enough you're not being firm enough so
this is the thing a lot of people are think they're using a Punisher but
they're not they're not because the dog doesn't stop the behavior therefore it
wasn't a Punisher that's what I mean by proper punishment next ok how many hours a day do you actually spend on training with a stay and train board and train it
would be with a board and train Tiffany so believe it or not dogs spend 60 to 70
percent of the time in their kennels at a board and train so we're very
transparent about that like you you only need to train a dog for 90 minutes a day
active training so you got 90 minutes a day of active training which is sort of
like obedience commands one walk maybe two walks a day some socialization if
they meet with dogs and then massive amounts of duration meaning place for
hours at a time and then in their crate for hours at a time keep in mind
they're not there to play they're there to work they're there to work and a lot
of times folks will say oh are the dogs having fun we don't know and it doesn't
matter and that goes against that goes against that sounds so anti dog and anti
client we're we're trying to change behaviors now if you send your dog to us
for trick training it's going to be fun if you send your dog to us for agility it's
gonna be fun but when you send your dog to us for rehab it might not be fun that
doesn't mean we're being mean it just means we're gonna push that dog we have
to push the dog we have to because if we don't push the dog it won't change its
behavior we've done this so many times so but the magic though is in the
duration no dog needs to come to us I shouldn't say that maybe a dozen dogs in
the last ten years have needed to come to us to learn how to be more excited
most dogs come to us to be less and more controlled next Miss M says yay thank
you for the pity advice you're welcome thanks so much I really appreciate the
free content that's from Heather and Missy May figured out how to get back on
here so that's good dog is afraid of E collar okay so so Lita so Lita a couple
of things you could have used it wrong you know you could have effed up don't
worry about it what you want to do is this dog wakes up
in the morning put the collar on every three or four hours switch the switch
the collar from side to side use all food based protocols during your training so
you should be using food and remote collar food and remote collar food and
remote collar don't just put the collar a lot of times people with the collars on
when they're just training or they put the collar on when the dog just did
something bad and now the collar goes on be proactive with it wake up start your
day now if the dogs in its kennel for six hours a day because you have to go
to work you can take the collar off um but switch it every three or four hours
so the dog doesn't get pressure sores and then use food in all your training
that's how that's what we do that's we do the dog should be excited about the
collar so even if the dog hates it now you can flip it don't worry you didn't F
up your dog next four-year-old blue heeler mix very anxious after moving and
bringing home a newborn yep has started growling in her crate at
adult owners and going to the bathroom in the house help so Laura that's common
that's why we put so much emphasis on baby proofing so moving huge stressor
having a baby huge stressor for everybody the adults and the dogs so
this is what you're gonna do so oh who does somebody Dana Dana thank you so
much for the ten dollars holy shit Dana awesome you're awesome
Dana just get up did a um is there a question that she needs me answer or no I don't know not yet oh cool Thank You Dana she just did that dollar sign superchat think so what you're
gonna do is I want them to lots of structure again structure with the dog
growling the bottom line is the gowl you got to punish the dog growling knock
it off that's what you have to do knock it off
so why is it dog growling because it is its nervous its insecure it might be
getting resource guarding over the baby over the owners so that you've got to
stop it with a punisher you have to a lot of people will say well you need to
find the root cause of it if you're beating the dog and it growls that's a
different story if you're hanging out with a baby or walking by the crate and
that dog growls you correct it next love this format where is a notification
button you mentioned in the Instagram post um there's a little bell you've got
a little bell when you subscribe to me then there's a little Bell click on the
Bell and then all of a sudden these little lines go around the Bell next
right now it's right underneath if she's already subscribed oh so right now
you're right so right now underneath the screen where we are it'll say subscribed
55,000 Kay and there's a little Bell next to it if it's just a bell with no
little lines next to it that means you have to hit that and then it goes to
notifications so subscribe and then hit notifications next um love you Jeff and
