Early Obedience Training W/”Jet” 5 Mo Doberman Puppy BAB Participant

a little updated video of jet he's almost five months old now see that treat that's on the floor he's not going to go get it because he's not allowed off his bed jets old enough now that he started a little bit of light leash and collar work and you can see the control that that's bringing because you can also see he has no leash on it all right now so he's doing all of this just because he knows the behaviors everything's become much more signal faded than it was when he was young and he's got more tricks than he had in the beginning yep the nice thing about this dog is his attitude even though it's not 100% perfect he still is trying he's making the effort for a young Doberman he's very focused as he's eating the bell jack off the floor well like I said with no leash and collar on it all he's just kind of having play training right now making a little bit fun I could see how pretty he looks that nice ear crop he's got a very good attitude about working okay even on a surface that he does not want to lay on he's willing to figure it out okay nice I'll jump over the hurdle and then he's gonna go back and lay down on his bed this is a lot of control work for such a young puppy but he's doing it very well and we're going to keep pushing him the level that he's at to continuous training for you hope you enjoyed the video of Jett

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