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Put an End to the Digging Habit of Your Dog

Your dog should know that expressing himself should not be at the expense of your garden or flowerbeds. You can keep your garden in one piece and at the same time allow your dog to express himself and indulge in his digging habit from time to time if your dog has developed the right attitude about digging. So how can you resolve this problem and put an end to the digging habit of your dog?

Stop Leash Pulling Now In One Simple Step

It can be aggravating when your dog pulls the leash constantly during a walk. Just remember, your dog is probably in good company with 99% of the rest of her canine brothers and sisters. Nearly every dog is guilty of this infraction.

Training a Dog to Walk on a Leash

One thing that most dog owners face problems with while training their pets is teaching them loose leash walking. The tips that will follow have been compiled after taking interviews of dog owners and professional trainers. These are sure to make the training process much simpler.

Tips to Train Your Pup Well

If you want your puppy to grow up into a dog that loves your family and is loved by your entire family, there are quite a few things that you would need to teach it from when it’s really small. Dogs are similar to children and they need a few rules to live by. Usually when we find puppies chewing on our cushions at home we take pictures and find it cute, but it’s these very puppies that would grow up to chew on everything they get their mouths on.

Pet Relocation Worldwide: International Migration For Your Pet

Sometimes moving to a different country is inevitable. Moving your pet with you may require necessary preparations to ensure a comfortable relocation for your pet.

Understanding Candida Yeast in Dogs: Finding a Solution

Humans and dogs alike have favorable bacteria in the body. These unicellular organisms remain dormant, promoting healthy growth; but when it progresses to a compromising status, controlling the pressing symptoms is a problem.

Some Easy Steps to Alleviate Pet Arthritis Pain

There are several books on the marketplace that are meant for pet lovers that are looking for ways on how to ease pain and address different forms of health problems including pet arthritis. Vet med books advice on how to use small, light movements and to handle a range of health and behavioral problems in dogs, cats and horses.

Dog Training Is A Must Have For Your Dog!

Dog training is important to ensure that you will have a well-behaved companion. Training of any type is beneficial for the owner and the dog resulting in a happy and healthy home.

Specialty Dog Leashes Improve Safety and Make Training Easy

As dog ownership continues to increase, our perception of the relationships to our dogs has also evolved to where many consider their furry friend an important family member. Manufacturers of dog supplies have accordingly increased the variety of their offerings giving dog owners safer and easier options to easily train and live with their dogs. The same holds true with dog walking supplies, including leashes. The variety of options for specialty leashes has grown for both training and safety uses.

New Puppies and Children

This article explains how best to introduce a new puppy into a family with kids. It outlines the best ways to ensure kids and a puppy are happy with the new arrangement.

5 Safety Tips for Dog Treadmill Training

Using a dog treadmill is a responsible and increasingly popular choice for keeping our dogs healthy and happy. Ensuring their safety is easy. These five tips will get you on the right path quickly.

Dangers of Sticks for Dogs

A good game of fetch with your dog is a great bonding activity. As simple as it may seem to grab a stick for your dog to chase after there are many risk factors involved.

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