Linda awesome Melissa gave us so there's a link to our Patreon account feel free
to jump on our Patreon account you get a lot of one-on-one
training there next Frank says looking forward to next weekend in Kelowna Oh
Frank me too man Frank it's gonna be packed it's gonna be packed there I'm
excited we're actually we're probably shutting off ticket sales because we
I don't think we fit any more people in that building some of the buildings I do
I can fit 100 people and some I can only fit 30 in this one we already have
40 and we're maxing out the building so maxing out yep
howdy Jeff and Linda from Arizona thanks so much for everything love YouTube
version of Q&A Oh awesome cool Holly thank you yep I'm so looking forward to like-minded
people in Kelowna nice anyone here from Seattle area I'll be in Seattle I don't
know but I'll be there a lot of people in the Seattle area though that are into
into what I do I'll be in Seattle doing a seminar there doing a seminar there go to
RVDogTrainer.com next okay do we need to worry about layering prong with E
collar before working with E collar having a hard time dialing up on my Huskies
I also need practice haha so if you're if you're if you're you could I mean
ideally we like to do prong first and layer remote over it because it's a lot
easier to do on the dog and on the owner I think it's really hard to have the dog
on like a flat buckle collar or a martingale and a remote it's a lot easier
to guide the dog with the prong the prong gives directional control you've
got a big powerful dog it'll be much easier what you're gonna do is you want
to make sure though you're having a hard time dialing up if you're mentally
having if you're mentally having a hard time dialing up I don't want to
sound cold and uncaring but get over it right it's like and I know why you
don't want to dial up because you're afraid to hurt your dog and the cool
thing is I don't want you to hurt your dog either but if your dog's blowing off
commands or if your dogs not listening to you or if your dog is doing unwanted
behaviors the dog sure as heck doesn't care about your feelings and that
doesn't mean you should be not caring about their feelings but what it means
is train your dog up train your dog next okay so grateful for all your videos
every foster who enters my home is trained with one
my daughter's dog was trained in two walks and now we enjoy our walks love you
wow Margaret awesome yeah every foster you know I'm so super psyched for you
for being a foster that actually works with dogs you know a lot of a lot of
this stuff a lot of times with fosters what they do is they don't they they
love the dogs too much instead of working the dogs work the dogs it's your
job as a foster to have that dog leave better then it came to you the dog
should learn how to go into a crate how to shut up in a crate how to learn basic
commands make sure there's no separation anxiety and then your job is to give
that new owner the potential new owner a good assessment on the dog strengths and weaknesses next dog goes after squirrels tries to catch try to catch him as he is
getting aroused by one but cannot always catch him if I miss the loading time and
correct when he is running he does not react to the E collar
that's because ok I give this example all the time is if you put a thousand
dollars fifty feet away from me and I had a remote collar on I'm gonna get
that thousand dollars I'm gonna get it I'm gonna scream but I'm gonna get it
you put 20 bucks no I'm not moving I'm not moving so you need to go to that
once the dogs in drive once the dog is in drive you lost it you lost it dogs
dogs go through underground fencing which is much higher than with a
remote collar keep that in mind they go through it on purpose
screaming the whole way so next thank you so much for all of your content you're
welcome Jessica okay my question just got a little goofed up okay from Tiffany
that's exactly what I wanted to hear thank you very much awesome Dana I've learned a tremendous amount
from your videos thank you for your commitment to these wonderful animals Oh awesome Dana so Dana Dana did a superchat she donated $10 thank you so much for the
support that's always appreciated Oh Tiffany just donated a dollar
ninety-nine awesome thanks Tiffany okay Steve Ocala Flordia here absolutely love
all the information you guys provide I've been stalking your social media
channels for years thank you oh you're welcome Steve I just did actually I just
did a shout out on a couple of trainers down in Florida but I've got Torrey
Smith Heather Arthur and Bethany Johnson three really good trainers down in the
Florida area they're in the Winter Park Orlando area next Tiffany said that's
all I had on iTunes have to load up more money hey dollar ninety-nine is good
Tiffany man I'll take a dollar ninety-nine any time any time potential client has an Aussie
with a very strong herding instinct towards children anywhere any tips on
correcting specifically this instinctual behavior in an Aussie I
