First Month Experience with our Labrador Puppy (Lot of Cute Experiences and Photos)

It's been a month since we got Buddy home Actually it has been a little more than that but i would like to share one month's experience in this video with you and Buddy's compilation that i recorded over one month i will show you that in this video and if you like the video then Hit Like and many more videos are coming so Subscribe too so first thing Buddy continued biting, if you saw my saw my first week video then he is continuing to bite in fact we are discovering new scratches everyday new scratch in fact today morning during shower i realized something pinching on my shoulder i realized that ooh today's new scratch has come already we have scratches on our hands and legs and this will actually stay so we have decided that it's ok because we have adopted a puppy so there would be some side effects haha side effects yes these are side effects actually this is going to stay until the puppy gets its adult teeth i think may be another 2 – 3 months Second thing we observed is that Buddy is growing fast in both size and weight Labrador retriever is a large breed when we got Buddy he was 4 lbs how small he was..

Yes he was too small he lied down on our shoulder you probably saw our first video remember how small he was in one month he has grown from 4 lbs to 16 lbs and about his size..if you see this video then you can notice that in this video itself that how small he was and by the end of this video how big he has got initially he couldn't climb the couch and now his face is visible over the couch very easily Buddy is learning our training very fast if you saw his training video then you would have realized that he is a fast learner in fact he was potty trained early too it took us one month i think one month is not a bad time our friends who have puppies are still not potty trained so whenever Buddy has to go to his business he sits near the gate and starts barking this tells us that he has to go to do his business..nature's call i feel like he was potty trained really early because i remember he pooped inside once or twice? Buddy pooped inside the house only once and that was the first or second day after that he never pooped inside the house i know he peed a lot inside the house but he pooped only once and the next thing we observed was Labrador retriever likes water a lot whether it is rain or whether he has to bath we haven't encountered rain till yet here but i'm sure he will love rain a lot as he loves water whenever we take out our garden hose he goes crazy and runs after me i will create a video for that too and will publish on this channel in fact potty training and other training videos will be coming on this channel on your request Subscribe so that you can get the videos right in your inbox and feeds and Buddy has learned to climb stairs in one month that's right my friends in one month i think he learned in 3 weeks yes he learned very fast..

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When we got him he had tiny legs he couldn't climb stairs within one month now he climbs and comes down the stairs running he climb stairs on its own alone if we are upstairs and he is downstairs and if hear our sound then he will come running upstairs and if he is sleeping downstairs and we turn the shower on upstairs he will come upstairs with the sound of water..again because he loves water that he did in last one month and subscribe and like and if you would like to see Buddy's cute photos because i am unable to post his photos through Youtube then you can follow on FB and IG the link for which is in the description so that you can see his cute photos that are not on Youtube Buddy is mowing our lawn he is like why you need a gardener, i am here Buddy what are you eating? Buddy is enjoying the ice? Ice in summers, very nice oh Buddy's mouth got chill right and look what we have, Buddy's personal fan Buddy's personal fan that throws air directly to Buddy and AC is ON, not to mention Buddy is not less than Husky Buddy is getting a new toy and here is he how you like it? you gonna eat? You murdered him Buddy Buddy murdered the penguin so Buddy likes the penguin yaay! Buddy you tired now? tired? catch it…catch it catch it…catch it catch it…catch it catch it…catch it let's give Buddy a massage ok take this Buddy is in the parlor also give Belly rub come back again Buddy did you like it? ok give me $10 ok this is mr.

Buddy and he is playful now playing it's not even our lunch time he had food like 2 hours ago so i don't think he is hungry but let's see when i say "food" then what will happen What? You can eat anytime huh? you just had food right i made a fool of Buddy i made a fool of you Buddy you started reaching the top of the couch within a week you are now reaching here Buddy where's Shilpa? find her where is she? aaaah you found me Buddy look what i have for you as a gift Buddy what's this? aww he got scared Buddy just look at his size and your size both are same color Buddy and teddy bear both are of same color Buddy teddy bear is hurting aww teddy bear kidnapped Buddy where's Buddy..where's Buddy? is this teddy bear or Buddy? oh he is Buddy we got Buddy's ID in the mail Buddy is wearing it look at it Buddy's ID…Buddy's tag Buddy is getting little uncomfortable because he is not used to so he is scratching it

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