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[Music] don't drink it that's supposed to be your pee hey it's annika with sniff dog are you embarrassed that your dog is still not potty trained do you feel like you have tried everything that the internet tells you to do to achieve that goal and nothing is working don't worry i'm here for you guys we've got three tangible take home tips today to help you have your dog house trained fully in the next three weeks at sniffdog we're here to teach you how to speak dog if you can have a better understanding of your dog you can have a relationship built off trust and fun we want to come on this wonderful journey of pet ownership with you to help empower the love and connection between you and your pup all right house training your new puppy or your dog can seem like quite an easy task and it's very easy to feel like a failure if you're not getting it right the truth of the matter is every dog is different and some dogs are much more difficult to house train than others the good news is i've got this bulletproof training plan for you to make sure that no matter what your dog male female puppy adult new or not new to this behavior problem we will make sure that you have a house trained dog within three weeks if you are diligent and patient i'm gonna take you on our house training journey as we get cedar here fully house trained as he integrates into my home i know firsthand how hard it is to remember a whole bunch of tips so what we've created for you is a training tip sheet all you have to do is click the link below download it paste it on your fridge and you are going to achieve your house training goals in no time and as always if you stay to the end i promise you will see some bloopers of me royally messing up the creation of this video for today's video you are going to need an enzymatic cleaner a six foot leash and a pen or a crate today you are going to learn how to read your dog's body language to make sure you know when they have to go to the bathroom as well as how to prevent any accident from happening in the house in the first place one of the most common misconceptions when people are trying to potty train or house train their dog is that they think their dog is mad at them or jealous or angry at them if they have gone to the bathroom the fact of the matter is dogs pee and poo and if you're not around to tell them where you want that done or to give them the option to go in the right place they're gonna go on the carpet on the bed on the floor on the couch none of it is ever out of spite when you gotta go you gotta go today's three training tips are tip number one your dog must be confined to a pen or a crate if not supervised tip number two your dog must have ample opportunity on a schedule to go to the bathroom outside where they receive reinforcement and tip number three if your dog is loose in the house they must be supervised at all times let's break down tip number one your dog has to be confined to a pen or a crate if you can't watch them when they're loose in your house the reason is if your dog is loose and they've gotta go they will go in a confinement space like a pen or a crate small enough that they can't pee on one side or poo on one side and lie on another they are not likely to go to the bathroom there if your dog does go to the bathroom in a confined space you might want to take away all blankets or toys and make sure it's just the crate or just a very small pen you also want to make sure that the space is very small only small enough for them to turn around and lie down if you've got a crate soiler you also want to make sure that your crate is impeccably clean all the time once your dog is crate trained or pen trained you can start putting them in the crate or the pen whenever you can't watch them and that means when you have a shower when you nip into the bathroom really quickly when you're cooking and your back is on them etc if you can't watch them they must be in the crate or the pen no questions asked training tip number two you must get your puppy or your dog on a schedule most dogs need to go to the bathroom about every 20 minutes to one hour the younger the dog the more frequently you should be giving them the chance to go pee outside in the right place when you take them outside to go pee on the schedule that you have deemed appropriate for your dog's age again it depends on their age and their size the smaller the dog the smaller the bladder the more frequently they have to go once you've decided on the schedule you should be going outside with them a really common error is that you open the door or you leave the door open all the time so you never actually know if your dog has gone or not that is detrimental to your potty training protocol you walk outside with them and you observe when they go and to boot the most important part of that is when they go successfully to the bathroom outside you must must must for the first four months of their life give them a treat for going to the bathroom that can be kibble or a high value treat but they must get food reinforcement for going in the right place if you have a pre-existing potty training concern you guys are thinking awesome monika i took him outside i did the thing i had treats in my pocket and he never went to the bathroom if that happens you cannot then bring your full bladder dog into your house and let them walk around they are waiting to burst so if they failed outside on the scheduled opportunity to go to the bathroom when you bring them inside they go straight back to step one which is confined into a small enough space that they will not have an accident and after a few minutes maybe five to twenty minutes you're going to let them out of that confined area and try straight again into the backyard to see if you can be successful on round two if you are you give them a treat if you're not after four to five minutes outside hanging out come back in and they go straight back to confinement you might be putting this together at this point there's three steps confinement opportunity outside and if they have successfully gone outside they get to step three which is supervised access to the home when they are successful outside they can come in and