don't see E collars in my training you don't use E collars so this is the thing
so if you don't use remote collars you could struggle you could use a but you
use a dressage whip do you use a stockyard whip do you use that I mean an Australian Sheppard is gonna respond well to it it knows this is the thing I
understand the job the job what they do is dogs that dogs that work cattle and
dogs that work sheep I get it but kids aren't cattle or sheep so you absolutely
need to figure out what a punish what a Punisher is you can also use a bonker
use a bonker as well the dog needs to understand that it's not allowed to do
that behavior so what you do is you got to set it up you gotta set it up and
then you got a punish that's how it is that's how it is what I don't want you
to do is this a lot of people this is what this is what's wrong with my
industry everybody else is gonna say have the kids get treats have the kids
use rewards so the dog will have a positive association with the dog who
says the dog doesn't already have a positive association with the kids it's
just doing what it's genetically bred to do we don't know if this dog doesn't
like kids it likes to herd though it's doing
exactly what it enjoys if you add food to that
which is a reward the dog will do more of that behavior that's why you have to
use a Punisher what I want folks to do is this I want everyone to start using
common sense if I want a dog to do more of something I'll use a reward if I want
a dog to do less of something I use a Punisher now say to yourself what's the
reward that'll increase the behavior and what's the Punisher that will decrease
the behavior and then give it a shot but you can't decrease you're not going to
decrease it with a reward next thank you for the answer on the crate growling
anything I can do about the peeing in the house punish no peeing in the house
peeing in peeing in the house you need to catch in the act
chances are the dog is struggling with some anxiety issues check for a UTI
though and make sure the dog is on a scheduled water schedule potty and they
might have to do more place place duration they got to catch that dog in
the act though next Thank You Melissa for all the tips you're giving me I
really appreciate it you're really good you're being a great moderator mm hmm
wife and I picked up our 16 now 17 week old GSD last Friday been following you
after hearing a k-9 unit trainer from Ohio talk about you we have our GSD
doing great purely from your YouTube awesome so Miguel say the people's name
because you know why that the comments get the comments get deleted they
disappear when I put up the replay yeah yeah so so Miguel so yeah I'm tied in
with a bunch of canine trainers in the Ohio area mostly in Canton Ohio but it
could have been Joe k9 Vlad could have been k9 Vlad
yep he's the guy that knocked on my door oh next well uh just molecule molecules I don't know if I'm
saying that right attending Kelowna Kelowna session but missed out on an
opportunity to register with our GSD how to get most benefit from attending not
sure of the format since not able to bring our beast so first of all I know
that there's about 20 people that want a working spot that can't get one so I'm
probably gonna schedule another one with Laura when I'm there well it will come
up with another date but you will learn just as much there as you will if you
had your dog and I mean that so some people actually enjoy not having their
dog because they can focus more so what you're gonna do is you're gonna see me
work with 17 dogs on the fly on the fly I can't be like let me call up my
colleague or like I literally have to stop the behavior right there on the fly so
you'll see me work with all these dogs mostly on how to stop unwanted behaviors
you'll see how I work dogs just our understanding dogs energy you'll start
understanding dog state of mind and you'll understand how to stop unwanted
behaviors and you can still ask questions so you will learn a
ton you will learn a
ton and as far as the format goes I talk for 10 minutes and then I start
working dogs that's the format that's literally what I do I just want to work
work the dogs next this one's from Holly yeah not emotional
just I'm not sure I'm getting through still working on their thick fur in the
long contacts so what I would do is shave shave down the area just go for it
shave it down get a proper fit or you're wasting your time Holly next this is
from Kathy do you ever get to Northwest Arkansas Northwest Arkansas no but I get
to Texas I know it's not the same thing but I get to Texas go to rvdogtrainer.com rvdogtrainer.com next this is from Jay Hamlin
hi guys Jeff is the remote collar only conditioned and used as a Punisher or
can it also be conditioned and used as a positive reinforcer example aggressive
dog is corrected non aggressive isn't yeah we use we use remote collars to fully off
leash train dogs so we use it for both we don't just use it for punishment
absolutely not it's a great Punisher we use it for um
we use it for everything though that's how we get dogs to do you know quicker
