First Night Puppy Crate Training

Still Having Fits When Shaving Feet, Matted Legs, And When Cutting Nails?

Puppies, older dogs, arthritic, sensitive, aggressive pets are a common every day part of the grooming business. Unfortunately, if not handled by a knowledgeable skilled groomer, whether a professional or pet owner, it may be dangerous to both pet and groomer. Here’s why.

Training Your Puppies to Stop Biting

Dog training is a very important part in raising a happy and healthy pet. Training your dog to walk with a leash or collar or be housebroken are essential things to keep your relationship with your dog tight. Dogs have natural characteristics where owner’s patience seemed to be really tested, like scratching your furniture and walls, biting and nipping stuff from your house, digging in your lawn, defecating and urinating inside your house, etc.

Benefits Of Ultrasonic Bark Control For Dog Owners

After reading the title of this article you may be intrigued of the technique suggested to control the barking attitude of your dog, and the first question that comes into your mind is – what is ultrasonic bark control in the first place? Ultrasonic bark control utilizes low frequency to get the attention of your dogs. This frequency is very low and may not be fully picked-up by humans, but dogs are highly sensitive to these, thus your pets will be highly receptive to this because of their sharp hearing.

Puppy Potty Training For New Puppies

Congrats on your new addition to your family. Let us just start by saying that the only way to avoid potty training your new pup is to purchase or adopt one that is already trained and any responsible breeder should have already started the process for you.

Who Uses Dog Waste Bags?

As responsible dog owners we must make sure our dogs get the exercise that they need. Wherever they take a moment to do their business, we must safely and hygienically clean up after our pets, realizing the impact on our environment and health if we do not. Whoever chooses to perform this task will find that it is much easier if using a dog waste bags carrier to assist them.

Puppy Biting Problems

There are plenty of reasons why your dog will bite and there are also several levels such as a puppy that nips at your hand to a full grown dog that will snap because of a stressful situation and break the skin. Stress is the number one reason that a dog will bite, some common stress factors includes: Limited obedience training, this type of training will teach your pup respect for you as you establish the position of leader of the pack Improper socialization or people isolation; A dog…

Dog Wheelchairs – Choosing Cart Options for Immobile Pets

Should you get your dog a wheelchair because his legs no longer work? Dogs with missing limbs, weak or non-working limbs and even incontinent dogs have lived full, enriched lives thanks to the wide variety of mobility products available these days.

Rescuers Around the World Use the Internet to Save Abandoned Dogs

There are animal rescues worldwide and many do a wonderful job at caring for abandoned and stray dogs. It takes an especially dedicated person to rescue hundreds, perhaps thousands of dogs a year in a country where dogs are not particularly valued.

Dog Parks – Dangers and Concerns

There are over 700 dog parks nationwide…these are a part of neighborhood parks and recreation facilities. More communities are enacting leash laws and more dog parks are being constructed as part of the developments.

Some Basic Information About The Golden Retriever

Know your golden retriever! A rundown of the basics, including its fascinating origin. Summarises the things you need to know to assess whether this dog will fit your lifestyle, and you his. Discusses lifespan, common health issues and what you can do to maximise your dog’s health and life.

Pets Need Sweet Dreams Too

Abandoning your dog to the cold hardwood floor in your kitchen is pretty cruel, especially considering how cheap dog beds are and how easy they are to acquire. With just a bit of effort, you can give your pet a bed just as comfy as your own.

Train Your Dog and Make Him Something to Be Proud Of

What would you do if confronted with a problem you didn’t know how to solve? Would you ignore it and bury your head in the sand, or would you try to find the solution? In life, there are times that you are confronted with such a task. You may find that your dog is confronted in much the same ways.

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