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How to Potty Train a Puppy – Common Methods That People Do

When bringing home a new puppy, there is an adjustment period for both the owner and the dog. The owner should consider taking a week off work to be with the new puppy, this will help provide consistency in the training process. It is up to you as the owner, to guide the pup in learning how to live in its new environment.

What To Feed My Jack Russell Puppy?

What to feed my Jack Russell puppy – that will always be the first question a new puppy owner will ask. Find out how and what to feed your puppy.

Aromatherapy for Pets

A dog’s nose not only dominates his face, but his brain as well. In fact, the canine brain has 40 times more of his brain devoted to his sense of smell than humans do! With that kind of ability it’s no wonder we train dogs to search for drugs, locate disaster survivors and even to detect human illnesses, from epilepsy to cancer. So, with these super sensitive snouts, there isn’t a more appropriate treatment to pamper and nurture those special creatures than AROMATHERAPY! There are so many amazing benefits for your pets life when they are exposed to pet aromatherapy.

Dog Walking Bag Points To Consider

A dog walking bag is a must as you embark on your walk with your dog. Your daily walks are a necessity with your pet and a walking bag will definitely make your job easier. Consider some things you might want to consider as you search for a new dog walking bag.

Training A Golden Retriever The Get It Command

Golden Labrador Retrievers are called “retrievers” because fetching is wired in their brains. It’s natural to them. The best thing about training a Golden Retriever fetching is that they learn easily and they never get bored doing it. In this article, you will learn how to train your lab more cool tricks!

The Best Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

Summer heat can be dangerous not only for humans but also for our four legged best friends! You can help your pooch beat the heat with a number of different products made to cool them down and keep them comfortable.

Problems and Solutions For Families With Biting Dogs

Ever had a problem with a biting family dog? Here’s some advice from some experts on the problem.

Grooming Your Show Dog

Some dogs are family pets, seeing eye dogs, or just someone’s companion. Other dogs are simply show dogs. These are champion breeds you see on television vying for Best in Show. These dogs are the “professional athletes” of the canine world. They are trained and conditioned to be the best, act the best, and look the best. They way they are trained and groomed is nothing like the way a normal dog is. These dogs are judged on coat quality and color, teeth, temperament, jaw and even the color of its nose. Show dogs and pet dogs live in two entirely different worlds, and they are groomed differently as well.

Dog Scared of Other Dogs

Dog scared of other dogs and animals. This is a socialization issue. The more exposure your dog gets to other dogs the more sociable the dog will be.

Crate Training A Puppy – How to Train a Dog

Did you know that crate training a puppy tips are easy to start using now! Also, learn what to avoid when crate training…

Why There Is the Need for Dogs Capable of Protecting You

Certain breeds of dogs which may be kept as pets can serve as sources of personal protection with proper training, but there is limit in terms of what you can expect from them. Dogs may deter an attacker who is waiting for an opportunity or put off a paparazzi. For an attacker who is committed, and has a pre-attack plan and has even performed a rudimentary surveillance on his target, the dog is quickly and easily dispatched as the attack starts.

Golden Retriever Barking – 7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Barking

A Golden Retriever barking can be anything from mildly irritating to downright annoying, and it is even more annoying if the owner doesn’t understand what is causing the dog to bark in the first place. The same applies to most breeds of dogs, but in this article I will be specifically talking about our beloved Golden Retriever. I’ll outline 7 reasons why your Golden may be barking at you and explain a little about why with each one.

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