commands more proofing low we will do lower levels we do lower levels to to do
pressure on and pressure off but absolutely we use it high any dog
trainer that says they don't use the remote collar high my question is why not
like why would don't you use it high that's what it was designed for as well like it goes
to a hundred for a reason like that's how you stop unwanted behaviors so next
how to start dog aggression rehab that's that's a 10-week course so the first
thing you're gonna do is massive amounts of structure take away affection hold
your dog accountable and start punishing for non-compliance on small things and
start understanding arousal in dogs that's a really long question though next Evelynn sorry you didn't understand
what I meant but keep Evelyn I don't know what you would you would your
question was read the next question Missy May working a dog right now that
screams every time he is corrected on prong I have to keep pressure on until
he stops how would you incorporate E collar to extinguish this particular
behavior some dogs are just really really loud some dogs are just really
really loud it's a pain in the ass some of these dogs that just scream at the littlest literally you look at them and they scream or you have a Frenchie not to
stereotype Frenchies but sometimes Frenchies go totally nuts on a leash
out of excitement so if you've got yourself a sensitive dog the prongs not
hurting the dog that's what a lot of people say oh well it must be hurting
the dog it's not hurting the dog I've had dogs scream on harnesses on flat
buckle collars on martingales I've had dogs scream in crates so it all
it is is the dog objecting and the screaming it's a practiced behavior it's
gotten them out of it's got them out of things I would use a bonker scream no
bonk the bunker can be very very effective next this one's from Kayla nine-month-old
mini schnauzer growls when handled and picked up I've been correcting more
consistently every growl for a week and he just got worse he dislikes
handling more now give me a plan I have time so Kayla so what I would do is join
my patreon page and get a one-on-one with me this is the thing check to make
sure the dog doesn't have any issues with its spine or it's hips so mouth ears
spine hips and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna do a clicker food
protocol if the dog is healthy you're gonna do a huge yes and a huge no a huge
yes and a huge no but the dog might have something wrong with it the dog might
have something wrong with it check that first whenever we see that we always
check medical check for and check for any imbedded toenails check for that
check it all over see if there's any parts of the body that are sensitive so
our Chihuahua whenever we picked up Kaiser about three weeks ago started
screaming he has he has a disc issue in his neck so and we thought it was his
leg we thought it was his legs we didn't know yeah so until we went to a vet next
okay LouNeera I apply your techniques while training my psychiatric service
dog during public access training I've never had any issues using your
techniques thanks so much keep up with the videos
yeah thanks yeah I mean service dogs need to be trained to a higher quality
serve all service dogs need to understand what punishment is I give
this example all the time I give this example all the time everybody thinks
that service dogs are trained with just positive reinforcement maybe but they're
not proofed with it and this is the best example
you got mobility issues your service dog has been trained to do a couple of
things let's talk about two different tasks turn on and off the lights and go
to the refrigerator and get something and bring it back right how do you train
all that reward there's a little bit of Punisher but mostly it's reward based
how do you proof it punishment what do I mean by that what happens when your dog
starts fetching water bottles out of the refrigerator when you didn't ask them to
what happens when your when your when your service dog starts just randomly
turning lights on and off when you didn't ask them to how do you stop that how do you stop
that more rewards for getting it right nope it already knows how to do it right
you have to apply a Punisher when it does it when you don't tell it to or
you'll have you'll have anarchy how about if your service dog who's been
trained to pick up your keys and bring them to you now all of a sudden out of
the blue your dog starts bringing you your keys bringing you your cell phone
now what do you do more rewards so they get it right nope dog dog already knows
how to get it right punishment for lack of compliance I'm
stepping up my punishment conversation game if you haven't noticed why because
dogs are freaking dying and owners can't take their dogs out in public and owners
are struggling and when you've got a dog that's badly behaved your world becomes
very small and I don't want that for owners anymore
I want your world to get bigger next Jeff Christina gave you $10 oh my gosh
