Getting A Second Dog? Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did!

Divorce: So Who Gets The Dog?

Divorce is a very tricky matter, not just for the people involved, but also for the family dog. There are cases every day in which these matters are decided and there are several ways of proceeding.

Feeding Your Dog?

There are different opinions about how often you should feed your dog. Most people agree that puppies should be fed 3-4 times per day, at least for about the first six months. As puppies get older they can be fed more like adult dogs. But, how often should you feed your adult dog?

Using A Dog To Teach Your Children Responsibility

Should you get a dog to teach your children responsibility? Getting a dog IS a big responsibility for anyone or for any family. There are many things to consider: who is going to feed the dog? Who’s going to walk him or clean up after him? Who’s going to groom and bathe him? Will you and the rest of the family have time for the dog? If you work and your kids go to school, when will you make time for the dog?

The Business of Dog Walking

Dog walking as a business is very popular in many areas, especially in towns and cities where people can’t get home in the afternoons to let their dogs out. Dog walking appeals to many young people who may have some extra time on their hands and who are in good physical shape for walking dogs.

Training Your Dog With Praise and Correction

Although training your dog with praise and reward is very popular right now, there is still an important place for training with praise and correction. This article will give you some ideas.

10 Things You Should Know About Your New Puppy

Just about everybody loves a puppy. What’s not to love? Okay, maybe there are a few things — like accidents in the house, chewing your things, nipping… Here are a few things that you should know about your new puppy:

Choosing A Great Animal Wellness Program

Owning and caring for an animal is typically known to be highly involved and somewhat challenging for consumers. Pets are similar to their owners in that they are reliant on continual medical attention for preventative purposes along with making sure immediate health concerns are resolved. Pet owners that are searching for an affordable solution to caring for their animals should know what to consider when choosing a great animal wellness program.

Dog Amputation

Dog amputation is not an uncommon surgical procedure. It is frequently performed to remove a diseased of injured limb and can be done for both front and rear legs. It is uncommon, however, for a pet to have more than one limb amputated, although it does occur.

Can Dogs and Cats Get Along?

You may have heard the expression “fighting like cats and dogs” but the truth is that many cats and dogs live together quite amicably in the same home. Here are some ideas on how to make it happen.

Getting Children Involved In Dog Training

We often hear stories about dogs not respecting children in the home or dogs being in competition with children for attention. It may come as a surprise then to learn that children can actually be involved in dog training from a young age. Getting children involved in dog training will depend on several factors but it can be a great way for a child to learn about dogs.

Can A Dog Sense A Natural Disaster?

With the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Indonesia and other natural disasters, people often wonder can a dog sense a natural disaster? This article will explore if a dog can sense a natural disaster.

Working With A Handicapped Dog

Dogs can have the same kind of handicaps that people have. They may lose a limb, be born deaf or blind, or experience handicaps due to declining health in later years. There are also some health problems that would qualify a dog as handicapped such as megaesophagus or other congenital issues. For an owner, working with a handicapped dog can be a challenge.

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