FIRST 24 HOURS WITH NEW PUPPY 👉 5 Common Mistakes to AVOID! 😱

Step-By-Step Instructions on Daily Grooming and Weekly Bathing for a Yorkshire Terrier

Daily grooming and weekly bathing are an essential part of the maintenance ritual for your Yorkshire terrier. We will provide you with step-by step instructions on how to achieve this routine so that your dog can be healthy and become a welcome member of your family.

8 Good Reasons To Train Your Dog

There are a lot of benefits to training. Some reasons benefit your dog, some help you. And some reasons help both of you.

Online Training for Dog Owners and Trainers

Dog owners, trainers and other enthusiasts need to understand a lot about this important animal. There are online training classes for such people. The content of such courses encompasses dog health, diet, breeding and genetics, to name a few topics.

Golden Retriever Puppy – How Do I Find The Right Breeder?

Finding the right breeder for your Golden Retriever puppy can be an quite difficult. This article contains some very helpful tips on what to look for and possible pitfalls. Knowing these will help you avoid future pain and heartache.

How Can I Correct My Aggressive Dog?

You can not possibly imagine the number of times I am asked that same question every week. As a professional dog trainer two-thirds of my business deals with dog aggression of one type or another. This question is always difficult to answer because there are many different types of aggression. In order to answer the question I need to know a lot about the dog so that I can determine what type of aggression we are dealing with.

10 Things You Should Know About Dogs

Quite often I meet people who are getting their first dog and really have no idea what a dog needs or wants. This is a list of things that you should know about dogs.

10 Things You Should Know About Dog Training

There are a bunch of things you should know about dog training but we are going to discuss what I feel are some the most important. Keep in mind that these are only some of the things you should know.

4 Reasons That Dogs Walk In Circles Before They Poop

This is one of those, I wonder why questions, that many of us have asked over the years. Just as you may have imagined there just is not a simple answer to this age old question. However let me give you some possibilities that may help answer the question for you.

How Having a Dog Can Help Your Child

Raising a child is hard even at the best of times and any help is greatly appreciated. Though they aren’t the first thing most parents consider regarding child-raising, dog’s can offer plenty; from lessons on friendship and communication to health benefits.

Golden Retriever Puppy – Should I Get One Or Better Not?

Creating a life full of happiness and joy with a Golden Retriever means asking yourself some very basic questions prior to buying one. This article helps you reach the right desicion.

Why Does My Dog Lick The Air?

This is a question I was asked by one of my clients recently so I thought I do a little research and see if I could find out the answer. Dogs seem to lick the air for several different reasons. Sometimes dog owners think it’s their way of getting a kiss but actually it can be a lot more serious than that.

How Can I Keep My Dog Calm Under Exciting Circumstances

Let me start this article with a couple of human examples. To do that I’ll need to ask you a question. What makes the difference between a well behaved child and a child that is out of control? I think most people will agree that training is one of the very important things in that process. Yes simply teaching the child what is acceptable and what is not.

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