thank you Thanks love you that's so awesome next caution 44 five-month-old GSD who winds in cries
when he isn't able to meet dogs or people what's the best way to correct
when out and about so um so that's all arousal again that's arousal
first of all cool job for not allowing your dog to meet them
I don't want your dog to meet any dog on a leash or people on a leash at all so
your five month old dog I don't want it to ever meet anybody on a leash okay so
I'm not saying don't socialize your dog my dogs are very social but they don't
meet anybody or anything on a leash in public they I've trained them to not pay
attention to humans and dogs in public so what I want you to do is I want you
to give you have to give a leash correction or remote collar correction at
the first sign of arousal next this question is from Michael
Jeff Linda if a big network contacted you and wanted to do a reality show on
your family and your dog training would would you do it just saying it would be
an amazing show you and Linda are great thank you Michael so Michael we've been
approached before I mean I've been approached before we've
pitched some stuff before to some networks I probably would actually do it
with a small network not a big network because big networks want to control too
much and big networks also are too worried about their advertisers but too
worried about the advertisers so we I've pitched some stuff before but I just
didn't like the way it went I'd rather do a YouTube show just remember your
average Youtuber so here's a great here's a great example
Casey Niestat Casey if you don't know Casey Niestat is he's a he's a great
he's a great Youtuber Casey Niestat he's got nine million fans he'll put up
a video his average video gets a minimum of a million views usually in 24 hours
or less no TV show gets that I shouldn'y say no TV show get that your average TV show
can't get that so more people can see a Youtube video than a television show
television becoming non-existent YouTube and YouTube is where it's gonna
be at so I'd rather come up with my own next this is from another michael dog
sometimes will destroy toys usually plays nice though how can I stop the
destruction I don't want her to be afraid of playing with her toys so
Michael are you my mechanic Mike no they spell the last name different
oh really do they oh that's Mike Schultz the way they spell it doesn't have the C
oh that's my mechanics name he's a good mechanic so this is the thing the destruction of
toys you'd have to use a Punisher now the dog won't be afraid of the toy but
here's another thing my dogs only have time I'm not against toy so that's full
clarification my dogs have fetch toys they have fetch toys and they've got
bones so fetch toys are used for in the pool and through chuck it okay bones are
used to chew on toys don't you don't let them chew on the toy then there's
nothing to destroy nothing to destroy but if you want to because they don't
need them they don't they don't need a soft toy
now if you've got a dog that holds its favorite little pig little stuffed pig
in its mouth and takes it everywhere and it's owned it for five years and its
never even put a hole in it let it have one but if you've got a dog that has a
habit of destroying toys they don't need them now is that training no but it's
smart financial planning right but also what you can do is what you can do is
you can just you would say no and then use the remote collar to correct now is
it going to stay away from that toy it might but it's also going to learn but
it's also going to learn that it's not supposed to destroy things
next this from Steve I'm seeing the videos already looking into connecting
with positively calm can't wait awesome yeah yeah Heather's great from Elaine thank
you for doing your job so well oh you're welcome Margaret
thank you Jeff we really do try to make every foster better than they were when
they came to us loved your seminar in Nazareth getting better every day at
handling dogs not just loving on them Margaret I'm proud of you I'll be back
in Nazareth – I already posted that one but I'm proud of you I'm proud of you
get somebody to get more of your foster people together and give me a call I'll
see if I can help you out let's get let's get every foster person you know
to get there so they can start doing what you're doing alright next Jeff the
paper addict gave you $5.00 thank you for all you're doing you are seeing
owners who are suffering and want things to change and you're helping them all oh
that's so nice Oh paper addict thank you all right I
definitely am for punishment in correcting behavior just wanted tips
on aussies herding if there's if there is anything specific that can help more
than other cases yeah I mean I so so I mentioned it so first of all I would get a remote
collar so I mean this is the thing with the remote collars like
how do you stop a dog when it's in motion and it's far away from you and
it's off leash that's the magic of a remote collar so I gave you the so I
