Getting A Second Dog Could Be The Worst Thing You Do

Dog House Training Tips and Tricks

Training a new puppy to go potty outside is never easy. Everyone needs a few tips to succeed.

Simple Steps to Obedience Training

There are certain pieces of dog obedience training that should be mandatory. We’ll review the tools of the trade, as well as the basic commands that your dog should be familiar with. One of them could save your sanity!

Signs of Stress in Your Dog

Stress is not only something that we experience, as dogs can also be stressed. There are certain signs that your dog might be getting anxious, and reasons why they might be feeling stress. Stress in dogs can also be broken down into long term and short term, all of which will be explained.

Useful Dog Training Tools

Without the correct dog training tools dog training is never fully effective. Training tools can be especially useful if your dog is a bit stubborn, a lot stronger than you, or didn’t receive proper obedience training when it was a puppy. Training tools are designed to make both your life and the dog’s life easier by teaching the correct behavior quickly and efficiently.

Dog Pajamas Are Great Gifts

Most dog owners are familiar with dog clothing for daytime wear such as the tee shirts, tank tops, jackets and even little tutus but not many people know about dog pajamas. At night when your dog is sleeping, is the time when he’s going to get the coldest. The reason for this is because he’s not moving around so his body heat drops just like yours does when you’re sleeping.

Do You Need a Dog Tuxedo for Your Pup?

If your pup is going somewhere special or formal, then it’s a great time to start looking for a dog tuxedo. Maybe you never knew they made gear like this for your dog or maybe you just never thought about needing it before. Whatever the case, now is a great opportunity to start shopping for dog formal wear.

Christmas Dog Clothes Get Your Pup Ready for the Season

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the right time to start thinking about Christmas dog clothes for your pup. Don’t take the chance of missing out on all the fun because you waited until the last minute to start shopping around for exciting and fun clothing to help your pet bring in the Christmas cheer. Now is the time to get your pup ready for the season by picking out a few cute outfits for her to wear.

Best Designs for Winter Dog Clothing

Winter is coming and that means the shopping shall begin. No, I’m not talking about for you. I’m talking about for your dog.

Choosing Dog Formal Wear

Dog formal wear can be a great idea for your dog if you are going somewhere special where your pet needs to be dressed up. The good news is that there are many types of formal dog clothes for you to choose from so you can be sure you get the best for your pooch and for whatever occasion you are attending in the formal wear. You don’t have to leave your best canine friend out of the festivities.

Holiday Dog Clothes Get Everyone in the Spirit

Holidays are a special time of year when family and friends gather together to reminisce about old times and talk about what the future holds and holiday dog clothes can help get everyone in the spirit. Everyone in the family likes to have a new outfit for the holidays, including your dog. It doesn’t matter which holiday you’re celebrating, it’s fun and exciting to shop for dog clothes.

Fashionable Winter Dog Clothing

Fashionable winter dog clothing is just a few clicks away when you shop online for fashions that you and your pup can appreciate. Humans are not the only ones who can sport the hottest new trends in fashion and if your dog enjoys clothing then it can be a great deal of fun to dress her up and take her out. If you’re going out in the winter then you want to be sure your pooch is warm and dressed for the occasion.

Bichon Adoption Guide: The Right and Wrong Way to Adopt

In this article we will look at the bichon adoption process and talk about steps you can take to find a great puppy for you and your family. Adopting a bichon is a great way to rescue a puppy or dog that has had a hard life so far, but there are pros and cons to the process. Learn them here.

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