hang out around the house as long as somebody's keeping a very close eye on them if they start to sniff around circle get really excited get really agitated nip at things they don't usually nip at they might be communicating to you i gotta go so run them outside quickly make sure you're observing them and give them a treat if they go pee instigators i never thought i'd say that there's many things that cause your puppy to have to go to the bathroom sort of off schedule or out of the norm one of them is definitely rough play or tug of war running around and playing chase will definitely make them have to go to the bathroom just coming out of the crate from a nap time waking up from a nap on your floor guests coming over waking up from the morning obviously snacks bully sticks a meal pretty much anything makes your dog have to pee so it's better to be safe than sorry take them out more often than you think you need to the famous last words were well it was his turn to watch him or she should have been watching or she said she would and she didn't if nobody is watching the dog they will go to the bathroom especially if their bladder is full so make sure training step three is followed to a tee if they are loose somebody has got their eyes on them the entire time no blaming anybody else for this if you miss an accident it was your fault not your dogs so a lot of people ask the question well what the hell do i do when i do find pee if you find pee and your dog has done it ages ago or you don't know when it happened but your dog's not even there anymore do not punish them they have no idea what you're pissed off about if you come and rub their nose in their pee i promise you they're very confused and you're not very fun to be around so if you miss the window to communicate to them hey i don't like that and you didn't catch them in the act move on and clean it up with the right cleaner so that your dog doesn't smell that they've gone there if you clean pee or poo with a household cleaner or a pet cleaner that takes away the odor to you but not to them they will continue to go in that same place time and time again and really agitate you so the right cleaners you want to look for have the letters or the words enzymatic cleaner on it make sure you buy an enzymatic cleaner but let's say you do catch them into the act you're cooking dinner you turn around and there he goes a squatting on your living room floor i usually recommend people do a big hey hey hey clap clap interrupt your puppy see if you can get them to suck that right back in pick them up and take them outside to go to the bathroom when they go outside successfully you're going to give them a food treat and if they don't go you're going to bring them back inside and put them back into the crate until you can take them out 20 minutes later if your dog isn't crate trained or pen trained or is struggling with being separated from you you can do an umbilical cord tether which is when you attach them to you via leash and you walk around your house with them attached to you so that you don't miss an opportunity for you to teach them that going outside is where you want them to go to the bathroom versus inside some common problems are if you have an apartment building and not a backyard don't stress put some green grass turf fake or real on your balcony or patio if you have one and if not closest to a big window so that you can take your dog over to that small pad to go to the bathroom when it's time via their schedule make sure that if you are using a p-pad you try to get rid of it as fast as possible whether it's a turf or pad because it's really unclear to your dog inside outside balcony outside i don't really understand where you want me to go if you're in an apartment get rid of that p-pad as fast as you can or that turf on the balcony as fast as you can but proceed with the same exact tips we've used for people that do have a backyard you go out with them they get treats if they go if they're unsuccessful they go back inside into the crate and then you try again now small breeds are more prone to potty training issues first their bladders are smaller but also they need way more frequent opportunities to go outside to the bathroom even more than the average person can keep up with so if you are dealing with a small breed or a breed that is prone to potty training issues because there are some that are chronic with this stuff you want to make sure to lift up carpets or rugs or towels or anything that feels or might might embody to them a pee pad or a grass turf you're very likely to get accidents on those surfaces if you don't lift them for the first three to six weeks of your potty training now your dog absolutely has to be accident free for three whole weeks before you loosen up this protocol at all there'll be no extra freedom opportunity in the house without supervision until you're accident free for three weeks once they are accident free you can start to open up more and more rooms that otherwise should have been closed off once they're okay in the living room open up a bedroom etc you should start with them having the smallest space possible when they are free roaming so that you're really really sure you can watch them let's summarize those three key training points number one they must be confined to a small space or tethered to you if you cannot watch them number two they must have a schedule where they have the opportunity to go outside with your supervision every 20 minutes to 60 minutes until they are fully potty trained and number three you want to make sure that they have supervised access only to any area of your house and over time they will gain more and more access to more and more spaces thank you guys so much for watching i hope this was helpful for you don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel click on the notify button so that you are notified when we release new relevant videos for you like us on instagram and share this video with anybody that you think would benefit from it oh and don't forget to click the link below to [Music] drink downl that's supposed to be your pee feeder stop drinking stop breaking that's not good at all [Applause] [Music]

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