gave you the answer or a dressage whip a dressage whip you can take or I would
use a stockyard whip it's a little bit longer stockyard whip being about
anywhere from 48 to 60 inches with about an 8 to 10 inch drop and you would just
smack the dog on the butt I mean that's the only way you're gonna stop that
herding behavior around kids now you also could be so that's how you
would punish it you also can teach that dog how to just do it down or place
around running kids you could do that as well
so you got a couple of options but I want you to do both so I want you to be
amongst the children without herding them and I want you to be in a duration
command and ignore them so with me I would want both I would want both so
next any plans to come to North Dakota
nothing at all nothing at all go to rvdogtrainer.com though I'm open to
it I would need to seminar location and knowing that I can at least get anywhere
from 30 to 40 people there next this one's from Holly seminars are awesome Oh
awesome thanks Christina seminars are awesome even if other dogs
have issues different from your dog's issue still lots of learning happening
best $400 dollars ever spent on my dog thank you from Lisa had a correct
excitement piddling I am low-key and do not speak to her until she's calm but
it's still happens so hard oh Lisa I wish your dog was biting I'm seriously I wish
your dog was biting it's easier to fix a biting dog then then then excitement pee
and the fact that you even mentioned that you're calm like you already
understand like you already you're already trying so hard so let's check
for a UTI first this is what you need to do I'm not I'm not the expert on pee
issues with dogs because we don't have a lot of that what I would do is this the
ones that we have worked with we've kept them under threshold for long periods of
time so there's zero physical touch zero food
rewards everything is monotone everything is neutral and we monitor the
water check for UTI make sure they're on a frequent bathroom schedule then what
you're going to do is work them on duration a lot so I want you to be in
place with lots of stuff going on so what you're going to do is when they're
in duration they're lying down you start applying environmental to it so lots of
loud noises lots of moving things lots of excitement they've got a hold command
that's going to help them now create new muscle memories and new behaviors to
stop being out of control crazy that's my suggestion for you but boy
fixing biting is a heck of a lot easier so kudos to you for for this journey
you're on next Jeff melissa says Jeff comments will
still show in the replay like on periscope but people should not be able
to add more comments to the replay so Melissa
even if I shut comments off so so Melissa you set it up so people can't
comment but people can see comments alright Melissa thank you that's what it
says here though people should not be able to add more comments okay cool
this is from Ashley needs suggestions on what kind of collars to use on very tiny
Chihuahua the e-collar is too big for them so Ashley you can get a little
micro prong collar 1.75 millimeter you can start off with that and then also
you can bonk bonk a Chihuahua pet convincer a Chihuahua next Javier how
to stop dog from growling and barking in car when she sees someone walking by or
one parked next to us so Javier a remote collar if you're not familiar with
remote collar they're shock collars so this is the thing if somebody came up to
your window and peered in I wouldn't mind you know I wouldn't mind if
somebody stuck their hand in I wouldn't mind
they're hand in but if someone's walking by which people do all the time it's
gonna be the word no and then remote collar now there's a lot of false
information out there people are gonna go oh then the dog will think that
people are bad it already does newsflash right newsflash the dogs
already does that's why it's growling teach it that growling is wrong and then
then sometimes people say how about if somebody's breaking in your car that's
probably not gonna happen so next this one's from invisible
jujitsu getting an eight-week Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in a couple of months
already have a four year old female Staffie spayed any big tips for us so no
tips just training so I have no dog training tips at all training it's a
lifestyle it's a full full time commitment what I would do is I would
start putting lots of structure into the existing dog's life crate that dog train
that dog teach that dog duration the new dog comes in the minute you pick up that
dog you're training it you're training it so I don't know what your other dog's
feelings about other dogs are and especially puppies a lot of dogs can't
stand puppies they hate them so what I would do is I suggest that you as soon
as you get that new dog in lots of structure all your trainings going to be
all food based all based on the dog's daily food and marker training you don't
there's no need for a Punisher other than for nipping and jumping and then
