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Information About Golden Retrievers And The Top 5 Reasons To Own One

Information on golden retrievers can be found from a number of different sources both off and online. Learn the top five reasons you should get a golden retriever of your very own.

What’s The Best Diabetic Dog Food For Your Pet?

Does your dog have diabetes? Canine diabetes is on the rise, and it’s important to know which of the diabetic dog foods to give your pet. Type 2 Diabetes affects dogs just like it does humans. If you simply treat the disease, and ignore the diet, it can end up costing your pet dearly.

Understanding a Few of the Most Common Diseases and Conditions Dogs Have

Our dogs are prone to a lot of kinds of different diseases. To better cope with them, we need to understand what they are and what we could do to treat them with the help of our veterinarian. The common types of ills and diseases that our dogs would commonly get into are the following: * Kennel Coughs – this is the most common type of illness among dogs and is an easily treated respiratory disease.

How Long Is a Dog’s Gestation Period?

Gestation, or the term of a pregnancy in dogs starts from the first time they are bred, or fertilized, and lasts until the puppies are born. This period can vary based on the breed or size of the dog, but usually is about 9 weeks.

Golden Retriever – Puppies and Information

When you first see the fluffy, golden retriever puppy bounding towards you and look at his loving face, it is difficult to comprehend that anyone could not fall immediately in love with this adorable creature. Not to mention that furiously wagging little tail. They always want to playful and to cuddle. These are the common traits that most new dog owners hope to see when seeking a puppy.

Submissive and Overly Excited Urination In Dogs

This part of successfully training your dog can be stressful and also irritating for you as the trainer/owner. However, with the right touch and behavior from you, as well as some specific adjustments to your dogs diet, (including its water intake), it is also very easy to cure and be rid of.

Dog Lice Problems – Get Rid of It

People usually think that only dirty, unkempt dogs get lice, but this is not true. The cleanest, most groomed and cared for dog can get lice. It is important to take care of this problem as soon as it is noticed, so notify your vet at once if you think your dog has lice.

The Jumping Dog

Training your dog to Keep His Paws Down – The key to solving the all to common, “Jumping Dog”, is to not focus on what the dog is doing but ask the question, “Why is he doing it?” There are several reasons why your dog jumps up on you and other people, and we will take a look at some of them. The most likely reason your dog jumps up on you, other people, and objects is that he is excited.

Signs of Kennel Cough

Signs of Kennel Cough include a variety of symptoms, but first let’s discuss what kennel cough is. Kennel cough falls under the area of upper respiratory infections or “colds” or “tracheobronchitis.” The upper respiratory tract, which includes the nose, throat, (pharnyx), voice box (larynx),tracea (windpipe) and upper bronchi (largest air vessels leading into the lungs) is one of the easiest entries into the animal’s body.

How to Identify Good Dog Training Schools

Dog training schools are mushrooming these days in more advanced cities in the United States and in other countries. Most of these schools are eager to accommodate any dog owners who are willing to pay for his dog’s training. But as a paying customer, your expectation for guaranteed results in exchange for your payment is a given thing.

Golden Retriever Dogs – Falling in Love With Them Is the Easiest Thing in the World!

Falling in love with a golden retriever is a very hard thing to resist if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting one. They have a gentle and stable nature, and are both loving and very eager to please their master. Not only do they make wonderful family pets…

Basic Guide to Advantage Flea For Dogs

According to, estimates show that 40% of all dogs are affected by flea allergies. Components of flea saliva can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive dogs. Even a single flea bite can set off an allergic reaction and the symptoms can last up to two weeks.

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