massive amounts of structure the biggest mistake people make with puppies is they
leave them out of their crates too long an eight week old puppy should be in a
crate for at least 21 hours a day not in a row but at least no you don't need
that dog out of the crate more than three hours a day that's why they're
nippy that's why they're exhausted that's where they pick up bad behaviors
next CM McDonald looking forward to seeing you when you come out to Long
Island I taught classes for years and love what you're doing wanted to pick
your brain regarding obedience without diminishing drive pet obedience versus
sport CM I'll see you out there I don't know enough about sport dog training but
absolutely I'll talk to you that's a big
conversation and I'm a big advocate of if you've got a dog if you've got a dog
with drive so I own two high drive working line Shepherds and guess what
right now right now I mean four I can put them into a place command for four
or five hours I can punish them for arousal and guess what what it's time
for them to work they work the biggest issue in sport dog training is nobody
wants to turn the dogs off because they think it's going to extinguish or
diminish its drive no it won't if anything it'll better control it and
they'll conserve their resources and the reason why I know it is because we do it
and the reason why the sport dog folks don't know it is because they don't do
it there you go next guys we're coming we're coming down to the end of the show
by the way next this one's from Michael dog is very
jumpy any outside noise or sudden noise she jumps up at attention almost like
she's never truly relaxing Michael train place duration I got
videos on it and then punished for getting up from place that's the magic
right there okay Diane do you only throw the bonker at a dog or do you bonk on
the head bonk on the head or if it's far away you'd throw it at it you're not
gonna hurt the dog next okay did we already um the paper add it gave $5 yeah
okay Kathleen thanks for all your free information also for helping me get in
touch with Meghan Hart and Kiki and Bronson awesome
this one's from Melissa anyone looking for Jeff's seminar locations can find
out more here is a link to rvdogtrainer.com cool next Kayla what are your
opinions on Cesar Millan so I you know one of the things that you'll never hear
me do is ever ever ever comment on another dog trainer ever I'm probably
one of the bigger bashed dog trainers out there by my by by other dog trainers
you'll never hear me defend myself you'll never hear me talk
shit about anybody and you and and but that doesn't mean I would talk shit
about Caesar what I'm saying is I don't give my opinions about other dog
trainers that's it other than like my colleagues that I work with
next from Lisa awesome ideas thank you so much
somebody got banned somebody wasn't being nice Mackenzie something happen
with her next Margaret thank you for all you do thank you from Jessica watched
your prong collar fit videos my dog prong my dogs prong seems to be a half
link too big or is it one to two I don't know it's half um slide slightly when I
remove one it is very snug but his eye contact and focus on me is great not
sure if snugger is okay Jessica read your question back you answered that
yourself okay it sounds like it's perfect proud of you
next Javier do I correct on high for her barking and growling or just enough for
her to look away and mind her own business by the way thank you so much
Jeff so this is the thing and this is the last question we're gonna do and
then we've got to go so if anyone wants to throw us actually we have one more
one more and after that so Carla for this Carla and then we're gonna stop the
show so last chance for anybody to throw some cash I mean boy this is fun right
mama needs a new pair of shoes who knew we'd be able to monetize this stuff this
is great I love it finally finally so this is the thing
Javier try both alright buddy try them try them both try enough just to get the dog
to go whatever to a dog to the dog to go holy shit that sucks
see which one works you're not gonna mess up your dog either way well if
you're always telling your dog to knock it off then you're nagging your dog
which doesn't mess up the dog but you're nagging the dog so what I want you to do
is just tell your dog to hey knock it off try both ways
next Carla love what you said just said about your dogs and turning off the
drive you just answered a question I have
awesome great Karla all right guys tonight everyone I am massively in love
with all of you thank you so much I'm really I like this I like the YouTube
format I like it like it yeah it's really nice so YouTube
community thank you so much I'm madly in love with you it's fantastic thank you
I'll be even doing some new stuff on Patreon where I'm gonna be doing group
chats like this we're like we're all live together we're all live together
all right take care everybody bye bye

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